Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Parable of the Sudden Pond

Parable of the Sudden Pond

Once there was a pond, a stone’s throw across. Its water was clear, and its fish and invertebrates lived in a well-balanced aquatic paradise.

A few stone-throws’ away is another pond, one covered thick with a prolific reddish scum which could double itself in weight and size every day, which had long since choked the life out of that pond, where no fish could live.

One day, a careless angler, who had had no luck at the second pond, cast his lure into the first pond. Clinging to the lure was a strand of the red algae. He caught a basketful of fish, then casually departed, leaving the strand of algae in the pond.

One year later, he returned, and found that about one-eighth of the pond had become infested with the algae. He had learned that the presence of the algae meant the impending demise of the fish. But except for the unthreatening reddish patches floating here and there, the pond looked beautiful and healthy as before.

He smiled, thinking of his wedding in four days’ time at the very bank of this picturesque pond. He promised himself to come back with a rubber raft and a net to scoop as much of the algae from the pond as possible – after the wedding.

When he arrived on the fourth day, resplendent in his tuxedo, he was shocked to see that the pond had become covered from bank to bank with the algae, and dead fish was floating bloated in the ruddy scum. It was then he realized, too late, that the eighth doubled itself into the quarter on the first day, the quarter doubled itself into a half on the second day, and the half doubled itself into the whole on the third day.

A few years later, he brought his son and daughter back to the pond, which he had since cleaned up and reseeded with fish, and told them, “The climate of our world is changing. Just because this valley still looks okay does not mean that the whole planet is okay. Drastic changes could hit us like a freight train, just when you least expect it.”

Speaking of global warming, we are petitioning the nations of the world to donate 10% of their respective military budgets to a United-Nations-created-and-administered Global Green Fund, totaling $120 billion per year, to heal our planet Earth.

Please go to the following site, sign the petition, make a strong comment, and pass the petition far and wide.


If the link is broken, pls message/email me and I’ll resend the intact link.

Thank you.

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Emergency Operation (GEO)

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