Monday, August 9, 2010

Anthony Marr on saving the planet - on WGCH radio, Greenwich CT, Aug 2, 2010

Anthony Marr interviewed by Ginger Leilani Chapin on WGCH radio, Greenwich CT, August 2, 2010, on his second book [Homo Sapiens! SAVE OUR EARTH!] regarding the imminent detonation of the "Methane Time Bomb", resulting in the dreaded Runaway Global Heating which could drive millions of species to extinction and our children's future world into a hell on Earth, as well as the actions we must take immediately or sooner to avert a worldwide catastrophe.

Anthony Marr on WGCH radio, Greenwich CT, Aug 2, 2010 from Anthony Marr on Vimeo.

Anthony Marr's second book:


Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC) (search for “Anthony Marr Heal Our Planet Earth”)

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Catherine said...


I am left with such a sense of urgency after hearing and watching this video...if only everyone were required to learn and understand the information you are trying so hard make public! We would still have an uphill fight with big oil, coal, major corporations and government but at least the population would be armed with the truth!! It is so upsetting to know that people are taking the "ostrich approach" and just accepting on blind faith the garbage they are being force-fed by the powers-that-be. OMG...people need to wake up!!! Thank you for getting out there, month after month, year after year trying to get this message out. I hope this video will be posted and shared far and wide so that it will reach enough individuals to bring complacency and apathy to a screeching halt. Apparently, we have very little time to grab this situation and do an about-face. I pray to whatever higher powers will listen that this message be heard and action be taken before it is too late.