Thursday, March 4, 2010

Death threats against Anthony Marr and Anthony Damiano

It is no secret that Anthony Marr and Anthony Damiano have both received death threats from hunters. One called Anthony Marr at his home in February, saying, "We know where you will be on your tour at any time. We have months to track you down and ambush you. We have an arrow with your name written on the shaft."

And there are videos on YouTube specifically targeting the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition of which Anthony Marr is the founder/president and Anthony Damiano is the vice president. Caring friends have advocated canceling the tour on account of safety. While their concerns are deeply appreciated, it would be tantamount to being successfully intimidated, and defeated before the battle has begun. So, the tour will go ahead as planned.

There are things that can be done to ensure maximum safety, including a bullet-proof vest for Anthony Marr while he rides his motorcycle on the highway, and cameras mounted on the car that will record license-plate numbers of other vehicles, as well as concealed cameras on their bodies if/when confronted by hunters at close quarters.

All these of course cost money, and the Anthonys have none. They are launching the tour on a wing and a prayer. Therefore, the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition requests all who abhor hunting to please donate for these safety items, as well as for food and fuel, and to offer them free accommodation. We are deeply grateful for the anonymous supporter who has purchased a sizable life insurance policy for Anthony Marr, with the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition named as the sole beneficiary.

Please send your donation c/o In Defense of Animals (San Rafael, CA), specifying "Towards the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition".

Please note that neither Anthony is salaried, and Anthony Marr himself has not received a single cent of remuneration from his own organization Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) since its formation in 1999, nor will he be paid for conducting this tour. Rest assured that every donation dollar will go to the campaign and the animals, not to some CEO's yacht. With your support and the completion of this tour, the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition will launch a full-scale anti-hunting war in 2011.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)
604-222-1169 up to March 31
216-386-7362 as of April 1

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