Thursday, March 1, 2012

Countless activists in AM's CARE-7 tour

I've been asked what it feels like to be on the road through 40 states for 7 months straight. Come to think of it, most people who know about my long road tours may indeed view it in terms of isolated events, not the whole tour in one package. And here it is:

This 200-image (far from exhaustive) picto-blog will give you a glimpse, though only a glimpse. You truly need to experience the tour in its entirety to get my full answer.

This blog is dedicated to the countless activists therein, too many to name, who have in one way or another contributed to the success of Anthony Marr's 7th Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (CARE-7)] which covered 40 states in the 7 months spanning April and November, 2010.

The purpose of this blog is to show how much can be crammed into a nutshell, and to inspire others to attempt projects of similar or greater scope.

Rather than risk missing anyone, we've decided to not list any name at all. Almost all of the pictures are by Anthony Marr, and you are welcome to use them for non-profit and pro-AR purposes, and tag yourselves in another medium.

In would be a fun exercise for those who see themselves in the pics to comment and share your own experience in being there. Enjoy!

2010-04-01 WA Seattle

2010-06-09 CA, San Anselmo

2010-04 CA, Oakland

2010-04 CA, San Francisco

201004-16 CA, Long Beach

2010-04-21 CA, Los Angeles

2010-04-22 CA, San Diego

2010-04-25 CA, Los Angeles

2010-05-02 CA, Orange County

2010-05-04 NV, Las Vegas

2010-05-07 AZ, Phoenix

2010-05-08 AZ, Chandler

2010-05-13 NM, Albuquerque

2010-05-16 TX, El Paso

2010-05-18 TX, San Antonio

2010-05-22 TX, Houston

2010-05-23 TX, Dallas

2010-05-24 LA, Grosse Tete, Tiger Truck Truck

2010-05-24 LA, New Orleans

2010-05-26 LA, Venice

2010-05-31 FL, Tampa

22010-06-03 FL, Indiatlantic

2010-06-06 FL, Everglades

2010-06-12 FL, Orlando

2010-06-12 FL, West Palm Beach

2010-06-13 FL, Gainesville

2010-06-16 FL, Wekiva Island

2010-06 AL, Pisgah

2010-06 NC, Asheville

2010-06-23 NC, Outerbanks, Kill Devil Hill

2010-06-26 MD, Baltimore

2010-06-26 VA, Virginia Beach

2010-07-04 NJ, Freehold

2010-07-04 NJ, Plainfield

2010-07-15 - 2010-07-18 DC, AR2012 Animal Right National Conference

2010-08-12 CT, New Haven

2010-08-12 CT, Peace Abbey

2010-08 NY

2010-08 NY, Troy

2010-08-31 NY, Rochester

2010-9-07 OH, Cleveland

2010-09-05 OH, Columbus

2010-09-07 PA, Swarthmore College

2010-09-11 OH, Troy

2010-09-12 OH, Cincinnati

2010-09-25 IL, Chicago

2010-09-25 WI, Beloit

2010-09-25 WI, Madison

2010-09-25 WI, Milwaukee

2010-10-10 CO, Fort Collins

2010-10-21 UT, Salt Lake City

2010-10-29 CA, Santa Ana

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


Video snapshots of a high point in my life:

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