Friday, April 26, 2013

How Hunters, Government and Media Collude to Deceive the People


The collusion between hunters, government and media to deceive the people is multifarious and almost ubiquitous. Since 2003, I have personally conducted by car and/or motorcycle 7 Compassion for Animals Road Expeditions (CARE tours), each covering 25-44 states in 4-7 months, and have seen quite a few tips of this evil Public Deception iceberg. Following is one nefarious example.

In 2007, while on CARE-3, I was in Allentown PA when local activists asked for my assistance in opposing a new bow-hunting scheme within the nearby Trexler Nature Preserve. It was the dying wish of General Harry Clay Trexler, who created the Preserve in 1906, that no hunting be conducted within the preserve.

But after honouring him for exactly 100 years, the local government announced in 2007 that due to a natural "population explosion" of the white-tail deer within and surrounding the preserve, its ecology and that of the surrounding areas had been seriously damaged, and thus the deer population needed to be culled by some 50%. As if by magic, there came the cavalry, in the form of a herd of bow hunters who promptly stepped forward to gallantly volunteered their services to the community, free of charge of course.

Except for the resistance put up by several great local activists, notably Carol Loomis, Virginia Wolfe and Cheryl Baker, the public had no comment, and the hunt scheme became fact. On opening day of the hunt, Carol, Cheryl, Cheryl's teenage son and I entered the preserve, on foot and unarmed, amidst the teaming bow hunters, male and female, all armed with compound bows and razor-bladed broad-head arrows. We received many glances and stares ranging from suspicious to hostile, but it was an eye-opener.

Were I blindfolded and driven by jeep into the preserve, and taken for a short walk of no more than 100 yards from the parking lot, then have the blindfold removed and asked what I was looking at, I would have answered that I was in a farm. Acres of forest had been ploughed down, and row upon row of deer clover had been planted in its place.

Those who understand the Compensatory Rebound Effect, some hunters included, know that with an over-abundance of food, deer would maximize their reproductive rate. Instead of no-fawn and singlet, they would have twins and triplets, resulting indeed in a high deer population, which is exactly what the hunters wanted.

Bow-hunters are very aggressive in forcing their way into potential hunting areas where the discharge of fire-arms is illegal, including urban parks like Trexler, and within the urban area itself, even in people's backyards.

It is the general strategy of hunters to first cultivate a high deer population by means of food-plots, then claim deer over-population, then offer themselves as saviours of deer-ravaged communities. The truth of the matter is that the whole thing is initiated by the bow-hunters stemming basically from their bloodlust, in collusion with the hunter-friendly politicians who are often themselves hunters, and put in office by the hunting industry in the first place. After all, the govern knows about the Trexler food-plot, and issued the hunting permits.

General Trexler, even a top level military man, would weep.

But that is not all. I took pictures of the Trexler food plot and submitted them to the local newspaper, and spoke at length to its reporter, who actually interviewed me at the preserve when I was there, but the article that came out the following day did not make a single mention of the deer clover plantation, did not use my photos, but instead glorified a female hunter for being among the first to bag a magnificent buck.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


Karmak8 said...
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Anonymous said...

I never cease to be amazed at the lengths to which human beings will go to satisfy their blood lust. Thank you very much for this eye-opening article, and for all you are doing to expose the collusion between hunters, government, and media. Are you set up to receive donations in support of your efforts?

joseph logston said...

Animals never had a chance with are weaponry advantages that will extinguish the animal kingdoms for sport and ego enhancements of being a killing warier for excitements to prove themselves with trophies!! These people have to be educated and be changed in these crimes on are living planet Earth that supports all!! That we are cant let these crimes continue that effect us all!!!.......joe

wolfiesmom1 said...

Such horrific corruption, they used this set of fallacies again in this would be welcome, since I am doing a paper for an Earth Science class..

wolfiesmom1 said...

Chloe said...

Great article Anthony! ��

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