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Anthony Marr's 2010 new year's gift to America

Anthony Marr's 2010 new year's gift to America

MySpace version:

Anthony Marr's 2010 new year's gift to America

Anthony Marr | MySpace Video

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Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC) Coalition

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Global American Responsibility

Global American Responsibility

A few days ago, I, a Canadian, was asked by my friend Candace, an American, what I thought of President Obama.  My answer was, "He is infinitely better than Bush, but likely not good enough to save the world."  This had led to her new question: "Why does saving the world fall on America's shoulders?" And here is my long standing answer:

1.  America has always prided itself to be "the most powerful nation in the world", so use this power for the common good.  Follow America's own saying, "With the power comes the responsibility."

2.  By volume America and China are the top polluters and GHG emitters in the world; USA & China, at least clean up your own acts!

3.  On a per-capita basis, Americans, along with Canadians, are the most rampant consumers of Earth's finite and dwindling resources today, while the average Chinese consumes less than 10% of what an average America/Canadian does; Americans and Canadians, about time to voluntarily cut back! 

4.  America has always prided itself of its "American ingenuity"; so use it, if it is still there.

5.  America can't produce enough beef for its own meat-eaters nor enough ethanol for its SUVs, so it imports beef and ethanol from Brazil, and Brazil burns down thousand of sq. miles of virgin Amazon rainforest every year for more cattle farms and soy plantations; meaning that America is responsible for the destruction of the Amazon; the damage here exceeds America's own geographical bounds, so America cannot use closed-door policies.


6.  America and China can't produce enough of their own oil, and buy huge quantities from Canada, which Canada extracts out of the filthy tar sands, making of northern Alberta's entire Athabasca watershed a huge cancinogen. All of America (with its hoards of Big Oil companies), China (dumping $1.8B into the tar sands) and Canada, are guilty of this "worst industrial disaster in the world".

7.  The biggest oil companies (except BP) - the most environmentally destructive corporations in the world - are America-based, which, besides being the worst corporate GHG emitters, have spent $200M on global warming denial.

8.  Finally, if Americans insist on looking after only their own self-interest, they should heed this: If the world goes down the chute, America will go down the chute with it.

If America cannot or does not want to lead the world, then please step aside so that others can, instead of insisting on standing in the leadership position, while blocking other nations' progress.  At Copenhagen, European nations are ready and willing to go much farther in GHG cuts than the America and China.  And the prove solid case of America non-leadership is George W. Bush. 

Back to my original statement, by which I still stand: "Obama is infinitely better than Bush, but likely not good enough to save the world."  Of course, against Sarah Palin, Obama gets my Canadian vote.

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Best of Anthony Marr 2009 to you

according to
Anthony Marr

His best of 2009 to you.

11minute version

On the


University of California, Berkeley

Biology, Professor Richard W. Holms: “I have listened to a presentation by Anthony S. Marr. His synthesis of ideas from a remarkably broad perspective of sciences truly deserves the name OMNI-SCIENCE. His presentation was precise and clear, and I believe he would be an effective speaker for groups at varying levels of expertise…This is a person of great depth who speaks and writes both with confidence and ease. I am happy to recommend him as a speaker and a writer..”

Astronomy and Physics, Professor Marc Davis: “As one who actually specializes in cosmology as a research endeavour, I was at first very skeptical that Mr. Marr would be yet another crackpot of the type that seems to congregate in this field. However, after only a few minutes of listening to his explanation of his viewpoint, my fears were allayed…His ultimate goal appears to be to provide a forward-looking moral framework for progress in human social evolution, one that is consistent with empirical science and which is not based on historical writings…and important contribution to society….”

Anthropology, Professor Tim White: “I have not seen a draft of the book, but I can say that after spending a few hours with Mr. Marr, I am very much looking forward to reading it….Mr. Marr is an exceedingly unique individual. I have never crossed paths with such a person. He is very serious, very dedicated, and very polished in his presentation…The care with which he his proceeded is commendable…his synthesis is formidable….”

Paleontology, Professor Carole S. Hickman: “(Anthony Marr’s work) deserves the attention of serious scholars…an extraordinary intellectual undertaking…a unique framework…both intellectually and aesthetically stimulating…a bold and eclectic piece of scholarship that is, above all, refreshingly honest….His clarity of expression is exceptional. His logical consistency is a delight. The aesthetic quality of the model, in particular his attention to symmetry, provides a dimension that is appealing but sadly lacking in much of Western thought and tradition. The optimism, concern and compassion for humanity that are expressed in the application of the model to human behavior likewise commands attention….”

Zoology, Professor Richard C. Strohman: “His views and thinking are quite original…a thoroughly logical system…might indeed fill a large gap in the way we think about evolutionary connections between ourselves and our world. I sincerely encourage you to listen to Mr. Marr. And I have one suggestion. His presentation is quite detailed and covers very large areas. My thought is that he and his listeners would all do much better in a small seminar setting so that there would be a symmetry between his own very wide knowledge and the ability for him to obtain meaningful feedback..”

Botany, Professor Herbert G. Baker: “…an extremely interesting experience…worthy of the attention of a wide variety of persons. If he writes as clearly and understandably as his oral communication, the book should be an important contribution towards understanding cosmology..”

Paleontology, Professor Donald E. Savage: “Professors and scientists at the universities of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California, to date, have each spent two hours or more listening to the powerful presentation of Anthony Marr of his erudite synthesis of scientific, philosophic and sociologic theory: OMNI-SCIENCE, A New Theory of Cosmology. I can add nothing to the praise that has been heaped upon Mr. Marr and his ideas by these men, and I endorse their statements with reservation. Now is the time for Mr. Marr’s ideas to be published, for the scientific world and general public should become aware of his synthesis..”
Institute of Human Origins, Berkeley Dr. William Kimbel, President: “I have recently had the great pleasure of listening to Anthony Marr describe the results of his thinking on cosmology. “Owing to the large number of half-baked ‘pop’ theories on cosmology currently in circulation, I admit that I faced the prospect of my meeting with Mr. Marr with some trepidation. “From the outset, however, it was clear that Mr. Marr is no amateur populariser. On the contrary, he is a dedicated scholar whose theories, I believe, make a profound contribution to the fundamental definition of humankind in relation to the broader universe. “Although Mr. Marr has an uphill battle ahead of him, I firmly believe that his ideas deserve very serious consideration by a wide audience. Not only do they unify the fragmented Western scientific disciplines, but they have implications of great depth and breadth for the future course of human actions. In the current atmosphere of censorship and anti-intellectualism, Mr. Marr’s concept of OMNI-SCIENCE is too important to ignore.”

26 minute version

The Meaning of Life according to Anthony Marr

Anthony Marr | MySpace Video

Stanford University
Sociology, Professor Alex Inkeles: “Recently Mr. Anthony Marr persuaded me to give him an hour of my time, all I could spare in that cycle of my calendar, and at that it had to be at the end of a busy day. This obliged Mr. Marr, as he told me, to adopt a different style of presentation than the one he usually used, one much more compressed and involving a more top-down approach instead of his usual inductive procedure. Despite these handicaps, Mr. Marr managed to impress me not only with the quality of his presentation, but also the quality of his thinking. The range of his knowledge is broad, and for something so broad seems impressively authoritative. At the heart of his approach is a conception of all living and indeed nonliving matter as organized in systems, and this gave him a considerable edge with me since my own propensity is to think in system terms… exceptionally comprehensive….”

Philosophy, Professor John Dupre: “A few days ago, I had a lengthy discussion with Mr. Anthony Marr about his philosophical ideas. I can certainly confirm the impressions gained by the various other scholars who have written on his behalf. Marr is a highly intelligent, thoughtful man who has evidently acquired a thorough knowledge of the impressively broad range of topics over which his ideas range. As we were talking, I asked him all the difficult questions that occurred to me as he was outlining his ideas. He was always very quick to get the point, and had intelligent and relevant responses. I was very impressed with his various intellectual accomplishments. “Though his ideas are extremely intriguing and provocative, I must confess to having considerable skepticism about his project which he did not altogether dispel. However, I very much doubt whether anyone could dispel this skepticism, and certainly not in two hours. I am not convinced, that is to say, that a systematic view of the scope that Marr attempts is really an intelligible project. However, there is no doubt that such projects will be forthcoming, and such a system informed by Mr. Marr’s deep and thorough understanding of the current state of scientific theory will undoubtedly be incomparably more edifying than the vast majority of such attempts, whether religiously based, or grounded on superficial impressions of science. Indeed, I am open to being convinced that such a project will address a pressing social need: if people insist on adopting comprehensive cosmological systems, then I would certainly encourage them to try his. I certainly share his concern about the dangers of many contemporary religious, especially fundamentalist, cosmologies.. “One thing, then I would say without any qualification is that I would strongly encourage any publisher to accept his book. I have not read the manuscript, but assuming, as I have no reason to doubt, that Marr is as articulate, clear and cogent on paper as he is in person, his system would make fascinating reading, and would, I suspect, attract a large audience….”

Applied Physics and Astrophysics, Professor Vahe Petrosian: “… elaborate… clearly well thought out and researched…I was fascinated by his novel ideas in this very ambitious task…a beautiful synthesis…what I heard was captivating and should be of interest not only to experts but to all thinking people of the world…will find a wide and interested audience….”

Anthropology, Professor John W. Rick: “… very thought provoking…an integrative scheme capable of making sense out of a wide variety of natural science knowledge, which at the same time reaches out to philosophy and epistemology…clearly deserves extensive discussion…a serious, well-founded vision, not the product of trivial or eccentric thought. My feeling is that he deserves attention and his ideas should be published. I would recommend that those who have the time listen and argue over his presentation. One should not underestimate the time this may take, however, since his model covers a broad expanse of knowledge. I would think that his presentation would be an ideal forum in an academic department where a group of faculty and graduate students could take time to thoroughly examine his proposition….”

Physics, Professor Leonard Susskind: “…the cosmic significance of life and evolution. Although this is not exactly my ‘meat’, I thoroughly enjoyed the two hours…I found myself stimulated, educated…His ideas are worth listening to, even for those of us who are not of the same philosophical bent….”
Philosophy, Professor John Bogart: “I spent 3.5 hours with Mr. Anthony Marr…held my attention for the entire period…has plainly synthesized a great deal of information in a number of distinct disciplines…organized it into an interesting and coherent whole…compelling…intended to have moral import…can be cast into a form of interest to moral philosophy…would be of interest to a wide audience….”

Geology, Professor W.R. Evitt: “I agree wholeheartedly…about his sincerity, imagination, intellectualism and scholarship. This afternoon was for me a unique and stimulating experience. In a highly logical series of simple steps, he developed a comprehensive concept of the interrelations and interdependence of all things…an immensely logical construct…should be accessible and acceptable to persons with a wide range of cultural, social, scientific and philosophical sophistications… meticulously thought out, with great care, to making his thesis externally consistent with the facts of science as currently perceived, and internally consistent in the interrelationships among its arguments…majestic in scope but intrinsically simple, satisfying and optimistic…should have a very broad appeal…These are important ideas with great potential for lessening the conflicts in a troubled world….”

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Win Animal Rights via Human Rights

To all who love wild animals and hate hunting:

Kansas City activist Jason Miller (herein shown with "Bambi" & Anthony Damiano),

who has fought a valiant and tenacious regional war on the mass slaughter of deer at the Shawnee Mission Park first by sharpshooters (313 deer killed) and another 80 to be killed by bow-hunters

as of this week, filed an application for a court injunction against the latter, and, after a 45 minute hearing on Dec. 14 by a sympathetic judge, nonetheless lost the bid due to a lack of support provision within the law regarding the rights (or total absence thereof) of wild animals. Here is his excellent report on his legal adventure:

For a better backgrounder, check out my earlier blogs on the subject in:

According to his lawyer-friend's advice, Jason's is launching an appeal, and here are some thoughts from me on this move.

1. Research the FDA and EPA approvals of IC and stress that the technology is now finally ready for field implementation. Previously, the opposition had used the lack of EPA approval as the main argument against the implementation of Immuno-Contraception (IC). What argument do they have now? What are they waiting for? Whatever happened to the legendary "American ingenuity?"

2. Previous to the sharpshooting of the 313 unfortunate deer, another argument from the opposition is that we would have to cram 400 deer into the 50 acre Deer Auto-Assembler (DAA), but now that they have eliminated 313 of them, it leaves only about 80, which would be an ideal initial number for a transition from lethal to non-lethal.

3. Here is a thought not entertained before. In animal protection laws, domestic animals do have some limited rights, but these are not exactly animal rights, but rather, in essence, the rights of their "owners". If you steal or injure or kill a dog or a horse or a cow, it is basically a transgression against the "owner", so, basically, it is not an animal rights issue, but a human rights issue, where the animal is looked upon as property and equal to, say, a TV or a car in the eyes of the law. In this light, wild animals don't even have these very limited "rights" as domestic animals do, since they are owned by no particular human. So, it stands to reason that the court has nothing to stand on to judge in favor of wild animals. However, if we link wild animals and compassionate humans in an intimate manner, say, friendship between them inadvertently developed, e.g. by a deer who frequents ones property and befriends ones child, or ones general enjoyment of wild animals in the back woods, or the trauma and loss one suffers learning that a favorite deer has been killed, or ones personal paradise turned into a killing field, or when ones life or loved ones are endangered but hunting and hunters, or when hunters enter ones property in pursuit of "game"..., we might have our way based on our own human rights. This last point has never been employed before as far as I know, and IMHO is well worth including in our currently somewhat ill-equipped arsenal.

4. Hunter's claim their rights. How about non-hunters and anti-hunters. Don't they have rights? How about the emotional anguish every year when the hunting season approaches? How about the tears we've shed for the beloved animals who died? How about those who used to love the Autumn now dreading and even hating it? How about ones children having nightmares? How about the cost of counseling for those who have been traumatized (hunters should have to be held accountable for this)? How about all those who are in constant danger to being shot by hunters who routinely shoot one another and hikers and campers, even their own children or parents, mistaking them for animals? How about those who have actually been hurt? How about the loss of use of the park when hunters claim exclusive use of the public property? How about the loss of ones basic constitutional rights such as the Freedom of Speech as contravened by the state-level Hunter Harassment statutes?

5. As Dr. Steve Best has pointed out, defending oneself is self-defense, and defending ones loved ones is extended self-defense. The right to self-defense is written in the Constitution.

Human laws up to this point are still by and large anthropocentric, but we if we play it smart, we can fight in that arena for the animals and win.


Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

--- On Wed, 12/16/09, Jason Miller wrote:

From: Jason Miller
Subject: Taking the Deer Wars into the Courtroom...
To: "Jason Miller"
Date: Wednesday, December 16, 2009, 12:37 AM

I put together my summary of our legal battle for the deer, compiled links to media coverage, and discerned and described what good came of this effort.

Please cross publish it on your sites/blogs, link to it on your social networking sites, and/or forward this email widely:



WARNING: graphic image

Taking the Deer Wars into the Courtroom…..

“A two minute conversation with an all-too-common empathy-deficient dullard reveals how morally perverse it is that the prevailing paradigm enables (and even encourages) those who derive pleasure from torturing and murdering defenseless beings.”

Jason Miller and Bite Club of KC vs Michael Meadors and the Johnson County Parks and Recreation District


Journal Entry by Jason Miller

On 12/14/09, my activist allies and I took the deer war in Shawnee Mission Park (aka Death Park ) into the courtroom. We filed a Temporary Restraining Order to stop Michael Meadors and the Johnson County Parks and Recreation Division from slaughtering an additional 80 deer with bows and arrows. As is the case with most grass roots animal rights activists and groups, we operate on a severely limited budget, so I filed this action pro se. Acting in that capacity, I could only represent the entity of Bite Club of KC and myself. However, I spoke for billions of wildlife lovers, animal rights activists and nonhuman animals as I sat in that courtroom.

Understand that just as we did throughout this crusade for the deer, when my allies and I entered the courthouse for the hearing on 12/14 we had monumental obstacles to overcome in order to stop the slaughter.

Six months of intense on-the-street activism (during which time I engaged thousands of people in an effort to persuade them that we needed to manage the deer herd via nonlethal means) gave me numerous daily reminders of the ugly reality that many people wear blinders to shield them from the abject cruelty of the war our species is waging on other animals (most of them expressed support for our cause once educated), some simply give an apathetic shrug of the shoulders, and, disturbingly, there are those who take sadistic delight in inflicting misery upon our animal brethren.

Speciesism is a perverse worldview that is so tightly stitched into our social fabric that it will take years of intensive efforts to extricate it from our midst. A two minute conversation with an all-too-common empathy-deficient dullard reveals how morally perverse it is that the prevailing paradigm enables (and even encourages) those who derive pleasure from torturing and murdering defenseless beings. Our anthropocentric, speciesist legal system enshrines and protects the “rights” of these sociopathic humans to molest and annihilate innocent sentients. In the eyes of the law, nonhuman animals are objects, commodities, resources, or at best, pets (who are afforded a bit more protection than other animals but who are still classified as property).

Just as they had been throughout our campaign, the odds in the courtroom were stacked against us in a significant way. Numerous groups have sought legal intervention to stop wildlife culls, and despite having the advantage of legal representation, few (if any) have been able to persuade judges to issue an injunction. Since nonhuman animals have no legal rights, they have no standing in a civil action. Acting as their proxy is a challenging proposition because to get the courts to intervene, the people filing the TRO or injunction have to prove that the cull would harm them in some way or that officials had acted in an arbitrary or capricious manner.

Despite knowing the odds, my tenacious nature spurred me to make the attempt. And despite Judge Kevin Moriarty denying the Temporary Restraining Order (a decision with which I never stated I agreed—I merely stated that I appreciated his thoughtful consideration of the case) there were a number of gains made on behalf of nonhuman animals and the cause of animal rights:

1. While I anticipated the possibility of a quick ruling against us, Judge Moriarty considered assertions from both sides for 45 minutes before rendering a decision. I disagree with his decision not to issue the TRO, yet I applaud his sincere consideration of our case, his recognition that nonlethal wildlife management would be superior to culling or hunting in Shawnee Mission Park , and the respect that he afforded me and our position.

2. Judge Moriarty noted that people generally don’t like the idea of killing wildlife and asked Meadors what they intended to do to prevent this problem from arising in the future. Meadors stated that JCPRD intended to use nonlethal means to manage the deer population in Shawnee Mission Park next year.

3. I got an opportunity to expound upon the assertions I had made in the Affidavit that I filed with the TRO– quoting from emails, citing documentation, and elaborating upon my analyses and conclusions. While Judge Moriarty ruled that, in his opinion, they weren’t enough to demonstrate that Meadors and JCPRD had acted in arbitrary or capricious ways, my arguments and assertions are now a matter of public record and a number of them led Judge Moriarty to vigorously question the opposition, and in some cases, express disdain toward them.

4. There were times throughout the hearing when I seriously thought Judge Moriarty was going to grant the Temporary Restraining Order, and when he finally concluded that, in his opinion, he could not issue the TRO within the framework of the law, he was quite sympathetic to our position and cautioned Meadors and JCPRD that he didn’t want to see us in this position again next year. Because, as he stated, “that would mean that we hadn’t learned from our mistakes.”

5. While the bow hunt (disguised as a thinning of an already decimated deer herd) may run its course this year, my allies and I exerted tremendous pressure upon Johnson County officials in myriad ways from many angles throughout our campaign. My attorney friend commented that the Motion to Dismiss that JCPRD filed in response to our TRO entailed about $5,000.00 worth of legal work. There were at least seven members of JCPRD upper management present at the hearing. We may not have prevented them from killing more deer, but as we did throughout our relentless campaign, we gave the ‘powers that be’ serious hell, educated the public, inspired animal rights groups around the world by showing that local grass roots groups can go head to head with those with the power and money, and created some serious obstacles to future slaughters in Shawnee Mission Park.

6. It is now a matter of public record that Meadors and JCPRD plan on implementing nonlethal methods to manage the deer population in Shawnee Mission Park going forward. Meadors also made a similar pledge in a phone conversation that he had with wildlife defender and Global Anti-Hunting Coalition founder Anthony Marr on 12/9/09.

We are going to hold JCPRD’s feet to the fire on their promise to use nonlethal means going forward. And if Lloyd Fox, Ken Payne, and their merry band of murderers think they’ve opened the door to an annual bow hunt in Shawnee Mission Park , they’re in for one hell of a fight. Bite Club of KC and now the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition aren’t going away, and next year the pro-kill faction won’t have a severe deer over-population problem as a means of duping the public into thinking a slaughter is necessary so that they can engage in their serial killing in an urban park.

And who’s to say what else may happen before this year is out…..

Here are some links to local media coverage of our legal battle:

Watch the video at and go vegan. Do it for your health, for nonhuman animals and for the Earth!

To support or undertake animal rights and liberation activism in the Kansas City area, visit Bite Club of KC at and email us at

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anthony Marr's 7th Compassion for Animals Road Expedition

Anthony Marr's
7th Compassion for Animals Road Expedition

A. ISSUES - any or all of the following:

1. Lecture on: "Homo Sapiens Save Your Earth" (Anthony Marr's 2nd book, available at

2. Lecture on: "M-Bomb - Doomsday Machine 2012"

M-BOMB: Doomsday Machine 2012 - by Anthony Marr

Anthony Marr | MySpace Video

3. Forge the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

4. Wage GAHC's first national campaign - a series of "Funeral Motorcades for the Deer" across the continent -

5. Lecture on "Omni-Science and the Human Destiny" (Anthony Marr's first book, available at

6. Lecture on "The Meaning of Life according to Anthony Marr" or "The Omniscientific Cosmology"

The Meaning of Life according to Anthony Marr

Anthony Marr | MySpace Video


WA - 03-31 - 04-03
OR - 04-04 - 04-06
CA - 04-07 - 05-07
AZ - 05-08 - 05-12
NM - 05-13 - 05-15
TX - 05-16 - 05-22
LA - 05-23 - 06-25
MS - 05-26 - 05-28
AL - 05-29 - 05-31
FL - 06-01 - 06-14
GA - 06-15 - 06-17
SC - 06-18 - 06-20
NC - 06-21 - 06-24
VA - 06-25 - 06-27
WV - 06-28 - 06-30
MD - 07-01 - 08-31
DC - 07-01 - 08-31
NJ - 07-01 - 08-31
NY - 07-01 - 08-31
CT - 07-01 - 08-31
MA - 07-01 - 08-31
NH - 07-01 - 08-31
VT - 07-01 - 08-31
PA - 09-01 - 09-05
OH - 09-06 - 09-10
MI - 09-11 - 09-14
IN - 09-15 - 09-20
IL - 09-21 - 09-23
WI - 09-24 - 09-28
MO - 09-29 - 09-30
KS - 10-01 - 10-03
CO - 10-04 - 10-07
WY - 10-08 - 10-09
MT - 10-10 - 10-13
AB - 10-14 - 10-18
BC - 10-19 -

Help needed in any or all of the following:

1. Join the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition

2. Host local speaking events

3. Organize local Funeral Motorcade for the Deer

4. Donations to cover cost (Anthony Marr is not paid)

5. A place for AM to stay

The Earth and the animals need our help, and Anthony Marr needs yours.

Together we stand.

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

Monday, December 14, 2009

The greenest vehicle $3000 can buy

How I got my first speeding ticket. Not fast enough to elude the police unfortunately, but I've got a much faster bike now. :D

Of course that mini-Harley (not mine really) barely sips gas, but even my Kawasaki Ninja ZZR, capable of 175 kph and 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds, gives 80+ mpg hwy. This is about as green a personal vehicle as one can find capable of long distance travel, short of a full electric vehicle with a range of 250 miles per charge like the Tesla. But then, the Tesla costs $100,000, whereas the Ninja cost me barely $3000 with only 2,000 mi. on the odometer. And even if I had a full electric vehicle, as long as the electricity comes from coal, it's just like burning gas. By the way, the Ninja 250 is so popular with women it has the nickname of "Ninjette" (see

Regardless of gender, I strongly advise you to try out motorcycling as a means of transportation. Of course, the rider should be vegetarian if not vegan, to cut methane emissions from the animal industries. A vegan driving a Hummer emits less greenhouse gasses than a meat-eater riding a bicycle! Besides, short of flying, motorcycling is about as much fun as fun can get!

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

Friday, December 11, 2009



Project report by
Anthony Marr

Bambi, immortal mascot of the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition

Urban deer massacre ("culling"), combined with unadulterated fun-killing (bow-hunting), is a national disgrace.

Through my last 6 Compassion for Animals Road Expeditions (CARE-1 - CARE-6, 2003-2008, each covering 25-42 states over 3-7 months), I have worked with activists in no less than 25 states whose by-and-large pro-culling and pro-hunting officials discharge their "deer management" duties by means of bullets and arrows.

The current hottest battle in the "Deer War" is at the Shawnee Mission Park, Kansas City, which local activists have dubbed "Death Park". There were supposedly some 575 deer living in the 3.7 sq.mi. urban park. Local officials estimate the maximum deer population density to be 50 per sq.mi., which produces the maximum allowable total number of 185 in the park. Up to December 9, 313 deer had been culled by "Dr. Death" Anthony DeNicola. This yields a remaining population of about 260, about 75 higher than the limit of 185, and 75 is about what the Park Board has allocated to the bow-hunters, 15 of whom have been granted permits to do the dirty deed, with pleasure of course.

The purpose of my trip to Kansas City (from Vancouver BC Canada) is 3-fold:

1. To help local activists save these 75 deer if possible

2. To pave the road to non-lethal deer management at Shawnww Mission Park

3. To forge the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

The means were three:

1. The 2 pm Funeral Motorcade for the Deer, suggested by myself and organized by Jason Miller in Kansas City, was a guaranteed media draw which did proved itself. The event garnered at least 2 newspaper articles, coveraged by at least 2 TV stations, and interviews by at least 2 radio stations.

2. My 6 pm lecture at the Johnston County Community College, which was video-recorded by Jason Miller, was attended by about 15 anti-hunting activists, and one hunter who concentrated on critiquing my Immuno-Contraception-delivery invention knowm as the Deer Auto-Assembler (IC/DAA) - without making a dent.

3. I spoke directly with Michael Meadors, head of the Shawnee Mission Park Board. He is in favor of non-lethal deer management. But passes the blame up to the Wildlife Branch. I intend to work with/on him immediately towards setting up a non-lethal plan for next year.

Following are pictures of the motorcade, and two newspaper articles. More media coverage will be added as they surface.


Anthony Marr and Jason Miller

Jason Miller and Anthony Damiano

The 2 Anthonys

Gate to "Death Park"

Deer in excellent condition, i.e. opposite to starving, slated to be hideously killed by bow-hunters

12F high, 2F low

Salt encrustation for a good cause

TV coverage

TV coverage

Media coverage

Radio interview

Police presence

Police presence

Spiritual presence

The "3-Musketeers"

Anthony Marr

Posters hand-made by Kansas City activist

The 6'6" Ricky Setticase

Funeral Motorcade for the Deer

In the hunters' lair

At least one hunter gave Bambi the flip


Article in


Article in the Kansas City News Blog

'Funeral motorcade' for Shawnee Mission Park deer this afternoon

By Carolyn Szczepanski
Wed., Dec. 9 2009 @ 7:00AM

The deer death toll has already surpassed 300, but the activists in Bite Club of KC aren't about to give up their campaign to save the fuzzy mammals in Shawnee Mission Park

Canadian activist, Anthony Marr

Today, though, their tone is taking a turn -- from road-blocking, blood-spattering, deer-head-hoisting outrage to a somber death march.

According to earlier reports from the Johnson County Park and Recreation District, the first deer harvest in November didn't pare down the overpopulated deer herd to ecologically manageable levels, so today marks the opening of a bow hunt by carefully screened archers. At 2 p.m., activists are planning a grim "funeral motorcade" as a means of protest, cruising their placard-plastered cars through Shawnee Mission Park, Oak Park Mall and, finally, Johnson County Community College.

It won't be Jason Miller leading this charge, though. Anthony Marr, an animal rights activist from Canada, traveled to Kansas City for the motorcade this afternoon. And tonight he'll use the Shawnee Mission Park controversy as a platform to launch an international anti-hunting coalition.

Marr has been all over the map in his 14 years as an animals rights activist. He's led campaigns against traditional Chinese medicine manufactured from endangered species. He's tracked down poachers of Bengal tigers in India, organized protests against whale hunting in Japan and, most recently, toured for months at a time through the U.S. and Canada to raise objections to recreational hunting. This summer, he joined Bite Club's campaign to stop the deer hunt in Shawnee Mission Park.

"There's no anti-hunting campaign hotter than this one," Marr says.

His name is familiar to officials in Johnson County. Marr came up with the schematics for a "deer sanctuary," a system of one-way gates that would lure animals into an enclosed area where they would be fed and treated with contraceptive drugs. Marr insists such a system would cost far less than bullets and bow hunts, but park officials shot it down as inconsistent with Kansas wildlife regulations.

But Marr's in town with a more long-term agenda -- one he'll lay out at 6 tonight in Craig Auditorium at Johnson County Community College. His presentation, he says, will highlight the cruelty of current hunting methods, outline his detailed plan for the deer sanctuary and announce the formation of the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition.

"This is going to be huge," he says of the GAHC. "The purpose is to have a global structure so the entire weight of the anti-hunting coalition can descend on a local campaign with huge resources. So you'd have the entire world coming down on Kansas City."


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Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)