Friday, February 10, 2012

Enlightenment retarded / Ignorance advanced

It perhaps cannot be helped that, given the recent economic climate, social services may have to be tightened up. But to deeply cut education to subsidize the already bloated Big Oil is corruption on a colossal scale.

Another case in point, $47 million is being slashed from K-12 education in Kentucky while $43 million is given tax-free to the proposed $150-million Creationism-based Noah's Ark Park, with a full-sized reconstruction of the Ark, complete with dinosaurs.

Creationists believe that the Earth is only 6 thousand years old (instead of the scientifically long-established 4.6 billion years), that dinosaurs and humans were contemporaries (when in fact the dinosaurs went extinct 64 millions years ago and our species did not make its first appearance until less than a quarter-million years ago), and that the Grand Canyon was carved in a few days by the Flood (when in fact it took 6-17 million years depending on which branch in the canyon).

A question arises in my mind. This Ark-replica will be 515 feet long, 137 feet wide and 3 storeys tall. It is estimated to weigh some 24,000 dead-weight tons. Once its construction begins, it will take dozens or hundreds of workers, all equipped with power tools from electric drills to diesel-driven cranes, with precision-precut lumber trucked in from beyond sourced from square miles of clear-cut forest, months if not years of intense labor to build it. The question is: How long did it take Noah and his 3 sons, all primitively equipped, to build the original Ark? Where did he get and how did he pay for 24000 tons of cured and precut lumber in the first place? And the nails and caulking, not to mention the feed for all the animals, including, according to the Creationists, T-Rexes and Brontosauruses?

And another question. How has this very stark contradiction escaped the attention of the planners of this theme park, who, after all, have to figure out how much the building of the Ark-replica would cost down to the last cent and the last man-hour? Are they simply mentally incompetent, or is there a darker side to their agenda?

This profoundly foolish move on Kentucky's part is enlightenment retarded and ignorance advanced, and will go a long way towards setting us back 6,000 years or more.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

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