Friday, November 27, 2009



by Anthony Marr

What is the deadliest substance on Earth? H1N1? Plutonium? What Sarah Palin calls her "brain"? None of the above, although the 3rd might just unleash the evil genie out of sheer ignorance and arrogance. The most dangerous substance on Earth is this:

It is called Methane Hydrate or Methane Clathrate - gaseous methane trapped in a water-ice matrix.

On land, layers of it is called the Permafrost. And the permafrost is melting, releasing its frozen demon into the atmosphere, toppling overlying trees and buildings in the process.

Methane is a super-powerful greenhouse gas that can generate its own lethal feedback loop, where more methane will warm the atmosphere more, melting more permafrost, releasing more methane... Once this feedback loop takes hold, the Methane-Time-Bomb can be said to have been detonated. This is also called Runaway Global Heating. This "M-Bomb" is a "slow bomb" which will take decades or centuries to spend, but once fully spent, there will be precious little of civilization and even life left on Earth. The End-Permian Mass Extinction, also driven by global warming, wiped out 85% of all species on Earth.

The time to stop the M-Bomb is before the detonation. Since 2000, we had about a dozen years to stop it. Bush not only wasted 8 of these 12 years, but accelerated the pre-detonation process, leaving Obama with no more than one term to fix it. Meanwhile, the American public is being deluded by the $50 million Global-Warming-Denial-Campaign fueled by Exxon et al.

President Obama, and Canadian PM Harper, are going to Copenhagen with lame proposals so inadequate to be suicidal for humanity and life on Earth. For one thing, the M-Bomb is still all but ignored; only its fuse - carbon dioxide - is addressed, and even so, deficiently.

If I could afford to do it, I would ship a ton of methane-rich permafrost to Copenhagen, dump it in front of the convention hall and light it ablaze at midnight, December 7.

This might just wake up the passengers in the runaway train. Can anyone in Denmark or Scandinavia do it? Or would enough donations come in to Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE - so that I can do it myself? Anyone interested in donating to this project please do so via one of the PayPal buttons in ASAP.

Note: I always put out my messages, but almost never ask for donations. Due to the urgency and scope of the matter, this is an exception.

M-BOMB: Doomsday Machine 2012 - by Anthony Marr

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Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)


Anonymous said...

"THE DEADLIEST SUBSTANCE ON EARTH" is LIES... Climate is constantly changing on this planet earth of ours... CO2 is one of the 4 basic building blocks of life on this planet,and take any one of them away and all life would cease to exist on our planet And Yet CO2 has now been made a toxic gas by Elite Global Warming Fearmonger like Al gore and yourself to taxe us for the air we breathe out and Fart out as well,how FKN insane is that thought... And that cows produce to many fart what about the huge dinosaurs long ago they farted too Come on get off the fearmongering Al Gore Lie.One volcano put out more CO2 than man has in the past Century You have a few small valid points but the artic is always changing freezing and thawing every year and the ice packs of the north pole are almost at there normal size for this time of th year These pictures you show of northern ice being scares are alway taken in the hottest summer melting time and then exaggerated by fearmongerers like Al Gore and yourself.They never show colder year picture that would prove there lying??? So my question would be who's paying you or who's paying your grants for your research painting because your just spouting of the same shit that all the hacked email proved were either fabricated or simply made up about CO2 and man made global warming.About your Methane theories the permafrost thaws a bit every summer and then refreezes right back every winter as well and will every year for as long as we have seasons and sun on this planet.Polar bears are thriving there real numbers are way up and so are penguins in the antarctic.I dare you to take a trip up to the Canadian arctic and look for yourself and ask the native people if warmer and colder years always come and go in a NATURAL CYCLE!!!It does!!! Then maybe if you have an honest open mind you will see the big lie being perpetrated to tax to the apple pie eating,beer drinking,football watching,mind controlled sleeping fools... The SUN is the main climate changer on this planet not man made anything.You sound like you want this one world carbon tax dictatorship government spewing these false lies to totally control every facet of our lives by taxing a life building block CO2 as an evil to curtail every thing we do... We on this planet need CO2-Carbon Dioxide O2-Oxygen H2O-Di hydrogen Monoxide and SUNLIGHT to live here. 3 of them from the planet itself and one exterior variable force.Shit all you need to know how the sun affect temperature is feel the difference when the sun disappears behind a cloud it gets cooler DAh??? Quit perpetrating the big lie or you too will be held accountable when the time for judgement comes and its coming soon
No degrees or any amount of payoff money will help you then so recant your lies now and do the right thing.The moral thing your theories will kill millions worldwide that is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt from lost jobs in industry to less farmland for food being used to grow bio fuels instead.Daily with these lies people are dying...I know the Globalist, Zionist Elites perpetrating this fraud have no moral at all but you must or is it a front as well??? Please rethink what your doing ad saying, weather you believe it or not this lie is killing thousands daily now and soon if the elites get what they want its going to be Millions and Millions

Joey said...

I believe the sun is a major influence on our climate but I also believe that gases and whatever need to be balanced on our planet or negative climate change will occur. I believe humans putting C02 and whatever other greenhouses gases in the atmosphere is warming the planet.