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Letter to the Emperor of Japan - from Anthony Marr

Letter to the Emperor of Japan

from Anthony Marr

Since I posted my Japan pieces, my Space has come under intense scrutiny from diverse sources in Japan. Latest is a series of 20 hits over the last 24 hours, from a source, would you believe, right within the grounds of the Japanese Imperial Palace! If you wish to see for yourself, go to www. myspace. com/AnthonyMarr, scroll down the right column until you've arrived at the 2 tracker maps right above my Top-40 friends. Click on the hit from Japan in the second display, magnify the resulting map, and you will arrive, as I did, inside the bounds of the Imperial Palace in the heart of Tokyo.

I admit that I have fantasized about speaking with the Prime Minister of Canada, and the Queen of England, and the President of the United States, and the President of China, and even the Pope, but never have I imagined a meeting of minds with the Emperor of Japan. So now that I have inadvertently captured his attention, I may as well open to him my heart and mind, and thereby to the whole people of Japan. And this is what I have to say:

* * * * *

Your Majesty,

I am speaking as Anthony Marr, for myself, but I believe I am also speaking on behalf of millions of compassionate people around the world, who abhor the cruelty and arrogance of whaling and dolphining. I, we, have a very simple request to make to Your Majesty:

Please end whaling, and the slaughtering and capturing of dolphins, and relegate these obsolescent practices forever into the past.

This is it. I am not saying "or else", nor am I calling for a boycott. I just want to appeal to your sense of justice and compassion, to please spare the whales and dolphins the horrible fate to which they have been subjected by your whaling and dolphining industries. Please bear in mind, and at heart, that there is no humane way to kill a whale or a dolphin, and that these are highly social creatures whose love for each other is no less than yours and mine.

And further, Your Majesty, I appeal to your sense of love and obligation for the Japanese people to stop feeding them whale and dolphin meat which we all know are overladen with mercury and other toxins. I make this appeal especially on behalf of the children of Japan, whose mental development is highly susceptible to the retarding effects of mercury. I have always held the intelligence of the Japanese people in high esteem, and would hate to see Japanese children dumbed down for the profit of a globally reviled industry.

Your majesty, your country has enormous wealth. The prosperity of the Japanese economy will not suffer to any significant degree by the shutting down of the whaling industry, and in Taiji, there are only 27 dolphin killers against the will of the world.

During my visits to your country, Your Majesty, I have been impressed by the congeniality, discipline and sense of honor amongst the Japanese people. But where is the honor of claiming what in essence is commercial whaling to be "RESEARCH"?

I also know for a fact that from the heart the Japanese people can be highly compassionate. I have seen people in other Japanese villages rescuing stranded dolphins and beached whales rather than exploiting them, much less killing them. I ask you to honor these compassionate villagers instead of those without mercy.

As you may have gathered, I was born in China during the Japanese invasion. The stories I have heard of massacre, rape, torture and pillage, and articles I have read, and pictures I have seen, are horrendous beyond measure. I have lost family members directly at Japanese hands. China lost 20 million civilians in a Chinese Holocaust forced by Japan. I have reason to be furious with your country. I'm sure that you would understand had it happened to you, Your Majesty.

Referring to the last photo, Your Majesty, I could have been one of these babies, but, for the whales, and the dolphins, and the children of Japan, I pledge to you that if you will stop whaling and dolphining, I will bury the hatchet, leave all my fury behind, and celebrate a more compassionate future with the Japanese people, I give you my word. And just as seriously, we who are driven by compassion will never rest. This is not a threat; it is just in our nature.

Please allow me one final question, Your Majesty - Are pride and profit worth damaging the Japanese reputation and character? And one last suggestion, that Japan leads the remaining whaling nations out of the dark ages into enlightenment.

Yours truly,

Anthony Marr

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

Friday, November 27, 2009



by Anthony Marr

What is the deadliest substance on Earth? H1N1? Plutonium? What Sarah Palin calls her "brain"? None of the above, although the 3rd might just unleash the evil genie out of sheer ignorance and arrogance. The most dangerous substance on Earth is this:

It is called Methane Hydrate or Methane Clathrate - gaseous methane trapped in a water-ice matrix.

On land, layers of it is called the Permafrost. And the permafrost is melting, releasing its frozen demon into the atmosphere, toppling overlying trees and buildings in the process.

Methane is a super-powerful greenhouse gas that can generate its own lethal feedback loop, where more methane will warm the atmosphere more, melting more permafrost, releasing more methane... Once this feedback loop takes hold, the Methane-Time-Bomb can be said to have been detonated. This is also called Runaway Global Heating. This "M-Bomb" is a "slow bomb" which will take decades or centuries to spend, but once fully spent, there will be precious little of civilization and even life left on Earth. The End-Permian Mass Extinction, also driven by global warming, wiped out 85% of all species on Earth.

The time to stop the M-Bomb is before the detonation. Since 2000, we had about a dozen years to stop it. Bush not only wasted 8 of these 12 years, but accelerated the pre-detonation process, leaving Obama with no more than one term to fix it. Meanwhile, the American public is being deluded by the $50 million Global-Warming-Denial-Campaign fueled by Exxon et al.

President Obama, and Canadian PM Harper, are going to Copenhagen with lame proposals so inadequate to be suicidal for humanity and life on Earth. For one thing, the M-Bomb is still all but ignored; only its fuse - carbon dioxide - is addressed, and even so, deficiently.

If I could afford to do it, I would ship a ton of methane-rich permafrost to Copenhagen, dump it in front of the convention hall and light it ablaze at midnight, December 7.

This might just wake up the passengers in the runaway train. Can anyone in Denmark or Scandinavia do it? Or would enough donations come in to Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE - so that I can do it myself? Anyone interested in donating to this project please do so via one of the PayPal buttons in ASAP.

Note: I always put out my messages, but almost never ask for donations. Due to the urgency and scope of the matter, this is an exception.

M-BOMB: Doomsday Machine 2012 - by Anthony Marr

Anthony Marr | MySpace Video

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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Join greatest Anti-Hunting forum - 93,000+ comments!

Join greatest Anti-Hunting forum - 93,000+ comments!

On September 14, 2007, Wisconsin activst Amy Burns sent out a circular urging her readers to go to the Baltimore Sun to join in what is destined to be one of its hottest forums ever, a war of minds over the "sport" of hunting, with emphasis on bow-hunting.

While her readers began pondering, comments from the pro-hunting side came in hard and fast. "America's most-hated Anti" Anthony Marr jumped in head first, and so did leading anti-huntresses Tierra and Mamasita.

Amazingly, the battle is still raging as we speak, more than two years later in November 23, 2009! The total number of comments so far has exceeded 93,000, and growing. This is a phenomenon, and destined to be a classic, not to be missed if you care about animals at all.

Baltimore Sun
September 12, 2007

Stop Maryland's Season of Cruelty:
Fall Bow Hunting
by Joe Lamp

09-14-2007, 04:00 PM

I am posting (below) an alert I received from Anthony Marr of H.O.P.E. He's a wonderful anti-hunting activist with whom I've had the pleasure of working. Please follow the link and make our side of the issue heard!

Fellow activists:

I seldom use the word "IMPORTANT!" , but this one is.

Yesterday, the Baltimore Sun published an article by E. Joseph Lamp, a commissioner of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Advisory Commission - the lone commissioner on our side. Following is a hunters' attack-fest against Lamp in the subsequent forum. So far it has fielded about 400 very heated entries, of which over 90% are from hunters. The hunters' comments have come from all over the country, not just Maryland. Obviously, they consider it a matter of paramount importance and have monilized their national big guns, AND SO MUST WE!!!

Please copy the following link (both lines together), paste it into your address bar, click Go, read the hunters' comments, and respond, then pass it on.,0,3461151.story

The public, the media, the politicians and the bowhunters themselves are watching this one. Up to this point, we look less than a couch potato. Unless we step up to the plate, the hunters will win and the animals will lose.

Please go to the above link and write. Thank you.


Stop Maryland's season of cruelty: fall bow hunting
By E. Joseph Lamp
September 12, 2007

Anticipating autumn's bounty of cooler weather, glorious sunshine and majestic foliage also brings sadness to my heart, knowing the suffering about to be inflicted by Maryland's bow hunters on our deer starting Friday and continuing through January. In the 2006-2007 season, bow hunters reported killing 21,991 deer in Maryland. But how many deer got away wounded, left to run around in the woods with arrows sticking in them, or to die a slow and agonizing death days or weeks later? Well-documented studies testify that wounding and suffering happen time and again when the bow is the weapon of choice. Even former Sun outdoor sports columnist Bill Burton has stated that bow hunting does not support clean kills. He wrote in his Maryland Deer Hunting Guide, "By necessity, most bowmen have become adept at tracking cripples - they have no choice. Seldom do their deer drop in their tracks."

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recommends waiting at least an hour after a deer is shot with an arrow and runs off. If the deer was hit outside the heart or lungs, the hunter should wait four to six hours before attempting to track it. All the while, the animal suffers. Many are never found. As veterinarian Steve Nusbaum has written: "The presence of the same neurochemicals in deer as in humans similarly demands that they feel pain as we do." Imagine the pain of walking around in the woods for weeks on end with an arrow sticking out of your side or your head. Nevertheless, Maryland's hunters - a mere 3 percent to 4 percent of the state's population - hold the purse strings, the votes and the political clout inside the Department of Natural Resources and the state legislature when it comes to killing our deer, including hunting on Sundays. Hunting license fees - not your tax dollars - provide most funding for the DNR's Wildlife and Heritage Division, the agency overseeing hunting and deer management in Maryland. The bow hunters' voices are heard through lobby-type groups such as the Maryland Sportsmen's Association, which calls itself the "sportsmen's voice in Annapolis," and the Maryland Bowhunters Society. These groups can wield their collective political clout in our legislature through the Maryland Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus. Dying and wounded deer, on the other hand, have no money or votes to offer, and thus no political clout to wield. All they get is suffering cloaked as sport and recreation for hunters. As a nonhunter, I am the lone voice opposing bow hunting on DNR's nine-member Wildlife Advisory Commission. The eight other hunters and farmers serving on the commission always outvote me when I stand up for the deer. Yet few people on the animals' side know the Wildlife Advisory Commission exists. Let's put this tragic little secret of autumn behind us forever by ending bow hunting in Maryland. E. Joseph Lamp, a commissioner of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Advisory Commission, is a professor at Anne Arundel Community College. His e-mail is j19lamp@comcast. net.

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Undercover operation in India

Calcutta sounds like a fable in a song, but in reality, it is where John, my colleague and successor, was murdered. He was on the job for only three days when he got his throat slashed. As an undercover investigator targeting the illegal wildlife trade, especially in tiger parts, his real name was unknown, even to me, nor mine to him. We were just John and James to each other. All I know is that he was Chinese American, while his predecessor James - real name Anthony Marr - is Chinese Canadian, and how sincere he was in helping to save the Bengal tiger from being poached out of existence, while its habitat continues to dwindle due to human pressure.

It would have been me who got killed had I not been called to the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh - the "Tiger State" - to investigate a dreadful wave of poaching which wiped out10 of their 40 tigers in 12 months. What John and I were after was the identities of the trading party/ies, the location/s of the loot, and the routes and means by which it was transported to its destination, usually China. Once these were uncovered, we would inform police, who would then go and make arrests and seizures. How we did it is confidential. Suffice to say that we were both posing as Chinese buyers. During my stint into enclaves where lone policemen dared not tread, accompanied by middlemen who would sell their mothers for a rhino horn, I've been shown sacks of tiger bone and rolls of tiger skin, just as I did in the villages surrounding the tiger reserves. I would then agonize on just how much more pressure the remaining tigers - less than 2000 in India - could take.

Since I cannot get into details in these operations, let me tell you a story which illustrates something different altogether - cast discrimination. The safe-house I was given to stay at for the two-week operation was on the 4th floor of a wood-frame building. My room was in the center of the building and windowless. There was a front room inhabited by my "servants", a middle-aged couple of the Untouchable cast, which opened out to the street, where the temperature, even in March, was a humid 115F+. I was already sweating profusely when I was being led up the 4 flights of rickety stairs by the "woman servant". But when I was led into the front room, I was staggered. It was like a hotter oven inside an already sizzling one, easily 125F, no less. "How the hell am I gonna stand 2 weeks of this?!" But as soon as I entered my room, aaaaahhhh, a cool little oasis, 70F, no more. And then, I saw the air-condtioner mounted in the wall between the two rooms, cool air into mine, hot air into theirs. I invited them to come into my room to cool off, but they humbly declined. Apparently, mine was not a realm permitted to Untouchables. I tried in the first night to keep my door open so that some cool air to reach them, but they quietly closed it for my privacy. Good people in a rotten system.

Good people in a rotten system. I'm sure we all can relate to it.

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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The Meaning of Life according to Anthony Marr

To share with you while we all rush headlong to meet our collective destiny.



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Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)