Friday, February 10, 2012

I.T. - 2-06 - Evolution of the Citian-Organisms

Athens, Greece

As I perceive the Earth at ground level through his eyes, he sees the planet from space through mine. This day, I showed him the space views of ten modern-day Citian-organisms.

Chicago, USA

"What do these so-called 'high tech' cities remind you of to look at?" I asked him.

"Patches of lichen attached to a rock," he said.

Manaus, Brazil

"Envision more evolved Citian-organisms on more advanced planets that look more like trees than patches of lichen," I informed him.

He envisioned one of his own imagination. "Whose 'leaves' serve as solar collectors and food producers, no doubt?"

Hong Kong, China

"And even more evolved Citian-organisms that resemble more an animal than a plant, which can fly from planet to planet, from star to star, even from galaxy to galaxy."

"I see we have a long way to go," he said.

Winnipeg, Canada

"But even patches of lichen are living organisms, and yours are relatively advanced, where Citian-level lichens go."

"I can't wait to be a part of a bird, even just a sparrow, that can fly from star to star, than being just a cell in a patch of lichen stuck fast to a rock, even though I do have my motorcycle, my 'freedom machine', so called."

Hangzhou, China

"Citian-organisms evolve more than just morphologically, but physiologically," I continued.

"Like what?"

"Its diet, for one thing."

Paris, France

"What is the diet of a city?" he asked.

"What it takes in, for building its body, or for energy."

"You mean, like, wood? And minerals? And fish?"

"Yes and yes and yes. And?"

London, UK

"Oil? Coal? Gas?"

"What yours needs to wean itself of, evolve away from, and rise above."

New York City, USA

"That'd take ages. I won't live to see it," he said dejectedly.

"Not necessarily. Evolution on the Citian and higher levels can unfold lightning fast, and, being directed by intelligence, it can bypass the trial-and-error-type natural selection."

"I like the idea of controlling our own evolution, but, how fast is fast?"

"Major mutations can occur well within the life time of an individual Citian-organism, which can change its morphology, physiology and ethology so that it becomes a progressively more advanced organism as it grows, matures and ages. And these mutations are heritable on to the next generation."


"Indeed, Mr. Spock."

I am Raminothna
the Fortunate and Called Upon
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Vancouver, Canada

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
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