Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cathay Pacific Airlines Shark Fin Ban poll results

Poll: Do you agree with Cathay Pacific Airlines' shark fin ban?

Final tally:
Total - 525
Yes - 500
No - 23
Undecided - 2

Comments - 33:

12:09 am September 7, 2012
RC wrote:
Cathay ships only a tiny portion the sharks’ fin traded through Hong Kong. Most fin traders ship by sea. This is just another example of an uninformed, empty gesture by expatriate executives who spend too much time listening to lesbian tree huggers to expiate for their real economic crimes of price fixing (Cathay airfares), price gouging (Opus), & front running (share buybacks). The only things that should be kicked off Cathay flights are the senior Swire & Cathay executives who make these empty, worthless decisions.

2:40 pm September 7, 2012
Wicks wrote:
Approx 1,300 metric tons are shipped by air… That’s a victory, albeit a small one but a victory nonetheless.

4:18 pm September 7, 2012
SinoScuba wrote:
It’s great to see Asian leadership on this issue. Not only Cathay, but hotels like Peninsula and Shangri-La, but also companies like

4:25 pm September 7, 2012
Brian wrote:
Stop Shark Finning!!!

4:35 pm September 7, 2012
Ell wrote:
It’s a start to slowly thinning the shark fin supply to China.

5:20 pm September 7, 2012
liza wrote:
Stop Shark Finning!!!

5:59 pm September 7, 2012
Myk wrote:
It’s a start. If it encourages more companies to follow suit, then it’s a good thing.

5:59 pm September 7, 2012
Hs wrote:
Is this even a question?

7:40 pm September 7, 2012
Republican Dan wrote:
Great job. I hope more companies will follow their actions.

7:50 pm September 7, 2012
Jeff wrote:
This is like asking if companies would be correct to refuse to transport elephant ivory or tiger skins. OF COURSE it’s the right thing to do!

9:16 pm September 7, 2012
Matt from Perth wrote:
Every company, every politician and every person needs to do all they can to stop this barbaric industry that is accelerating the death of our oceans. Great work Cathay Pacific!

10:05 pm September 7, 2012
Rachelle wrote:
I’m really proud of Cathay Pacific for taking this step to defend the ocean’s keystone predators. They definitely have my business next time I’m flying!

11:27 pm September 7, 2012
S. Stern wrote:
YES! We need more good news like this!

11:37 pm September 7, 2012
Chris Lamb wrote:
I agree with and support the ban 100%.

11:39 pm September 7, 2012
Cameron lamb wrote:

11:47 pm September 7, 2012
K. McRoberts wrote:
A small victory is still a victory for sharks!
More has to be done to combat this unsustainable

11:49 pm September 7, 2012
Ivor Moody wrote:
Totally support Cathy Pacific on this decision! Our worlds oceans need much more protection and any step, no matter how small deserves credit and support. On the business side I will certainly avail of Cathy Pacfic and their services in future.

11:49 pm September 7, 2012
Jessica Thomas wrote:

12:06 am September 8, 2012
Leila wrote:
As much as 98 or 99 percent of many shark species have been destroyed, and finning is unspeakably cruel.. Of course it should be banned! It’s about time!!!

12:22 am September 8, 2012
Liesl wrote:
So happy with their decision! Shark finning is barbaric.

12:39 am September 8, 2012
Michelle wrote:
This maybe a small victory but it’s a start to ending the killing of millions of sharks. Once small companies stop supporting the trade it will put pressure to stop as well. The more this is in the news the better. This should have stopped decades ago!

12:59 am September 8, 2012
Anthony Marr wrote:
Then it was elephant ivory, rhino horn, tiger bone, bear bile, now is the time to ban shark fins, outright, worldwide!

1:59 am September 8, 2012
Anonymous wrote:
Please ban shark finning

2:26 am September 8, 2012
Anonymous wrote:
This is a huge step in saving sharks. Now to totally cut off Asia from shark fins.

2:37 am September 8, 2012
Anonymous wrote:
Even if they ban shark finning it will only go underground in the black market like everything else

2:55 am September 8, 2012
Anonymous wrote:
Yes – it should be banned altogether!

2:57 am September 8, 2012
Anonymous wrote:
A step in the right direction!

3:02 am September 8, 2012
Evs wrote:
A step in the right direction! Lets keep fighting for these beautiful beings!

4:08 am September 8, 2012
Phyllis wrote:
Yes I agree it should be banned! Sharks are an important part of the underwater world which most people don’t have a clue about!

5:01 am September 8, 2012
Wibke wrote:
It should be banned I agree. However, I think the “unsustainable species” are not enough. Shark finning is the worst procedure for sharks. Most of the time sharks get cut of their fins alive and go back in the water to die. I don’t think any shark (sustainable or not) should go through this. Sometimes human act without any respect or thinking. I’m ashamed by the cruelty against annals in our world.

6:11 am September 8, 2012
Ellen O'Connor wrote:
Absolutely horrendous to attack sharks. Applaud alll those smart enough to work against the practice.

8:29 pm September 8, 2012
Deepdiver wrote:
Absolutely “job well done” Cathay Pacific. Banning any shark fin products as cargo is a strong message that we should do our best to protect our planet Earth. This act qualifies your airline as being eco-friendly in my book. I flew your airline a few years ago and I was impressed with your service and quality. I will definitely fly Cathay Pacific again in the future and I will for sure recommend you highly to all my friends. Thank you for supporting the plight of sharks!!!!!

9:28 pm September 8, 2012
Yara wrote:
Absoltely pioneering move from Cathay. Good on them an example to other companies . Action must be taken!

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