Monday, December 7, 2009

The Miracle Worker

for those who feel meaningless, powerless and worthless:

Legend has it that in the Snows of Kilimanjaro, the carcass of a plains leopard was found; no one knows what the leopard was up there to seek. But when I ascended the great mountain, I knew, for I was there to seek the very same thing.

At pain of extra weight, I packed a gun, not that there anything to hunt up on that altitude, nor was I a hunter in any sense of the word. And in an ice cave amidst the cravasses of the glacier, when the setting sun suffused my chosen tomb with a rosey glow, I shed my last tear on the shoulder of no one who cared, said my final farewell to the cruel and meaningless world, and pointed the gun at my head.

To pull the trigger should take no longer than my last heartbeat, but it became the second last, and third, and fourth... until I lost count in the eternity of my intended last moment on this Earth. Meanwhile, the rosy glow imperceptibly faded into total darkness. As my spirit, my eyelids and the gun competed against each other in heaviness, a being of light decended upon the cave, filling it with dream, and in this dream, I found my salvation.

I was presented with a sack of charcoal, a jar of calcium pills, a small cyclinder of liquid oxygen, one of liquid nitrogen, one of liquid hydrogen, a bag of nails, a bottle of salt, and a can of what appeared to be just plain dirt. And the being said to me, "I want you to mixed all these ingredients together, and do with the mixture physically and chemically whatever you want, with the aim to create an object that can counteract gravity and raise its own center of gravity by thousands of feet, at will."

Being a graduate in physics, I needed no extended analysis to reply, "Impossible. It is against the physical laws."

"Thus, a miracle."

"I'm not religious."

"'Miracle' is not necessarily a religious term. Why don't you define it for me in secular terms?"

"Well, it is something physically impossible."


"And what"

"In spiritual terms."

"I suppose it could be said that it would have profound spiritual implications."

"Accordingly, this object, as well as its creation, are both miracles," said the Being of Light.

"You have the wrong person. I'm not a miracle worker. On the contrary, I can't even do what I have come up here to do."

"You may not be the miracle worker, but you are the miracle."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Didn't you say 'I have come up here'?"

"Yes, I said it, and did it."

"Then, you indeed are a miracle."


"You are the object in question. You are composed for carbon, calcium, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, iron, sodium, chlorine, potassium, and trace quantities of the heavier elements. And you indeed are capable of raising your own center of gravity by thousands of feet, at will, as you have done," said the being.

"Sure, and I can even write a book."

"Then, more than a miracle, you are also a miracle worker. Can you imagine the sack of coal and the other ingredients being able to write a book?"

"By the way, I was not 'created'. Our species evolved into being over millions of years."

"Indeed, evolution itself is miraculous. Now, miracle worker, descent from your mountain, and work your miracle."

When I came to, my gun had fallen on to the icy floor, and my spirit had begun to soar.

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Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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joylee1307 said...

That is very interesting, Anthony.It is an amazing and wonderful thing that all those elements together form one complex being. Indeed all life is a miracle, and it is a shame that the one that has evolved the most does the most destruction to other lives, and to the planet.