Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pseudo AR/Vegan Nazism

AR/Veganism is afflicted with a cancer, which I call [Pseudo-AR/Vegan Nazism]. Note the prefix "pseudo" since I am not referring to true AR and true Veganism. Though I seldom resort to hyperbole, this label in my opinion is more than fully justified.

Some chide me for going too far with the term "Nazism", even a long time friend calls it "ridiculous", but I think it does not go far enough. There is currently no term for an ideology which goes BEYOND "Nazism" that I know of, or I would have used it. After all, the Nazis sought to exterminate one "race" of humans, whereas this ideology seeks to eradicate thousands of SPECIES, if not millions, of those creatures that eat meat and "kill for a living", namely the natural predators, anything from orcas, dolphins, tigers, wolves, eagle, falcons...

It goes something like this: Natural predators:

1. should be forced to abandon their evil ways - first by behaviour modification, and failing that,

2. by genetic modification, and failing this, then

3. they should be eradicated, and their evil species terminated. Oh, but of course this should be accomplished by humane means, that is, not by killing them, but by sterilization.

One of their starting points is to "reduce suffering", but considering that they cannot think around the first corner, these Pseudo-AR/Vegan Nazis ignore the practical ramifications that given the absence of the natural predators, members of the herbivorous species will proliferate out of control, destroy their own environment, and themselves face starvation and massive die off. They have not thought far enough to take into account the enormous suffering that mass starvation would entail.

This same ideology, also holds that species that have been existing and evolving on this planet for millions of year "HAVE NO INTRINSIC VALUE", and can be wipe off the face of the Earth at will, by our own species of course, as long as humane means are employed, to actualize their pseudo-compassion.

Since they cannot relate on the species level, let's put this in terms a single animal so that hopefully even they can understand. Let's take a bottlenose dolphin, whose diet consists entirely of animals, mostly fish. So, these Pseoudo-AR/Vegan Nazis (call them PAN, implying ideological pandemic) would want to do to this dolphin the following:
1. to capture her and imprison her, then
2. try to force behaviour modification on her - "Eat only seaweed, or else!" Failing this, they would
3. try to genetically modify her so that her progeny will eat seaweed only. And failing this, they would
4. sterilize her so that she can have no progeny at all.

Thus the extinction of the Bottlenose dolphin species. No loss to these PANs of course, since it is just a species without intricsic value. In doing so, they think that they have done the fish in the ocean a big favour, since our almighty species has already wiped the fish-eating dolphins out of existence.

The truly laughable thing about this ideology is the gross ignorance of its creators, all of the humans species of course. They don't realize that nearly ALL marine organisms are predators, where marine mammals and big fish eat medium fish, medium fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimps, and shrimps eat worms. So, their end gaol would be to EXTERMINATE ALL LIFE IN THE OCEAN except sea weed and phytoplankton.

Back to their ludicrous premise of genetically engineering dolphin to stop eating fish, what they have in mind, if "mind" is the right word, is to create GMO dolphins that do not eat fish, and, failing in this experiment, destroy the dolphins. Even if they successfully deny that they are not playing God, they cannot deny that they are playing Monsanto, in the very least.

What the WW2 Nazis committed was a Crime Against Humanity. What these Pseudo-AR/Vegan Nazis aim to commit is the worst CRIME AGAINST NATURE bar none, and, yes the lesser Crime against Humanity too, since were they to succeed, our future generations would be deprived to Mother Nature herself.

If AR and Veganism do not disavow such an ideology outright, they would be eaten from the inside out by this ideological cancer, and be brought down in the eyes of the world, this time as true eco-terrorists.

And if such ideologues ever gain control of the world, we can kiss Life on Earth goodbye.

To see the original wordings of these ideologues, please see my posts (with the tiger pic) in [Animal Rights Zone].

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

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