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Presenting: Anthony Marr's revolutionary new idea in NON-LETHAL and HUMANE urban deer population management known as the RUTTING-SEASON BUCK/DOE AUTO-SEPARATOR.

You will be amazed at how simple this idea is, yet how powerful it can be in displacing culling (killing) as a conservation measure once and for all, so much so that you may kick yourself for not thinking of it first. Though I have been fighting urban deer culling for years, I myself didn't conceive of this idea until 2 days ago, and I did kick myself for not thinking of it sooner.

It involves no bullet, no arrow, no bolt, no chasing, herding or manhandling of deer, nor any form of abuse or traumatization, nor even darting or injection of vaccine in the highly acceptable non-lethal method of immuno-contraception, to keep urban deer populations in harmony with their environment. It is non-violent, humane, labor-unintensive, inexpensive, and can and will save thousands of deer lives every year.

Sometimes, when a certain new idea occurs to you, it would come like a bolt of lightning, and you'd slap your forehead and say to yourself, "It is so simple and obvious why haven't I thought of it before?" I had one of these Eureka moments this morning, and so much more so, since the idea can save deer by the thousands.

Yesterday, I saw on TV news that the BC town of Princeton, population less than 5000, is having a deer population problem, and that the city was considering culling (killing) as a solution.

It is to be understood that, due to the Compensatory Rebound Effect (meaning that a culled population will have more food per deer, leading the does to each have 2-3 fawns than in the preculled population where it would be 0-1), culling DOES NOT WORK, and if put to use, will be necessitated year after year (which in those towns where the culling is administered by hunters, especially bow-hunters, it is what they WANT.

I called the Princeton city hall this morning and spoke with Deputy Mayor Jason Earle, outlining to him my alternative method in NON-LETHAL deer population management employing a previous invention of mine called the Deer Auto-Assembler (DAA).

Mr. Earle was very receptive, assured me that there was no plan to cull at present, but that, if culling is called for, he would welcome my input in forming a solution. After the phone call, I sent Mr. Earle an email, upon his request, as follows:


Dear Mr. Earle,

Thank you for your time on the phone with me this morning. Here is an article on my deer Immuno-Contraception (IC) vaccine delivery technique by means of a device of my invention called the Deer Auto-Assembler (DAA).

An even simpler method is to make the one-way gates so narrow as to admit only does and juveniles, but not bucks with large antlers, thus separating the breeding males and females during the rutting period. By this method, much less bullets and arrows and bolts, not even immuno-contraception is required.

My phone number (206-259-9679) is a Washington state magicjack number, but I am a Candian living in Vancouver. I look forward to hearing from you.


Anthony Marr

The "simpler method" mentioned above is what I'm talking about regarding that "lightning bolt".

The whole idea is simply to keep the breeding bucks and does apart for the duration of the rutting season, so much the better if we could set up a structure where they could do it themselves, by the following simple means:

1. Set up a DAA: an enclosure of a predetermined size with 10' deer-fence in a semi-wooded area at or near the center of mass of an urban deer population. The size can range from a tennis court to larger than a football field, depending on the number does to be kept fawnless for the season. Install inward-going one-way gates along the fence, ones wide enough only to admit does and juveniles, but not large breeding bucks with wide antlers.

2. Place corn piles inside the DAA at the one-way gates as attractant.

3. Shortly before the rut begins, after the bucks have grown large antlers, activate the one-way gates. Does will enter the enclosure to feed at the corn piles, but the bucks cannot.

4. After the desired number of does have entered the DAA, close the one-way gates.

5. Supplement-feed the enclosed does during the rutting period to prevent over-browsing and environmental damage within the DAA.

6. When the rutting season is over, disassemble the DAA and let the deer roam. In doing so, the exact number of deer in any given year can be precisely controlled, with practically no work needing to be done.

And how expensive/inexpensive is this method? The cost of building the DAA + zero operational cost (using the occasional volunteer labour). Deer fences usually last 30 years if exposed to the elements year round. When disassembled and dry-stored in the off-season (9-10 months), it can last half a century. Amortize the cost over 30 years and it will cost next to nothing.

What can the hunters and cullers say against non-lethal deer management now?

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

PS: I receive a comment saying, "Leave the deers (sic) alone,they are God's creatures."

My response:

"Not sure if I am reading you correctly, but if you are against non-lethal deer population management, you are sentencing the deer to lethal deer population control, mostly administered by bow-hunters. I've been engaged in fighting deer culling in dozens of cities across America for years. If you don't take my word for it, try a few yourself.

"When I hear some say that deer are wild animals and should be left alone, I would agree, AS LONG AS THE HUNTERS AND CULLERS LEAVE THEM ALONE. If they don't, we can't.

"When I was fighting hunters and advocated non-lethal deer management, in that case by immuno-contraception (IC) instead of bow and arrow, a so-called AR group charged in and said that they were against IC, and that the deer should be left alone. The lethal operators, mostly bow-hunters, were phobic about IC themselves, because they wanted to use culling as a new form of hunting, by bow and arrow, in urban environment where the discharge of firearms is prohibited. They jumped for joy when they heard that comment from "our" side, and redoubled they effort to snuff out non-lethal deer management. The result is that the cull went ahead and several hundred deer were shot with arrows. With "friends" like that so-called AR group, who needs enemies?"

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