Sunday, June 8, 2008

Open letter to Alberta Premier & EM on tar sands

Open letter to the Premier and Environment Minister of Alberta, Canada
This will not be a respectful letter, because you deserve no respect. Positive-reinforcement has no place in this matter, because there is nothing positive to reinforce.
I will just tell you straight what we, citizens of our planet Earth, think about you, and inform you about what we intend to do for your future victims – our children’s children and all life on Earth.
We see it as our sacred duty to our future generations to first keep them from harm, and failing this, to at least let them know the truth – of what, who, when, how and why - while they roast in an atmospheric oven, and see no beauty in any direction wherever they live, even in the middle of the Amazon basin which may have become desert, the only way to escape which being death, involuntary or otherwise.
You, sirs, are committing the gravest crime against nature and humanity ever, graver than even the Holocaust, by far. Instead of 6 million, the future toll due to your current atrocities will number in the billions, in both the number of human lives lost, as well as the number of species pushed to extinction. All their blood is on your hands.
There are only two possible reasons why you are doing what you’re doing with the tar sands and the native people living nearby. First, you are scientifically illiterate and simply cannot grasp the gravity and urgency of the climate change situation, and the catastrophic future consequences of your atrocious actions at the tar sands. Second, you are fully aware of them, and yet are blinded by greed and the desire to go down smelling like a rose in the future history of Alberta . Of the two, the first of course is more generous, and God save the world, but the second is likely more truthful, and God save your soul.
I won’t deny you your moment of glory, which might last as long as a decade or two, but, wrong, if fragrant immortality is what you have in mind. In the long run, and, trust me, it won’t take that long, you will begin smelling like the pile of dog excrement that essentially you are - to the rest of the world. Soon after, Alberta will join it - roundly denouncing you as the Criminal Against Nature and Humanity of All Time. The EVIDENCE against you will then have sufficiently surfaced – all over the world – to have you damned for all time, and no one can come to your rescue.
Of course you will try to manipulate your political machine and control your media to stave off the condemnation for as long as you can, and you will try to write history with words, not results. But you can only do it for so long. For the truth will set itself free.
This is how it will happen. Over the next three years, Heal Our Planet Earth will launch into the future a collection of several hundred time capsules from all nations of the world, each titled a Time-Capsule-of-HOPE-2060, with its own serial number. The time capsules will contain locally relevant material, but all will contain one item in common – a brass plaque with a bright side and a dark side. On the bright side will be engraved the names and titles of the locally nominated heroes; on the dark side, of villains. And every plaque in every time capsule will contain something in common – your names, and your titles, and the title we have bestowed upon you:
For the Alberta premier:
And for the Alberta Environment Minister:
Our regrets, Mr. Premier, for not giving you the number one spot I know you crave. Unfortunately, and indeed reluctantly, we have awarded the honour to someone else. “Reluctantly” because we actually despise him less than we do you.
Oh, and, by the way, at the launching media conferences from city to city, the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Global Green Fund
The locations and coordinates of these time capsules will not be made known to the general public. They will be known only to a privileged few, myself not included. There are instructions as to how they will be launched, and how they will be opened at the destination date. The media, if they still exist then, will definitely be involved. The media may no longer exist in 2060 because what you are doing today may doom civilization to disintegration and collapse, when the first to go would be high technology. Perhaps you could then wish for these as another temporary refuge for your reputation, though I would not recommend it.
We are not vindictive, and would say the same words and do the same things no matter who and what party are in power. So don’t take this personally. And we believe in giving someone a second chance. Here is our condition:
If you shut down the tar sands once and for all within three years, we shall erase your names from the plaque, or give you a better title if you wish. If not, we will throw away the key. This is not a threat, and the ball is in your court.
We will be monitoring every politician’s word you say and every political move you make over the next three years, to begin with, and promise to be fair, a leniency that you certainly have not earned.
Just one last question for you both before we close this door: How do you sleep at night?
Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Emergency Operation (GEO)

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