Monday, January 7, 2013

To Students in Science and Philosophy

Anthony Marr, author of [OMNI-SCIENCE and the Human Destiny], will be speaking at a university near you, on what one scholar has coined "a revolutionary 22nd Century philosophical system for the 21st Century, so that there will be a 22nd Century".

University of California @ Berkeley

- Anthropology, Dr. Tim White: “… Anthony Marr’s OMNI-SCIENCE is formidable…”
- Institute of Human Origins, Dr. William H. Kimbel, President: “… a profound contribution to the fundamental definition of humankind in relation to the broader universe... unifies the fragmented Western scientific disciplines… implications of great depth and breadth for the future course of human actions… too important to ignore.”
- Astronomy and Physics, Dr. Marc Davis: “… a forward looking moral framework… an important contribution to society…”
- Paleontology, Dr. Carole S. Hickman: “… an extraordinary intellectual undertaking… unique… intellectually and aesthetically stimulating… a bold and eclectic piece of scholarship… exceptional… a delight… optimism, concern and compassion for humanity…”
- Botany, Dr. Herbert G. Baker: “… extremely interesting… an important contribution towards understanding cosmology.”
- Paleontology, Dr. Donald E. Savage: “… powerful… erudite synthesis...”
- Zoology, Dr. Richard C. Strohman: “… original… a thoroughly logical system… might indeed fill a large gap in the way we think...”
- Biology, Dr. Richard W. Holms: “… a remarkable broad perspective… great depth... truly deserves the name OMNI-SCIENCE…”

In 1980, Anthony Marr camped out solo in Africa for two months, where he conceived of an original cosmological system, now formally known in scientific circles as the OMNISCIENTIFIC COSMOLOGY - where "omni" means "all-in-one", including not only Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology and Physics as in conventional cosmology, but also Biology, Ecology, Paleontology, Sociology, and, specific to our species, Anthropology. As a philosophical system, it is not derived from pre-existing philosophical systems, much less religion, any religion.

Stanford University

- Geology, Dr. W.R. Evitt: “… sincerity, imagination, intellectualism and scholarship… an immensely logical construct… meticulously thought out… majestic in scope but intrinsically simple, satisfying and optimistic… should have a very broad appeal… these are important ideas with great potential for lessening the conflicts in a troubled world…”
- Sociology, Dr. Alex Inkeles: “… impress me not only with the quality of his presentation, but also the quality of his thinking… authoritative… exceptionally comprehensive…”
- Philosophy, Dr. John Dupre: “… extremely intriguing and provocative… incomparably more edifying than the vast majority of such attempts…”
- Anthropology, Dr. John W. Rick: “… very thought provoking… clearly deserves extensive discussion… a serious, well-founded vision…”
- Physics, Dr. Leonard Susskind: “… I found myself stimulated, educated… worth listening to, even for those of us who are not of the same philosophical bent…”
-Philosophy, Dr. John Bogart: “… compelling… have moral import…”
- Applied Physics and Astrophysics, Dr. Vahe Petrosian: “… elaborate… clearly well thought out and researched… fascinating… a very ambitious task… a beautiful synthesis… captivating… should be of interest not only to experts but to all thinking people of the world…”

Starting February this year, Anthony Marr will be lecture-touring over two dozen western universities on this new cosmological-philosophical system, this time concentrating on students of science and philosophy.

He is also a world known wildlife preservationist ("Champion of the Bengal Tiger")

and winner of the Henry Spira AR Activist Award. For more information on his work, please google [Anthony Marr].

Other topics:

- Working at India's Tiger Reserves - see the NFB production [Champions of the Wild - Bengal Tiger] -

- The Meaning of Life according to Anthony Marr (for students in philosophy, see

- The Economic/Ecological Collapse Double Jeopardy (see his

If your group is interested in sponsoring his talk on any of the above topics, please contact Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) at your earliest convenience. The standard honorarium applies.

Phone: 206-259-9679

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