Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No Homeland Security without Home-Planet Security

Barack Obama owns one car, a Ford Escape hybrid, an American green machine, a positive symbol of environmental concerns and American patriotism. In contrast, John McCain’s family owns 13 vehicles, including several gas-guzzlers, all of which he proudly embraces, except one - his daughter’s Toyota Prius hybrid, which he hastened to disown - a negative symbol of American patriotism over environmental concerns. And while Joe Biden has no need to prove anything to his eminently unworthy opponent, Sarah Palin had to wrap herself in an American flag to make her point, whether she was wearing fur underneath it or not. All in all, the one common denominator is Patriotism.

Traditionally, patriotism is the rallying cry of American politics. The president - the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military with 50% ($650 billion) of the $1.3 trillion annual global military budget at his beck and call (e.g. vs China’s $8 billion) - is not called “the most powerful man on Earth” for nothing. By traditional definition, his/her top commitment is to the United States, even if the whole world burns. In fact, to exploit this commitment, he would let, or even make, the world burn even hotter, if this could increase the "Security" of his “Homeland” on paper. But in this crucial time of planetary crisis, when all national problems culminate in and converge upon one huge global problem, many old traditions need be left on the wayside. What do the presidential aspirants plan to do with all this power in saving the world of which America is an integral part?

If the candidates has any vision at all, he or she would be talking about creating and leading an international task force to save the global environment and life on Earth. He/she would be rallying the whole world to set aside all differences to collectively fight global warming and secure our children’s future regardless of nationality. But their highest level of thinking as betrayed by their own words so far I’ve heard has failed to transcend the national level on to the planetary realm. At no point have I seen a hint of global leadership. It is still the provincial “Homeland Security” when what the whole world including the U.S. needs is “Home-Planet Security”, without which there could be no security in any homeland of any nation. If international competition is still the order of the day, they would still talk in terms of a new arms race against Russia and/or China and/or even Iran, rather than to see which country could save the planet first and best. The way things are going, what this new crop of power aspirants is striving for is to make sure that on the sinking ship called the Titanic, the stateroom named America is water-tight.

Very well, if they want to talk Patriotism, I’ll talk patriotism. If they want to talk Homeland Security, I’ll talk homeland security. This is what I have to say to the candidates.

Some time in the not too distant future, the United States will be under massive attack. This attack will come from both the west and the east, both the sea and the air. Many American cities will fall, much American earth will be scorched, and millions of American lives will be ruined. The American military will be powerless in the face of this total onslaught. This will be the greatest defeat of any Commander-in-Chief and the worst failure of his/her Homeland Security
. When it is all said and done, America will have lost the following cities, in whole or part, to the enemy, starting with Sarah Palin’s own Anchorage and Juneau, plus:

Blaine (WA), Bellingham (WA), Everett (WA), Seattle (WA), Tacoma (WA), Portland (OR), Beaverton (OR), Sacramento (CA), Oakland (CA), San Jose (CA), Santa Cruz (CA), Santa Barbara (CA), Los Angeles (CA), San Diego (CA), Galveston (TX), Houston (TX), Corpus Christi (TX), El Dorado (AR), Pine Bluff (AR), Monroe (LA), Shreveport (LA), Alexandria (LA), Lake Charles (LA), Lafayette (LA), Baton Rouge (LA), Houma (LA), New Orleans (LA), Grenada (MS), Hattiesburg (MS), Gulfport (MS), Mobile (AL), Pensacola (FL), Tallahassee (FL), Ocala (FL), Lakeland (FL), Naples (FL), Miami (FL), Fort Lauderdale (FL), Boca Raton (FL), Jupiter (FL), West Palm Beach (FL), Daytona Beach (FL), Sarasota (FL), Tampa (FL), Orlando (FL), Gainesville (FL), Jacksonville (FL), Bainbridge (GA), Valdosta (GA), Albany (GA), Savannah (GA), Dublin (GA), Orangeburg (SC), Columbia (SC), Charleston (SC), Florence (SC), Wilmington (NC), Fayetteville (NC), Greenville (NC), Rocky Mount (NC), Kill Devil Hills (NC), Chesapeake (VA), Norfolk )VA), Richmond (VA), Alexandria (VA), Columbus (MD), Baltimore (MD), Annapolis (MD), Salisbury (MD), Cambridge (MD), Easton (MD), St. Michaels (MD), Dover (DE), Wilmington (DE), Philadelphia (PA), Norristown (PA), Atlantic City (NJ), Malaga (NJ), Middlesex (NJ), Trenton (NJ), Millburn (NJ), Princeton (NJ), Freehold (NJ), East Orange (NJ) Paterson (NJ), New Brunswick (NJ), Edison (NJ), Plainfield (NJ), Elizabeth (NJ), Clifton (NJ), Bloomfield (NJ), Jersey City (NJ), Newark (NJ), Newburg (NY), Albany (NY), Bronx (NY), Brooklyn (NY), Long Island (NY), Richmond (NY), Queens (NY), Mount Vernon (NY), Yonkers (NY), New Rochelle (NY), Stamford (CT), Norwalk (CT), Bridgeport (CT), Meriden (CT), Middletown (CT), New Haven (CT), New London (CT), Warwick (RI), Providence (RI), Pawtucket (RI), New Bedford (MA), Brockton (MA), Quincy (MA), Newton (MA), Peabody (MA), Woburn (MA), Arlington (MA), Cambridge (MA), Somerville (MA), Boston (MA), Medford (MA), Lynn (MA), Beverley (MA), Lawrence (MA), Gloucester (MA), Lowell (MA), Dover (NH), Portsmouth (NH), Portland (ME), Augusta (ME), Belfast (ME), Ellsworth (ME), and Bangor (ME), among others.

This will take some time to unfold, but it will be inevitable - if the new American president does not do the right thing, much less do the wrong thing, as of 2009. He or she may resurrect or even revitalize the oil-based American economy in the short term, but as Commander-in-Chief he/she will go down in history as the biggest loser ever. If/when this attack comes, it will be inexorable and overwhelming. Future Americans, if America would still survive, will look back and identify President Obama, or President McCain, or President Biden, or, God forbid, President Palin, as not only the worst president in American history, but the worst Criminal Against Nature and Humanity of all time.

The enemy in this case is not Iran, nor China, nor Russia. It is the rising sea level and the sizzling air temperature. Ultimately, “we have met the enemy, and the enemy is us.” In the event of a global ice-meltdown - and given the current "business as usual" scenario it will happen - the sea level will rise by some 70 meters or 230 feet which will drown hundreds of cities worldwide.
At the same time, the atmospheric and oceanic temperatures will have risen by 10oC/16oF or more which could doom over 80% of all species to extinction; those cities and states not claimed by the sea will have four choices - to be steamed or roasted or baked or fried. In the eyes of future Americans, in fact of all future world citizens, the responsibility will rest squarely on the shoulders of the 44th American president, because with this greatest power comes the heaviest responsibility. It is a make-it or break-it presidency. Of the contenders, Obama could possibly be a make-it president, and McCain less so but still might be, had he not shown the incredibly poor judgment in his choice of a running-mate, but should McCain become president and couldn’t last the full term, his sidekick and successor Sarah Palin, who openly states that global warming is not caused by human action, would prove a break-it president for certain.

Basically, for all candidates, it is very simple. Stop emitting greenhouse gasses now or sooner, and America may avert the attack. Continue guzzling oil and ethanol “business as usual“, and he/she will doom not only America but the whole world to this calamity. So be warned, candidates. Your reputation in history, if history itself can survive, will be up to what you do or fail to do over the next four years - the most crucial four year in human history.

I would still prefer to rise above personal factors and stay with terms like “our children’s future” or “the global environment“, or “life on Earth”, but frankly, I do not trust their sincerity in these more exalted and universal matters.
One way or another, I'm just a Canadian who can't even vote, to whom therefore they would not pay the least attention, but frankly, I'm afraid of an American invasion if they manage to wipe out their own homeland.

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
216-386-7362 / 604-222-1169


If/when all land ice melts off, the sea level will rise about 70m/230'. The cities in red below will be submerged in whole or part.

U.S. E, SE & S cities elevations:

ME, Machias (East Machias) - 11m/36'
ME, Ellsworth (Ellsworth city hall) - 38m/125'
ME, Belfast - 26m/85'
ME, Bangor - 36m/118'
ME, Augusta - 38m/125'
ME, Portland Harbor - 0m/0'

NH, Portsmouth - 6m/20'
NH, Dover - 19m/62'

NH, Haverhill - 191m/627'
NH, Concord - 83m/272'

MA, Lowell (Court) - 3m/10'
MA, Glouscester (Harbor) - 0m/0'
MA, Lawrence (Lawrence Memorial Hospital) - 29m/95'
MA, Beverly (Beverly Community Center / High School- 7m/23'
MA, Lynn (Lynn City Hall) - 9m/30'
MA, Medford - 5m/16'
MA, Boston (Boston City Hospital) - 4m/13'
MA, Somerville (Somerville Post Office) - 8m/26'
MA, Cambridge (Harvard University) - 6m/20'
MA, Arlington (Arlington Post Office) - 18m/59'
MA, Woburn (Woburn Mall Shopping Center) - 17m/56'
MA, Peabody (Peabody Institute Library) - 11m/36'
MA, Newton (Newton High School) - 17m/56'

MA, Worcester (Worcester Hospital) - 185m/607'
MA, Qunicy (Quincy Station) - 7m/23'
MA, Brockton (Brockton City Hall) - 35m/115'
MA, Milford - 79m/259'
MA, Barnstable Town (Barnstable Town Public Lands) - 4m/13'
MA, New Bedford (WJFD-FM, New Bedford) - 6m/20'

RI, Pawtucket (Pawtucket City Hall) - 11m/36'
RI, Providence (WPRO-AM) - 2m/7'
RI, Warwick (West Warwick Church of God) - 26m/85'

CT, New Lndon (Groton New London Airport) - 4m/13'
CT, New Haven (New Haven Army Airfield) - 5m/16'
CT, Middletown (Middletown City Hall) - 5m/16'
CT, Meriden (Meriden Hub SHopping Center) - 40M/131'
CT, Bridgeport (Bridgeport Fire Department) - 12m/39'

CT, Waterbury (WQQW-AM) - 81m/266'
CT, Danbury - 121m/397'
CT, Norwalk - 11m/36'
CT, Stamford (1983 Downtown Stamford Historical District) - 6m/20'

NY, New Rochelle (City of New Rochelle) - 14m/46'
NY, Yonkers (Yonkers Fire Station 10) - 36m/118'
NY, Mount Vernon (Mount Vernon Engine Company #5) - 27m/89'
NY, Queens (Astoria Branch Queens Public Library) - 8m/26'
NY, NYC (Richmond County - Stapleton Branch New York Public Library) - 6m/20'
NY, NYC (Westchester County - New York Hospital) - 76m/249'
NY, NYC (Long Island County - St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus) - 11m/36'
NY, NYC - Brooklyn (Brooklyn Amity School) - 4m/13'
NY, NYC - Bronx (North Central Bronx Hospital) - 51m/167'
NY, Albany (WROW-AM) - 56m/184'
NY, Ithaca (Town of Ithaca) - 118m/387'
NY, Syracuse (Syracuse University) - 171/561
NY, Rochester (Rochester harbor) - 74m/243'
NY, Buffalo (Buffalo Outer Harbor) -175m/517'
NY, Newburgh (Newburgh City Hall) - 37m/121'
NY, Binghamton (Binghamton Public Library) - 262m/860'
NY, Watertown (WTNY-AM) - 135m/443'

NJ, Newark (City of Newark) - 4m/13'
NJ, Jersey City (Jersey City City Hall) - 2m/7'
NJ, Bloomfield (Bloomfield College) - 38m/125'
NJ, Clifton (Clifton High School) - 35m/115'
NJ, Elizabeth (WJDM-AM) - 6m/20'
NJ, Plainfield (WERA-AM) - 22m/72'
NJ, Edison - 27m/89'
NJ, New Brunswick (Brunswick Gardens) - 11m/36'
NJ, Paterson (City of Paterson) - 32m/105'
NJ, East Orange - 48m/157'
NJ, Morristown, Morris County - 110m/361'
NJ, Morrostown, Middlesex County - 27m/89'
NJ, Freehold (Freehold Township High school) - 31m/102'
NJ, Princeton (Princeton University) - 41m/135'
NJ, Millburn (Montessori School of Millburn) - 30m/98'
NJ, Trenton (WKXW-AM/FM) - 22m/72'
NJ, Middlesex (Middlesex High School) - 13m/43'
NJ, Malaga - 27m/89'
NJ, Atlantic City - 2m/7'

PA, Allentown (WHOL-AM) - 100m/328'
PA, Bethlehem (Bethlehem Baptist Church) - 231m/758'
PA, Harrisburgh (WKBO-AM) - 93m/305'
PA, Norristown - 48m/153'
PA, Philadelphia (Philadelphia International Airport) - 2m/7'

PA, Scranton (Scranton University) - 230m/755'
PA, Pittsburgh (University of Pittsburgh) - 294m/965'

DE, Wilmington (Wilmington Manor Gardens) - 6m/20'
DE, Dover (Dover High School) - 10m/33'

MD, St. Michaels - 2m/7'
MD, Easton (Easton Elementary & Middle School) - 6M/20'
MD, Cambridge (Cambridge City Hall) - 5m/16'
MD, Salisbury (Salisbury Shopping Center) - 3m/10'
MD, Annapolis - 13m/43'
MD, Baltimore (Baltimore Highlands) - 10m/33'
MD, Columbus (Columbus Center for Marine Biology) - 2m/7'
MD, Gaithersburg (WMET-AM) - 101m/331'
MD, Frederick - 87m/285'
MD, Washington DC (Washington Dulles Intl Airport) - 88m/289'

VA, Alexandria - 12m/39'
VA, Leesburg - 104m/341'
VA, Manassas - 93m/305'
VA, Charlottesville - 142m/466'
VA, Richmond (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond) - 21m/69'
VA, Norfolk (City of Norfolk) - 2m/7'
VA, Chesapeake - 3m/10'
VA, Lynchburg - 192m/630'
VA, Roanoke - 285m/935'

NC, Elizabeth City - 286m/938'
NC, Kill Devil Hills - 2m/7'
NC, Rocky Mount (Rocky Mount Post Office) - 30m/98'
NC, Greenville (Greenville City Hall) - 15m/49'
NC, Raleigh (WLLE-AM) - 74m/243'
NC, Greensboro - 266m/873'
NC, Charlotte (Charlotte Coliseum) - 188m/617'
NC, Fayetteville - 29m/95'
NC, Wilmington (Wilmington Beach) - 3m/10'

SC, Florence (Florence-Darlington Technical College) - 38m/125'
SC, Charleston (Charleston Executive Airport) - 3m/10'
SC, Columbia (WAAS-FM) - 63m/207'
SC, Orangeburg (Orangeburg Post Office) - 56m/184'
SC, Spartanburg - 246m/807'
SC, Greenville - 295m/968'
SC, Augusta (North Augusta Elementary School) - 81m/266'

GA, Dalton - 232m/761'
GA, Atlanta (Atlanta City Hall Annex) - 295m/968'
GA, Macon - 113m/371'
GA, Dublin - 67m/220'
GA, Statesboro - 76m/249'
GA, Savannah - 6m/20'
GA, Albany - 62m/203'
GA, Valdosta (Valdosta Junior High School) - 60m/197'
GA, Bainbridge (Bainbridge State Park) - 25m/82'
GA, Columbus - 83m, 272'

FL, Jacksonville - 3m/7'
FL, Gainesville - 54m/177'
FL, Orlando - 25m/82'
FL, Tampa (Downtown Tampa Post Office) - 1m/3'
FL, Sarasota - 7m/23'
FL, Daytona Beach - 4m/13'
FL, West Palm Beach (City of West Palm Beach) - 5m/16'
FL, Jupiter - 1m/3'
FL, Boca Raton - 1m/3'
FL, Fort Lauderdale - 0m/0'
FL, Miami - 0m/0'
FL, Naples - 1m/3'
FL, Port Charlotte - 1m/3'
FL, Lakeland - 39m/128'
FL, Ocala (United Church of Ocala) - 23m/75'
FL, Tallahassee (Tallahassee Heights Church) - 35m/115'
FL, Pensacola (Pensacola) - 31m/102'

AL, Dothan - 99m/322'
AL, Mibile - 9m/30'
AL, Montgomery - 78m/256'
AL, Tuscaloosa - 70m/230'
AL, Birmingham (Birmingham City Hall) - 184m/604'
AL, Gadsden - 165m/541'
AL, Huntsville - 188m/617'

MS, Gulfport - 2m/7'
MS, Hattiesburg (Hattiesburg) - 53m/174'
MS, Jackson (Jackson City Hall) - 85m/279'
MS, Grenada - 6m/203'
MS, Clarksdale - 53m/174'
MS, Tupelo - 84m/276'
MS, McComb - 130m/427'
MS, Oxford - 146m/479'

LA, New Orleans - -2m/-7'
LA, Houma - 1m/3'
LA, Baton Rouge - 14m/46'
LA, Lafayette (Lafayette Public Library) - 11m/36'
LA, Lake Charles - 4m/13'
LA, Alexandria - 23m/75'
LA, Shreveport - 44m/144'
LA, Monroe - 24m/79'

TN, Memphis (Memphis Museum) - 89m/292'
TN, Jackson (Jackson Square) - 271m/889'
TN, Nashville (Nashville College) - 150m/492'
TN, Knoxville (Knoxville City Hall) - 285m/935'
TN, Chattanooga - 206m/676'
TN, Kingsport (Kingsport City Hall) - 369m/1211'
TN, Union City - 102m/335'
TN, Clarksville - 143m/469'

MO, St. Louis (KGLD-AM) - 123m/404'
MO, Cape Girardeau - 107m/351'
MO, Marion - 176m/577'
MO, Springfield - 396m/1299'
MO, Joplin - 306m/1004'

AR, Little Rock (Little Rock City Hall) - 86m/282'
AR, El Dorado (El Dorado Shopping Center) - 63m/207'
AR, Pine Bluff (Pine Bluff Convention Cneter) - 64m/210'
AR, Forest City - 79m/259'
AR, Jonesboro (Jonesboro Industrial Park) - 72m/236'
AR, Fayetteville (Fayetteville City Hall) - 431m/1414'
AR, Fort Smith - 141m/463'
AR, Texarkana (Texarkana City Hall) - 96m/315'

TX, Galveston (Galveston Bible Church) - 1m/3'
TX, Houston (Houston City Hall) - 15m/49'
TX, Bryan (Bryan High School) - 101m/331'
TX, Austin (Austin Public Library) - 162m/531'
TX, Dallas (Dallas Public Library) - 136m/446'
TX, San Antonio (San Antonio Public Library) - 126m/413'
TX, Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi Police Dept) - 2m/7'
TX, Victoria (Victoria High School) - 30m/98'
TX, Waco (Fist Baptist Church of Waco) - 125m/410'
TX, Huntsville (Huntsville Airport) - 104m/341'
TX, El Paso (University of Texas @ El Paso) - 1176m/3858'

CA, San Diego - 0m/0' - 1286m/4216' // 125 of 338 sites under 70m/230'
CA, Oceanside (Oceanside City Hall - 25m/82') // 2m/7' - 459m/1506' // 25 of 30 sites under 7m/230'
CA, Irvine (UC Irvine - 21m/69') - -3m/-10' - 66m/217'
CA, Long Beach (Long Beach City Hall - 9m/30') // 96 of 106 sites under 30m/99'
CA, Riverside (Riverside General Hospital - 236m/774') // -52m/-171' lowest // most of Riverside over 200m/660'
CA, Los Angeles - 240 sites out of 600 under 70m/230'
CA, Pasadena (Pasadena City Hal) - 263m/863'
CA, Santa Barbara (Antioch University) - 15m/49'
CA, Bakersfield (Bakersfield Post Office) - 123m/404'
CA, Fresno (Fresno Pacific University) - 93m/105'
CA, Salinas (Salinas High School) - 16m/52'
CA, Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz Ccity Hall) - 7m/23'
CA, San Jose (City of San Jose) - 50m/164'
CA, Merced (City of Merced) - 53m/174'
CA, Modesto (Modesto City Hall) - 28m/92'
CA, Manteca (City of Manteca) - 10m/33'
CA, Stockton (Stockton Metropolitan Airport) - 8m/26'
CA, Sacramento (Sacramento City Hall, Sacramento Zoo) - 8m/26'
CA, Sunnyvale (Sunnyvale High School) - 13m/43'
CA, Freemont (Freemont Elementary School) - 26m/85'
CA, Hayward (Hayward Park Square) - 4m/13'
CA, Oakland (Oakland Schools Administration Building) - 7m/23'
CA, Berkeley (Berkeley City Pound - 4m/13'); (U.C. Berkeley - 86m/282')
CA, San Francisco (San Francisco State University - 35m/115'); (The Art Institute of San Francisco - 16m/52')
CA, Concord (Concord City Hall - 27m/89'); (Heald College Concord - 7m/23)
CA, Chico (Chico Senior High School, Museum, Post Office - 61m/200')
CA, Redding (City of Redding - 162m/531')
CA, Santa Rosa (Santa Rosa City Hall, Post Office, High School - 51m/167')
CA, Eureka (Eureka City Hall, Post Office - 13m/43')
CA, Humboldt (Humboldt State University - 48m/157')
CA, Crescent City (Post Office - 6m/20')

OR, Ashland (City of Ashalnd, Ashland High School - 597m/1959')
OR, Medford (City of Medford - 431m/1414')
OR, Roseberg (Roseberg City Hall - 143m/469')
OR, Eugene (Eugene City Hall - 130m/427')
OR, Salem (City of Salem - 55m/180')
OR, Portland (Portland Post Office - 12m/39')
OR, Beaverton (Beaverton Post Office - 59m/194')

WA, Vancouver (Downtown Vancouver Post Office - 28m/92')
WA, Olympia (City of Olympia - 7m/23')
WA, Tacoma (Tacoma Downtown Branch Post Office - 26m/85')
WA, Seattle (Seattle Museum of History and Industry - 9m/30'; Seattle Pacific University - 19m/62')
WA, Everet (City of Everet - 2m/7')
WA, Bellingham (Port of Bellingham - 2m/7'; City of Bellingham - 23m/75')
WA, Blaine (City of Blaine - 0m/2')

AK, Anchorage (Anchorage - 27m/89')
AK, Juneau (Juneau - 22m/72')

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
216-386-7362 / 604-222-1169

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