Saturday, August 4, 2012

Crimes Against Animals Around the World - no country is exempt

This is to show that animal abuse is prevalent throughout the world, such that no country or culture be singled out for self-righteous and bigoted racist attacks, which currently runs rampant in the AR movement.

In alphabetical order:


ANIMAL CIRCUS - Peru, Russia, UK, Ukraine, USA (China banned animal circuses January 2011)



Bird shooting (duck, goose, pheasant, pigeon, turkey...) - Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, S. Africa, Scotland, Spain, UK, Uraquay, USA ++

.........Just how much is enough?.

And how do they do it? Here's how:

BOILING LOBSTERS AND CRABS ALIVE - the method used in the USA, UK, and most other Western countries. ("The Chinese" seldom eat lobsters, but when they do, they decapitate the lobsters first with a single cleaver-chop.)

BOW-HUNTING - Benin, Botswana, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Canada, Central African Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Mozambique, Namibia, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, USA, Zimbabwe

Bow hunting is the most cruel form of recreational hunting, with a dismal non-lethal wounding rate of ~50%.

.........Non-lethal wounding rate - ~50%.

BULL-FIGHTING - Colombia, Ecuador, France, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Venezuela

.........This horse was killed.

BUSH MEAT - Cameroon, Congo (great apes), DRC, Gabon, Guinea + some other African countries


CAT/DOG EATING - Angola (dog), Argentina (cat - "only during hardship"), Cambodia, Cameroon (dog), China, Cuba (dog), Japan, Lagos, Laos, Nigeria, Philippines (+ Filipinos in USA), S. Korea, (former) Soviet Union, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, (+ Lewis-and-Clark, USA)

.........S. Korean dog truck.

.........Vietnamese dog truck.

.........Chinese cat market.

.........Chinese activists protesting cat-eating; poster reads: "REFUSE TO EAT CATS! Cats are our friends, not our food!"

.........Korean women protesting dog-eating.

COCK FIGHTING - Afghanistan, Canary Islands, Colombia, Dominion Republic, Ecuador, France, Guam, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Venezuela,

.........Cock fighting in Indonesia.

.........Cock fighting in Thailand.

.........Cock fighting in the Phillipines.

.........Cock fighting in Afghanistan.

.........Once upon a time in the West.

CRUSH VIDEOS - many countries - see

CRUSHING BOX (cruel elephant training practice) - Thailand

Elephants are trained differently between Thailand and India, the latter being much more humane.

"CULL" HUNTING - Canada, Finland, USA (usually in urban areas, by bow-hunters, for bow-hunters)

DAIRY INDUSTRY - Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, New Zealand, Russia, UK, Ukraine, USA

By volume:

World total milk production in 2009
FAO statistics [30]
(including cow/buffalo/goat/sheep/camel milk)

Rank Country Production (10 to the 6th power kg/y)
World 696,554
1 India 110,040
2 USA 85,859
3 China 40,553
4 Russia 32,562
5 Pakistan 34,362
6 Germany 28,691
7 Brazil 27,716
8 France 24,218
9 New Zealand 15,217
10 UK 13,237
11 Italy 12,836
12 Turkey 12,542
13 Poland 12,467
14 Ukraine 11,610
15 Netherlands 11,469
16 Mexico 10,931
17 Argentina 10,500
18 Australia 9,388
19 Canada 8,213
20 Japan 7,909

European total milk production in 2009
FAO statistics [30]
(including cow/goat/sheep/buffalo milk)

Rank Country Production (10 to the 6th power kg/y)
EU (all 27 countries) 153,033
1 Germany 28,691
2 France 24,218
3 UK 13,237
4 Italy 12,836
5 Poland 12,467
6 Netherlands 11,469
7 Spain 7,252
8 Romania 5,809
9 Ireland 5.373
10 Denmark 4,814

.........There are 65,000 dairy farms in the USA alone.

DOG FIGHTING - Afghanistan, Australia (illegal, but happening), India (illegal, but happening), Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Rome (historical), Russia, South Africa (wide spread), South America (most countries, by and large illegal, but happening), UK (illegal, but happening), USA (illegal, but happening)

.........Once upon a time in the West.

.........Once upon a time in the West.

.........Once upon a time in the West.

.........Dog fighting in Afghanistan.

.........Dog fighting in Pakistan.

.........Dog fighting in Pakistan.

.........Dog fighting in the USA - illegal.

DOLPHIN CAPTURE & CAPTIVITY - Canada (captivity), China (captivity), Guinea Bassau ("massive capture" in 2004 +), Japan (capture and captivity), Mexico (capture - illegal, but happening + captivity), USA (Captivity) +

1985 - Australia banned all cetacean captivity.
1992 - Hungary banned cetacean captivity
1993 - UK banned cetacean captivity
2005 - Chile and Costa Rica banned cetacean captivity

.........Pictures by Anthony Marr @ the Shimonoseki Aquarium, Japan, where the dolphins are captured from Taiji.

Currently, there are ~60 dolphinarium in Europe, 34 in EU.

.........Dolphin capture at Taiji, Japan.

DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER - Denmark (Faroe Islands), Japan

.........The Grind in progress in the Faroe Islands, in which tourists are allowed to participate.

.........Faroe Islands, Denmark, the Grind in progress.

.........Faroe Islands, Denmark, after the Grind.

.........At the Cove, Taiji, Japan.

.........At the Cove, Taiji, Japan.

.........Anthony Marr meeting with Izumi Ishii, ex-dolphin-killer turned whale-watching operator, who single-handedly stopped dolphin killing at Futo, Japan, before heading on to Taiji to perform a dolphin-saving operation.

DRIFT-NET FISHERY - France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Morocco, Taiwan, Turkey

FACTORY FARMS - Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech, Colombia (eggs + 2.5M pigs), Denmark, Egypt, Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Netherlands (world's biggest exporter of eggs - 5.4 billion/year), Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA

FOIE GRAS - France (78%) +5


.........Gordon Brown and Brian May (Queen)

FUR FARMING - Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Netherlands, EU, Finland, Russia, Sweden, USA

.........Fur farms are hells on Earth no matter what the country; this one just happens to be Russian.

.........And all for this?

GESTATION CRATE - Canada, EU, USA + most countries with factory pig-farms.

Banned in Sweden and the UK. Will be banned in Denmark by 2014, and in New Zealand by 2015. Banned in certain US states (Arizona, California, Florida) but far from all.

.........This device is so heart-breaking that it deserves it own category.



Consumers: Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China (only a few provinces), France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, S. Korea, Tonga, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine

Breaking news! (Nov. 18, 2011) - the USA has just re-instituted horse slaughtering on American soil. States like Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Georgia and Missouri are considering opening or re-opening horse-slaughter plants. 120,000-200,000 horses will be slaughtered in America per year.

Major Horse meat Production Countries, 2005
Country # of horses
China 1,700,000 horses
Mexico 626,000
Kazakhstan 340,000
Mongolia 310,000
Argentina 255,000
Italy 213,000
Brazil 162,000
Kyrgyzstan 150,000
Totals 4,727,829


Horse meat production levels as of 2009
Country Tons per year
Argentina 57,000 tons
Kazakhstan 55,000
Mongolia 38,000
Kyrgyzstan 25,000
Australia 24,000
Brazil 21,000
Canada 18,000
Poland 18,000
Italy 16,000*
Romania 14,000
Chile 10,000
France 7,500
Uruguay 8,000
Senegal 9,500
Colombia 6,000
Spain 5,000*


.........Snuff films performed by psychopathic serial killers.

.........This will either make your blood boil or make you salivate and crave for more, depending on whether you are a compassionate and conscientious person, or a psychopathic serial killer of sentient beings. If you are the former, please join the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC); if the latter, please quit, then join the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition. Your fate, and that of the animals, are up to you.



Line up single file all the cows killed in the USA per year, and the cow line will go from LA to New York 15 times.

Line up single file all the pigs killed in the USA per year, and the pig line will go from LA to New York 35 times.

Line up single file all the chickens killed in the USA per year (~10 billion), and the chicken line will go from the Earth to the Moon 8 times.


The World's Most Prominent Fishing Nations:

1. China
2. Peru
3. Japan
4. Chile
5. USA
6. Russian Fed.
7. Thailand
8. Indonesia
9. Korea, Rep.
10. Norway
11. India
12. Iceland
13. Philippines
14. Korea, DPR
15. Denmark
16. Spain
17. Taiwan
18. Canada
19. Mexico
20. Vietnam

•52% of fish stocks are fully exploited
•20% are moderately exploited
•17% are overexploited
•7% are depleted
•1% is recovering from depletion

.........A rare case where green is bad and red is good.

.........Overfishing on American/Canadian west coast.

.........Comparison of fish stock 1900 vs 2000 (click on pic for animation).

.........World fisheries 1950-1998.

.........Georges Bank Cod decline 1978-2006.

.........Overfishing Index 1 = 100% compliance to limit, 7 = total non-compliance.

PUPPY MILLS (like little factory farms) - Australia, Canada (esp. Quebec, banned in Toronto), UK, USA


RHINO HORN USAGE & POACHING - African countries (trophy hunting and poaching), China (medicine), SE Asian countries (poaching), USA (trophy hunting), Yemen (dagger handles, recently banned)

.........Rhino head as hunting trophy.

.........Chinese poster saying: "MY HORN IS NOT MEDICINE".

.........Rhino horn as dagger and sword handles, Yemen - recently banned

RODEO - Canada, USA

..........This horse, named Daisy, died in this fall.

..........Thank you, Steve Hindi, for helping keep Rodeo from worming itself into China!

SEAL MASSACRE - Canada, Namibia

.........Namibia seal massacre.

.........Canadian seal massacre

.........Killing the baby in front of the mother.

.........The Canadian seal hunt quota for 2011 was about 400,000. At 1 meter per seal, a single file of 400,000 dead seals would stretch 400km/250mi along any highway.

........The Canadian ex-minister in charge of the seal hunt wore a seal fur coat composed of the skins of some 30 baby seals.

SHARK-BAITING (with live dogs) - France


.........Anthony Marr checking Vancouver's Chinatown for shark fins, 2011.

SHARK FINNING - Top 6: Costa Rica, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, UAE + almost every country with a coastline.

.........Definned Whale shark.

"SPORT" FISHING - Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Fiji, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Tahiti, USA + most countries with a coastline

TRAPPING (leg-hold, conibar, snare) - Canada, Finland, Germany, Norway, Russia, Sweden, USA +

The leg-hold trap has been banned in 88 countries (including Finland, Norway and Sweden, but in which other forms of trapping continue), but only 8 US states have done so.

.........A magnificent and rare Bald eagle, what trappers call a "trash animal".

TROPHY HUNTING ("Big Game Hunting") - Botswana, Canada, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, USA, Zimbabwe

.........The "BIG 5", hunted in a half dozen African countries.

.........This hunter killed this elephant with an arrow.

.........This hunter killed this rhino with an arrow.

.........Adding insult to injury.

.........Little man behind big cat.

.........The Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC) was conceived by Anthony Marr in 2003 and founded by him in 2009. Please join GAHC and GAHC-2 in Facebook.

VEAL - see dairy countries.

.........Veal, a cruel spin-off of the dairy industry.

VIVISECTION - Canada, Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA and most countries with universities

.........Stop UBC Animal Research led by Brian Vincent in Vancouver; Shannon Wright on right under the "orb".

WHALING - Canada (native whaling), Japan ("Research" whaling), Norway (illegal whaling)


.......Makah native whaling.

.........The evil Yushin Maru.

.........Anthony Marr performing an anti-whaling operation in Shimonoseki, Japan; the Yushin Maru in the background.

.........The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on the anti-whaling front line.

WILDHORSE ROUND-UP - to make room for more and more cattle ranches on public land - USA

.........Meat eaters love their beef more than wild horses, so the horses are off to slaughter to make room for more cattle ranches.

WILDLIFE TRADE - Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Belize, Bhutan, Botswana, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, India, Laos, Maldives, Mexico, Namibia, Nepal, Panama, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe + the Internet

..........Chinese ivory artifacts.

.........Shipment of rhino horns in Bremen, then meant for being made into dagger handles; other rhino horns of course go to China to be made into medicine.

.........Elephant tusks seized in Africa.

.........Tiger skin to the West, tiger bone medicines to the East.

.........Snow leopard skin openly displayed for sale in Afghanistan.

.........Monkeys from SE Asia, going west.

.........Leopard skins and taxidermied cobra in store window in Thailand.

.........Python skins from India to Germany.

.........Tiger skins on hotel wall in India.

.........Tiger and leopard skins seized from Italian trader in Calcutta, India.

Anthony Marr has performed undercover operations in India to help solve wildlife crimes.

.........With every one of these seizures, several slip through.

WOLF HUNTING & EXTERMINATION - China (license for foreign hunters), Estonia, Finland, Mongolia, Norway, Russia, USA

.........Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

ZOOS (with a few exceptions) - most countries

.......Example of a "good zoo" - a drive-through zoo with 3 huge mix-species enclosures for African, America and Asian herbivores, plus drive-through compounds for carnivors.

.........Aerial view of the Wildlife Safari drive-through zoo in Roseberg, Oregon, USA.

.........As an opposite example, the infamous The Tiger Truck Stop in Gross Tete, Louisiana, USA, where the famous Tony The Tiger lived, all alone, all his life. (Pictures by Anthony Marr)

.........Tony's life-sentence prison.

.........A glimpse of Tony.

.........Anthony Marr speaking out for Tony The Tiger and those who cannot speak for themselves.

Global ENVIRONMENTAL statistics by country:


December 13, 2011:


Somewhat belatedly, though never too late, I came across what entertainer Steven Patrick Morrissey said about the Chinese people being a "SUBSPECIES" (Sep 4, 2010). At issue was animal circuses. Perhaps I was too busy on the road conducting my 7th Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (CARE-7 tour - 40 states in 7 months, Apr-Nov, 2010). Now, upon reading it, the first thought that sprang to mind is: Does he think that he belongs to the Master Race? What does this make him? A "Subspeciesist"?

Good thing that facts speak for themselves. In January this year, China beat Morrissey's UK, and the US, and Canada, in banning animal circuses. Even so, inevitably, when I shared the positive news in a Facebook post, it quickly degenerated into yet another negative Chinese-bashing thread.

As a Chinese Canadian ARA, I've taken this type of abuse on a daily basis - from fellow ARAs of all people - for years - though admittedly none was meant to be offensive against my person. At first, I remained silent, thinking that racism would not be tolerated in the movement espousing Anti-Speciesism, which hopefully would be cleansed by those who could see comparable ugliness in their own cultural mirrors, e.g. bow hunting, factory farms, rodeo, vivisection..., and animal circuses, because I considered the subject beneath my dignity and irrelevant to my pro-animal activism. But one day, upon witnessing my own mother being insulted due to her ethnicity, I began writing about it (e.g. my latest blog on this subject: [CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS Around The World] - http://​homosapienssaveyourearth.blogsp​​crimes-against-animals-around-w​orld.html).

Now, in late 2011, reading Morrissey's statement, and others' comments in his support, and seeing anti-Chinese groups spring up like wildfire within the AR movement, I have come to a point of resignation. Morrissey and his fans can own the racist sector of the AR movement for all I care. Thankfully, there are groups exemplified by Stand By Animals In China, Stop Crush and the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition that hold steadfastly against racism of any kind within the Animal Rights movement, thus maintaining it on an even keel in the winds of prejudice and bigotry.

Though I understand where his offensive statement had come from - his gut and not his head - I feel that Morrissey owes my mother a big apology, and my father, my sister, my brother, my uncles and aunts and cousins, my childhood friends, NONE OF WHOM eat cats and dogs, or use rhino horn, or skin animals alive, and the vast majority of the Chinese people who are as irked by these atrocities as he is. As for me, I don't need his apology. He can save his breath for a new song of true compassion, one embracing all sentient beings - including the Chinese people, at least the hundreds of millions of them that abhor cruelty as he does.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


Big Bong said...

Very comprehensive! Wish you used better fonts and designs for your website to actually make this post go viral on the internet...

Unknown said...

I am all for human extinction.

Sandi Camargo said...

Ty Anthony for all you do...I havent looked at the videos...I just cant bear the cruelty and it would just mess up my state of mind and probably have nightmares...I just want to thank you and want to let you know that YOU got me on the other side of the fence...ty so very much Anthony and God bless you xoxo

Unknown said...

You are absolutely right! Every country encourages & participates in animal abuse; in fact, they are big business for most countries. We should always be mindful that all countries are inhuman but also remember that every country has animal advocates fighting for justice for the "others"- sentient beings like us who suffer & who want to live. I believe that every country, every culture & every religion MUST evolve along with individuals to a peaceful place with animals. "Humans must be humane for the sake of humanity!"

Blanksia said...

As some practices improve over the years, others get worse ~ mostly for unfeeling, selfish profit. Caring doesn't help ~ those that care and feel must DO.....anything and everything they can.

It's a war in which we are grossly outnumbered ~ by those caring people who 'LIKE' and verbally condemn online...but little else, ensuring that these atrocities continue.

sega31098 said...

Just a heads up: Japanese do not eat cats or dogs. AFAIK, all dog meat is imported for some foreign cultural restaurants, and cats stopped being eaten centuries ago.

Also, the dog shark baiting to my knowledge was just a series of isolated cruelty incidents, and not a true custom.

Eleanore said...

I thought I knew of every form of animal cruelty having grown up with ethical vegetarians-turned vegan for 62 years, however I didn't know about dog baiting for sharks!! Hope the above quote is right that they were just a series of isolated incidents.

I think the only thing you missed was the Orangutan misery: they are being sort of exterminated from their woods being cut down for palm oil (which is in everything!) also their atrocious suffering in prostitution rings. Yeah, I saw footage of a female orangutan being spread eageled on some board, belly down so men could have at her!!! A Danish stewardess has a rescue and rehabilitation farm for them, she and her staff went to rescue this one orangutan from this torturous prostitution and they were always threatened, but finally arrived with several gun and rifle toting cops and secured her release! Whew!! I just found out about this now, Aug. 2016. I love how you depicted EVERY form of animal rights violations, at least to ARers, You're so on top
of things.

Unknown said...

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