Sunday, October 19, 2014

Possible NATURAL IMMUNITY to Ebola.

Their 21-day quarantine period is over, and I'm happy for them, but have been wondering why Thomas Eric Duncan's fiancee Louise Troh and her 3 children did not come down with Ebola, considering that they spent at least four days with the symptomatic Duncan in their apartment, and that it was Troh who drove him in her car to the hospital the first time, and that the family continued to be quarantined in that same apartment for a whole week after Duncan had tested positive before they were relocated for the apartment to be decontaminated (which in itself is an atrocity on CDC's and hospital's parts).

The only thing that makes sense to me, up to now, is that Troh and her children might have NATURAL IMMUNITY to the virus.

With this new thought in mind, I then googled "Ebola natural immunity". Lo and behold, there are indeed medical articles on exactly that, and in fact they go farther to say that this could help control and defeat the disease.

"... there is evidence from previous Ebola outbreaks that some exposed people do not develop symptoms, but it is not clear whether it is because they have developed immunity to the virus. / They conclude that finding out whether naturally immune people exist could make a big difference to efforts to contain Ebola, and could also affect the accuracy of projections. / The investigation needs to be as soon as possible, not only in order for any findings to have the chance to make a difference and save lives in the current outbreak, but because you can only be sure of finding individuals that are immune during an outbreak..."

",,, a high proportion of the Gabonese population is immunized against the disease: 15.3% possess antibiotics against Ebola, even in areas where no epidemic has ever been recorded . This was found recently by IRD scientists..."

On this possibility, the next thing that CDC should do without delay, if they haven't done so yet, is to check if Troh and her children actually carry the virus in their system. If so, the door to a new treatment is opening.

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Deer-Vehicle Collisions

The video shows how lightning fast a deer-vehicle collision can unfold. There is no time to react whatsoever, no guarantee of 100% safety on any road, especially during deer-hunting season when deer are spooked, or wounded, by hunters and flee across the road. The only way to minimize the risk is to 1. slow down, 2. be watchful for deer at all times, and 3, be prepared for more deer when you see one.

The risk is further exacerbated by HUNTERS cultivating a high population of deer by means of food plots, where rich deer food elevates the birth rate from no fawn or single fawn to doublets or triplets - FOR HUNTING PURPOSES of course.

Each year, there are over 1 million DVAs (deer-vehicle accidents) on US roads, meaning over 1 million deer deaths, about 200 human deaths, and over $1 Billion in property damage. Over half of the DVAs occur October-December, coinciding with the hunting season. The hunters know that they are at least in part responsible for the human deaths (they don't care about deer deaths), and yet they persist with the practice, making the extra human fatality, due to them, premeditated.

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hatred in the movement

Most people in the AR movement honor Dr. Martin Luther King, many worship Jesus Christ, and a few laugh at western inventions of "Confucius says...". Here is something they all said that should give us pause.

"Let no man pull you low enough to hate him." - MLK
"Love your neighbor. Forgive your enemy." - Jesus
"The potential and power of forgiveness are infinite." - Confucius (loosely paraphrased).

I will be slammed by some for what I'm about to say, but I will say it. The AR movement, theoretically based on COMPASSION and indeed brimming with compassion, is, alas, also overflowing with HATRED, which many confuse with RIGHTEOUS ANGER.

Other than the omnipresent compassion, righteous anger is the starting point for most to join the movement. It serves as the CAUSE of and motivator for steel-like determination and cool-headed action. Hatred is not a cause, it is the COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE CONCLUSION.

Let's take the Anti-Hunting movement, starting with the very basic - personal safety, I mean mine, and general strategy. Most of those hurling hatred and death wishes upon hunters on the internet, even targeting CHILDREN, and at that often anonymously, have never confronted a hunter face-to-face, much less 100 at a time, in real life. I would not be alive today had I done the same back in 1996, when I undertook an 8-week, 50-stop, anti-hunting road tour in which I debate, in townhall settings, large groups of hostile hunters no less than 40 times, up to 130 hunters at a time, over 100 twice, over 50 at least 10 times, the average being about 40 hunters per confrontation. Did I ever raise my voice in these debates? Not once. Did I use hate speech? Never. I showed my DISAPPROVAL by means of LOGIC. For example, when a hunter defended himself as a "conservationist", I asked him, CALMLY, whether his motivation was pure conservation for the sake of the wildlife, or whether he "conserves" so that there would be more animals to hunt - for HIM. I also said, calmly, "Most of you have proven to be good shots, and claim to be anti-poaching. So, in the name of conservation, why don't you go and join an anti-poaching force to help conserve the rhino or the elephant? Rather than spending major bucks to hunt a rhino or elephant as a 'conservation' measure, which would be reaped by the hunting guide-outfitter, why don't you donated the same amount to the anti-poaching effort instead, which would have gone ten times farther?" This pretty much silenced them on the "conservation" issue for the rest of the debate.

There is also the crucial matter of STRATEGY. There were people present at the debates who were more or less non-committal. In such a confrontation, my main aim was not to convert the hunters present, but to win over those hitherto on the fence so that they will sooner or later come down on our side. Even more important was that there were usually media reporters present; my farther aim was to win over their readership, meaning thousands at a time. Had I used socially unacceptable hate speech against the opposition, what I would have achieved was to drive those on the fence to get off on to the other side, plus giving our side a black eye.

Resulting from the tour, hunting became the hottest topic of the year in British Columbia, with most fence-sitters getting off on to the Anti-Hunting side.

Paul George, then the head of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee (WCWC) of which I was a campaigner, wrote: "... his calm and unflappable style infuriated the opposition." I believe that many in the opposition hated my guts, but because I did not vent and rant, neither did they. Speaking of the "black eye", I was ambushed in 1998 by a hateful hunter who gave me not one but two black eyes (exactly, 3 facial bone-fractures including a buckled eye socket). You know what? The incident was widely reported and discussed, even in hunting circles. The black eye, again, was on them.

I don't hate them, but I do use their own hatred against them. Conversely, kindly do not give them any of our hatred for them to use against us.

I leave the higher reasons against hatred to the Great Masters.

If you see merit in this post, especially for the benefit of the movement, please like and comment, and share it out far and wide. Thank you.

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Methane plumes in the South China Sea?

This piece is pure speculation on my part, so please read accordingly. 

There is an article today titled [... How a Captain Stopped His Submarine from Falling Into a 3,000-Meter Trench] in which is reported:

"... Wang Hongli, captain of the submarine number 372,... calmly reversing the disaster during a routine patrol in deep waters... the submarine encountered a sudden fall in water density... The sub started to plunge straight into a deep trench in the ocean. / Wang, of the South Sea Fleet, calmly gave out orders and within three minutes, steered them out of danger (Subs usually operate down to 500 meters only; 3000 meters would be absolutely fatal.).... / Its submersible system went back to normal three hours later and 372 continued its patrol, which lasted for 20 days... The South Sea Fleet's area of responsibilities are northern regions of the Taiwan strait and southern areas from James Shoal including the Paracel Islands...]

My question is: What caused this "sudden fall in water density"? As far as I can reason, there could be only 3 possible causes:

1. The sub moving from a body of water with a high salinity (salt water) into a body of water with a low salinity (e.g. fresh water). If so, where does the fresh water come from? The melting of the Himalayan glaciers (2000 of them, all melting) would be a good guess. Or

2. The sub moving from colder water into warmer water. However, the temperature gradient is usually vertical, i.e., water at shallow depths being usually warmer than water at greater depths. Presumably, the sub is moving more or less horizontally. Or

3. The sub entering a body of water containing a lots of gas bubbles, which would have a lower density. This is the point I will speculate on.

The first question to ask is: What kind of gas is it? My best bet would be METHANE.

The map shows the concentrations of methane hydrate in today's oceans. The orange/yellow patch on the extreme right mid-way down is in the South China Sea, where the Paracel Islands are located. It is one of just 3 major methane hydrate deposits in the tropical/subtropical regions (the other two being just east of India and at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. Ocean warming could melt some of the deposit in this region and release large volumes of methane gas into the water.

The average depth of the South China Sea is 1,500 meters (5,000 feet), whereas the trenches in that region reach depths of over 5,000 meters (16,500 ft). The general direction of the ocean current in that region is from SW to NE, that is, from the equator, and that is, warm. During the previous cooler period, whatever methane hydrate that could be melted, i.e. those at shallower depths where the temperature is higher and the pressure is lower. With ocean warming, the methane hydrate deposits at greater depths could begin to melt, and this might include those in the trenches.

In general, the closer to the equator, the deeper a deposit has to be to stay solid and intact. Conversely, the deposit currently out-gassing in the Arctic Ocean is at a much shallower depth than that in the South China Sea, if the latter is out-gassing at all.

Let's imagine a scenario where methane is out-gassing from a trench. When a submarine passes over the trench, it would indeed encounter a body of water with a lower density. So, the sub, as trimmed for the surrounding higher-density water, i.e. water without bubbles, would tend to sink. Further, if the bubbles are absorbed by the water on their way up, the upper layer of the sea would have a higher density than the lower layer, and the two layers would tend to invert, with the descending denser water carrying the sub down with it.

This, as I said in the beginning, is by and large speculation. But if the methane hydrate in the South China Sea is out-gassing at a depth, but the gas won't make it to the surface, indeed only submarines would know about it.

Some would argue that since the methane doesn't make it to the surface, it wouldn't contribute to atmospheric warming. But when dissolved by the sea water, the methane would turn to CO2, which would increase OCEAN ACIDIFICATION.

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lightning strikes Christ The Redeemer

A bolt of lightning struck the right hand of Christ The Redeemer in Rio on Jan. 16, damaging its thumb and middle finger.

Aside from the incredible symbolic irony of this (draw your own conclusions), it reminds me of an incident of people crowding into a church to pray after an earthquake, only to be killed by the aftershock which brought the roof crashing down on them, attesting to that even the most sacred of human edifices, through which believers pray for divine intervention, are themselves not protected by divine intervention. Mother Nature makes no exceptions and 'God' as shown nothing but indifference.

So if divine protection is not extended even to our Holiest of holies, would it be extended to the common family home?

In my humble opinion, prayer does have its place, but it is for courage to face calamities, NOT to prevent the calamities themselves. Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

OMNI-SCIENCE by Anthony Marr - a 7-page summary

This is the speech by Anthony Marr addressing the scientists and philosophers of 5 top universities, which won the following accolades for his ground breaking OMNISCIENTIFIC COSMOLOGY:

- Anthropology, Dr. Tim White: “… Anthony Marr’s OMNI-SCIENCE is formidable…”
- Institute of Human Origins, Dr. William H. Kimbel, President: “… a profound contribution to the fundamental definition of humankind in relation to the broader universe... unifies the fragmented Western scientific disciplines… implications of great depth and breadth for the future course of human actions… too important to ignore.”
- Astronomy and Physics, Dr. Marc Davis: “… a forward looking moral framework… an important contribution to society…”
- Paleontology, Dr. Carole S. Hickman: “… an extraordinary intellectual undertaking… unique… intellectually and aesthetically stimulating… a bold and eclectic piece of scholarship… exceptional… a delight… optimism, concern and compassion for humanity…”
- Botany, Dr. Herbert G. Baker: “… extremely interesting… an important contribution towards understanding cosmology.”
Paleontology, Dr. Donald E. Savage: “… powerful… erudite synthesis...”
- Zoology, Dr. Richard C. Strohman: “… original… a thoroughly logical system… might indeed fill a large gap in the way we think...”
Biology, Dr. Richard W. Holms: “… a remarkable broad perspective… great depth... truly deserves the name OMNI-SCIENCE…”

- Geology, Dr. W.R. Evitt: “… sincerity, imagination, intellectualism and scholarship… an immensely logical construct… meticulously thought out… majestic in scope but intrinsically simple, satisfying and optimistic… should have a very broad appeal… these are important ideas with great potential for lessening the conflicts in a troubled world…”
- Sociology, Dr. Alex Inkeles: “… impress me not only with the quality of his presentation, but also the quality of his thinking… authoritative… exceptionally comprehensive…”
- Philosophy, Dr. John Dupre: “… extremely intriguing and provocative… incomparably more edifying than the vast majority of such attempts…”
Anthropology, Dr. John W. Rick: “… very thought provoking… clearly deserves extensive discussion… a serious, well-founded vision…”
- Physics, Dr. Leonard Susskind: “… I found myself stimulated, educated… worth listening to, even for those of us who are not of the same philosophical bent…”
- Philosophy, Dr. John Bogart: “… compelling… have moral import…”
Applied Physics and Astrophysics, Dr. Vahe Petrosian: “… elaborate… clearly well thought out and researched… fascinating… a very ambitious task… a beautiful synthesis… captivating… should be of interest not only to experts but to all thinking people of the world…”


A forewarning

A meaningful reading of the following requires the shelving of all preconceptions (especially those imposed by pre-scientific religions), a basic understanding of science, and free-thought bridled only by logic. Beginning with the title itself, a number of new terms have been invented out of necessity. The Omniscientific Cosmology would strike many as so unfamiliar to be almost bizarre. And yet, once digested and absorbed, even if they desperately wanted to, the readers could never revert fully to the worldview they had held before.



The Tao Teh Ching, the canon of the ancient Chinese philosophical system known as Taoism, states, "In the Cosmos, Man accords his way to the Earth, the Earth to the Sky, the Sky to the Tao, and the Tao simply is, according to its own Nature." In Western Lingo, the Tao is the Way of the Cosmos. Should the Tao be known, therefore, so would be the optimal Way of Man.

Unfortunately, the Tao Teh Ching also states, "The Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao." Thus, the Taoists maintained 26 centuries of pseudo-silence, as if they knew it. And thus, Taoism degenerated from a school of cosmic philosophy into a house of superstition. There was a reason for which the Tao was deemed inconceivable. It was the then lack of a necessary ingredient. The hint is in the statement itself. The key word is "Nature", that to which the Tao itself accords. The study of nature is science. Science was what the ancient Chinese lacked, which we now have.

Basically, Taoism was the ancient Chinese form of a cosmology. A cosmology is a model of the Universe. It is essentially a tool for human self-understanding. Why? Since the part cannot be fully understood without an understanding of the whole and its part in this whole, so neither can humanity fully understand itself without an understanding of the Cosmos and its part in this Cosmos.

Throughout human history, many cosmologies have been advanced, all but one in the form of pre-scientific philosophies or religion-based mythologies, including the modern Creationism. And all but one are far from the truth. The only one that is on the right path is scientific cosmology. Unfortunately, so far that it has developed, involving the astro-chemo-physical sciences but not the eco-socio-biological sciences in its construction, is incomplete. This is because the Earth is a part of the Solar System, which is a part of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is a part of the Cosmos, and the biosphere is a part of the Earth.

And because Homo Sapiens is a part of the biosphere, Omniscientific Cosmology is needed for our self-understanding.

Omniscientific Cosmology gives new answers for the ancient philosophical questions - the meaning of life, the purpose of humanity, the fate of the Earth, the origin of consciousness, the basis of morality, even the nature of the "inconceivable" Tao, maybe even the truth of "God".

Whether these answers are the correct ones is for the readers to decide.

1. The Cosmic background

The observable Universe originated in the Big Bang about 14 billion years ago. Physically and chemically, it comprised nothing more complex than space-time, energy, subatomic particles and atomic hydrogen and helium. In the ensuing eons, the galaxies were formed, in whose first generation stars the process of nucleosynthesis gave rise to the heavier elements. When the more massive of these stars exploded as supernovae, these heavier elements were expelled into interstellar space. When these heavier-elements-laden interstellar clouds intermixed and condensed into subsequent-generation stars, planets with solid crusts could then be formed. Our Sun is one of theses subsequent-generation stars, which formed 4.6 billion years ago, and our Earth is one of these solid-crusted planets. Today, while the above process keeps on unfolding, there are about 100 billion galaxies in the observable Universe, each with an average of about 300 billion stars, most of which are believed to be in possession of planets.

Taking the Earth as a sample planet in the "life zone" of a sample star the Sun in a sample galaxy the Milky Way, and to make a very long story very short, and a very complex scenario very simple, the original inorganic atoms and molecules of the primordial Earth eventually gave rise to the cells (e.g. bacteria - about 3.5 billion years ago), which eventually gave rise to the metabionts (multicellular organisms – about 600 million years ago), which eventually gave rise to animal societies (first the insect societies – about 100 million years ago), which eventually gave rise to the nations (of the metabion species Homo Sapiens – about 10,000 years ago).

2. T.I., I.T., and Levels of Organization

By means of an analysis pertaining to classical biology called the "Seven Vital Functions" test, social insect biologists in the 1920s concluded that an insect society qualified as an organism in its own right, which they termed a "superorganism". Likewise, other than the fact that a cell and a metabiont are obviously organisms, so are a city and a nation bona fide organisms, each on its own distinct "level of organization".
Today, the physical matter of planet Earth is organized in five levels of organization: the Molecular level, the Cellular level, the Metabion level, the Citian (based on "city" - including insect societies) level and the National level. In contrast, all other Solar System planets have only one level of organization – the Molecular.

The phenomenon by which a lower level gave rise to its adjacent higher level is called Integrative Transcendence (I.T.). The process by which I.T. is achieved is called Transcendent Integration (T.I.), which essentially involves differentiation and cooperation. By means of T.I., the social organisms of level (X) formed societies, and by means of I.T., the advanced societies became the original organisms of level (X+1).
Thus, a cell is a "society" of its own component molecules, a metabiont is a society of its own component cells, a city is a society of its own component metabionts, and a nation is a society of its own component cities.

3. Interlevel Parallelism

There are parallelisms among the various levels of organization, e.g.:

On every level of organization, there are non-social and social units. On the molecular level, there are "nonsocial" molecules (e.g. a copper sulphate molecule in a rock) and "social" molecules (e.g. a protein molecule in a cell). On the cellular level, there are nonsocial cells (e.g. an amoeba in a pond), and social cells (e.g. a neuron in a human). On the metabion level, there are nonsocial metabionts (e.g. a dragonfly) and social metabionts (e.g. a bee or a human). On the citian level, there are nonsocial cities (e.g. an ant colony or a an ancient warring city-state) and social cities (e.g. Vancouver). On the national level, there are nonsocial nations, (e.g. the warring nations in ancient China) and social nations (e.g. Canada).

James Greer Miller isolated 19 "subsystems" for every "living system". A cell, a metabiont, a city and a nation are all living systems by Miller’s definition, and all have their 19 subsystems. Anthony Marr noted that Greer missed one subsystem, which Marr added to make the total of 20 subsystems per living system.

Evolution occurs on all levels simultaneously. Here, however, it involves the concept of Translevel Progression. The evolutionary mode is strictly Darwinian up to the metabion level and the insect-society part of the citian level, whereas that from the vertebrate side of the citian level upward is Darwinian as well as Lamarckian. The Lamarckian mode is especially dominant in the evolution of human societies.

There are numerous other interlevel parallelisms.

4. The I.T. Spiral and Its O.S.E.S. Cycle

By far the most monumental of all interlevel parallelisms is the O.S.E.S. Cycle of the T.I./I.T. Spiral, which deserves a chapter of its own. O.S.E.S. represents the four quadrants of a cycle of the T.I./I.T. Spiral, namely: Organismization (the formation of the first organisms on a certain level of organization), Speciation (the divergent evolution of the original species on that level into an broad array of new species in different environments), Ecosystemization (the formation of ecosystems comprising these species in various locales), and Socialization (the rise of social species in some ecosystems and the formation of their societies). And, by the resultant societies organismizing into the first organisms of the level above, they start a new and next higher O.S.E.S. Cycle on the ever-ascending T.I./I.T. Spiral.

5. GeoEmbryology

The term "cosmic egg" made its first appearance in the 1970s, but it was used in a "New Age" sense. Nonetheless, when used now in the context of the Omniscientific Cosmology, it has a new and tangible meaning. The planet Earth could indeed be seen as a cosmic egg, whose "geo-embryo" has a definite planetary gestation period. Further, it has hitherto already undergone four stages of planetary metamorphosis – from molecules to cells to metabionts to cities to nations. In other words, it has successfully progressed through four O.S.E.S. Cycles of Earth’s T.I./I.T. Spiral; and the T.I./I.T. Spiral itself has ascended through four levels of organization pertaining to life on Earth. And what is this geo-embryo of the planet Earth? Its biosphere. Its incubation lamp is the Sun, and its "white and yolk" are Earth’s own intrinsic mineral and energy resources.

It does appear that the development of Earth’s geo-embryo follows a preset metamorphic schedule as predetermined by the planet’s original physical and chemical properties. It seems further than this metamorphic schedule follows an accelerating exponential timeframe, which might accord to the Fibonacci numbers series applicable to the many spiralling forms found in nature. This could be of predictive value for the extrapolation of the T.I./I.T. Spiral into the future and on to the higher levels of organization thus far not yet realized.

The metamorphosis of Earth’s geo-embryo has currently progressed on to the Socialization quadrant of the O.S.E.S. Cycle of Earth’s T.I./I.T. Spiral on the National level of organization. If the T.I./I.T. Spiral would continue to unfold as it has over the last 4.6 billion years of Earth’s history, the next step would be the organismization of the planet Earth itself. This would involve the nations to transcendently integrate into a harmonized international society involving differentiation and cooperation, and to integratively transcend from the geo-embryo to the full-fledged Planetary Organism Earth.

Of course, it could also fail, and, when its time comes as dictated by the planetary metamorphic schedule, be still-born.

A footnote for this chapter: The Earth as an organism is also not a new notion. The Gaia Hypothesis is centered on it; even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had a story about it. But they refer to organism Earth in the mechanical sense, involving ocean currents, heat cycles, materials transfer, etc., even, in the case of Doyle, huge subterranean blood vessels, instead of the organizational sense as in the Omniscientific Cosmology.

6. Integration of Consciousness

When considering consciousness, the basic fact to consider is that it is based on matter. It could be further said that consciousness is the configuration of matter. It is conceivable that not only is memory stored in the neuronal circuitry in the brain, but is the configuration of the circuitry itself.

It seem reasonable to conclude that consciousness is also multi-leveled in structure and is also a product of T.I./I.T.. By means of T.I./I.T., the "proto-consciousness" of the molecules gave rise to that of the cells, which in turn gave rise to consciousness of the metabionts, which in turn gave rise to the supra-consciousness of the cities, which in turn gave rise to that of the nations. Hopefully, one day, the integration of the myriad consciousness of the various nations will give rise to the transcended consciousness of the planetary organism Earth itself, which today remains not only fragmented, but internally contradictory and even hostile.

There seems to be some coincidence to the Freudian terminologies of the Id (molecular and cellular proto-consciousness), the Ego (metabion consciousness) and the Superego (citian and national supra-consciousness).

In this light, the T.I./I.T. Spiral is in fact a DNA-like double helix, or a galaxy-like double-spiral, where one strand or one arm represents the T.I./I.T. of matter, and the other the T.I./I.T. of consciousness. Thus, the T.I./I.T. Double Helix.

7. Universe as Cosmic Egg

This final chapter in the Omniscientific Cosmology is one of extrapolation and speculation, one which has been regarded by free-thinking scientists and philosophers with amazement and fascination, but by traditional clerics and theologians with consternation and disbelief.

Once the Planetary Organism Earth has organismized into being, it will be the original organism on the Planetary level of organization within the Solar System. After a period of maturation, it will reproduce, begetting offspring planetary organisms on other Solar System planets and their satellites, or in interplanetary space. Earth’s "seeds" will be space colonies - citian organisms in their own right, which will contain the genes and memes of Earth. Once landing on other planets and satellites, or stabilized in orbits around these planets and satellites, or around the Sun itself, these citian level "Earth seeds" will form national organisms, and eventually planetary organisms. Thus, yet a new O.S.E.S. Cycle, on yet a higher level or organization - the Planetary - will unfold. These planetary organisms will speciate, and will form an interplanetary ecosystem, and eventually a multi-planetary society, until, within the bounds of the Solar System, the end point of the T.I./I.T. Spiral will see the emergence of the stellar organism Sol, on the Stellar level of organization.

A further extrapolation of the Earth’s T.I./I.T. Spiral beyond the Solar System will find it joining the T.I./I.T. spirals of other transcended planetary systems in the interstellar realm. On the only condition that the speed of light could be exceeded (by means of worm-holes or "warp speed" or other yet-unknown technologies), there appears no limit as to how far the T.I./I.T, Spiral could go.

It seems reasonable to approximate that there would be three levels of organization from the stellar organism to the galactic organism, and another three levels from the galactic organism to the singular ultimate Universal Organism.

Within the limits of the Omniscientific Cosmology, one of the ultimate questions is: What would this Universal Organism be like? Let us first compare the physical and mental powers of a human being (a metabion organism) against those of an amoeba (a cellular organism). The difference is of course immense. And yet, they are but one level of organization apart. By the above reckoning, the Universal Organism is ten levels above the human being, and eight levels above the United States (a national organism). Within the Cosmos itself the Universal Organism will be everywhere. Its knowledge will encompass that in every library on every planet endowed with civilization. Its physical and mental power will be virtually infinite.

Ask a theologian or a cleric what three words he could use to describe the Universal Organism, and he could only answer, in his accustomed diction, "omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent", after which his jaw would stay dropped. He would have to concede that this all-present, all–knowing and almighty being would be in part, though just an infinitesimal part, created by us humble human beings, by means of the universal process of Integrative Transcendence, in conjunction with all other sentient beings on all level of organization in all galaxies throughout the Universe. It certainly did not create us, let alone in its own image.

One more thing about this Universal Organism. It is thoroughly, purely and entirely natural; there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it.

Finally, to close the circle, the question is: What is the "inconceivable", "unknowable" and "unspeakable" Tao, and thus the optimal Way of Man?

Transcendent Integration, towards Integrative Transcendence.

This is the author’s deepest belief.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)