Sunday, February 7, 2010

To Hypatia the Great

Having paid my respects to Giordano Bruno, I must now bow to the great Hypatia. Born in 370 CE, as a pagan, she became the First Woman of science, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and athletics. In short, she was a Renaissance Woman more than a millennium ahead of the Renaissance itself. And like those ahead of their time, she was frowned upon by the old guards, the worst being the Christian Bishop Cyril,

and jeered by the retarded among the young turks, though among them she also found her disciples.

She had many loves, but never married, her devotion being to intellectual inquiry and the dissemination of truth based on reason; she was outspoken to a fault in an anti-intellectual society which, when she was 21, much to her devastation, burned the great Alexandria Library to the ground.

And then, in 415, she was pulled from her chariot by the mob led by Cyril,

and dragged into a church,

where she was stripped naked,

and flayed alive with abalone shells and pottery shards, until her flesh hung in tethers from exposed bones, and her still quivering and blood soaked remains thrown to the flames.

Ask 100 people in the street about Giordano Bruno and Hypatia, and 99 would not know who they were, when in truth, theirs were the greatest stories fate had ever told. Not only did the authorities burn him alive and cut her to pieces, they had buried their courageous life stories in their vault of shame. My hope is that my words will do their small parts to resurrect these brave souls, named and unnamed, back into immortality. Amen.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


anivism said...

Thank you, what an awe-inspiring woman, I strive to be like her, even death does not scare me - I have been to hell and back and seen the darkness staring me in the eyes -- cold, brutal, godless... Nothing in the world is greater than the power of a Blessed Soul. Praise the Lord for people of compassion, strength and kindness!
Thank you Anthony.

Anonymous said...

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