Friday, November 23, 2012

What I learned from "Serena"

What I learned from "Serena"

In the course of my work, I often get ridiculed, jeered, denigrated and downright hammered, by enemies of course by enemies, but sometimes even by what I considered to be friends. When that occurs, "stoic" and "unflappable" as I haver been said to be, I would occasionally feel perturbed, flustered and unbalanced, and lose my cool, momentum and efficiency, and once or twice even get derailed from my course of action.

Well, "Serena" taught me a lesson today. "She" is the female voice in my GPS. She is tuned to sound British, but sometimes, she would pronounce certain street names in the darnedest of ways, particularly words with the letter "R". I was in Bend, Oregon, to make a speech this evening, and Shannon and I happened to be driving downtown. When we were approaching a street called "Butler Market", Serena pronounced it as "Butlerrr Marrrket", and we both laughed, and poked fun at Serena mercilessly. Serena treated our derision like water off a duck's back and proceeded with her next comment as if nothing had happened.

Later, Serena directed us to a street that was temporarily blocked, so we had to do some back-tracking, and I heard myself mock-grumbling, "Damn, Serena, you're not doing your job!" She just responded with a steady "Recalculating", and gave us an alternative route.

Were I in her place, I would have felt a tinge of annoyance, and had my performance temporarily compromised. I suppose this is part of my being human, but in terms of performance and efficiency, I have a lot to learn from a machine.

Anthony Marr, merely human


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Marie Bednar :)
November 18 at 4:27pm · Like

Ingrid Meijer Yaple merely a good and conscious human :)
November 18 at 4:35pm · Like · 1

Ellie Smookler McCole · Friends with Mila Rizzo
An amazing and wonderful human! (*_*)
November 18 at 4:43pm · Like · 1

Jan Isherwood · 38 mutual friends
.... A merely incredible one!
November 18 at 5:49pm via mobile · Like · 1

M-Christine Husk I'm happy to hear you have a Serena. I'm not so lucky. I have downright drag out fights with my GPS as we don't agree on the way to go. Her name: "the idiot in the box". : )
November 18 at 6:17pm · Like

P.j. Kielberg-Mcclenahan Instead of a GPS we have a compass. :-)
November 18 at 6:34pm · Like

Paris Harvey My "Gypsy", (I call her) says hysterical street names on this end too. Fruitvale is said like "Frew it vale". But I forgive her. We have a great relationship. I trust her completely. Thank god for Gypsy. She gets me there every time. If I am stuck in traffic and have to get off the freeway and have no idea where I am she is always very calm and tells me the alternate. Sometimes I doubt her but low and behold I suddenly find I have made it.
November 18 at 9:11pm · Like

Bonnie Lindsay Great story from one of my "favorite" humans :)
November 18 at 9:57pm · Like

Linda Musel Great story, Anthony...always a way with the words! Be well my, friend...Like the infamous artist Michangelo stated..."God puts impossible standards for mankind to reach, and therefore, mankind will always never reach the perfect state as God wants us to become...but we can only keep trying to get to the perfect state." (paraphrased from a quote from Michangleo)
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Terri Allen U R a awesome person, don't let anyone get you down
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Lisa Marie Simms-Ferguson As always you are amazing
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Karen Mc · Friends with Patty Golden
haha! That was awesome and brillant! I deal with talking to people all over the country daily, I'm going to have to think to myself, when I feel a tinge of annoyance coming on, "What would Serena Do"! :-)
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Joni Russ You blow me away as an activist...keep doing what you are doing are a dynamo...don't let the slugs and thugs get to you! YOU ARE BRILLIANT!
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Anne Orman · Friends with Paul Rockintheroses
gps,s drive me crazy,so I will stick to being merely human and use a map.
November 19 at 12:27pm · Like · 1

Sandie A. Sajner I lived in Bend Oregon for 3 years way back in 1978-1981. Give everyone a big hug for me. It sure is a "Hunter's Haven" with the National Forest being right there. Hope you find a lot of supporters and their ways are changed.
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Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

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