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2010-04-24 - Anthony Marr's CARE-7 tour blog #9 - with Tigers Forever video


Anthony Marr's CARE-7 tour blog #9

S. California

April 22, Thursday, Earth Day. I'd been invited to speak at the UCLA demo against vivisection. Unfortunately, I committed my car to Coby for the afternoon, so, I celebrated Earth Day on my own, which was in fact more in line with my philosophy - that everyday is Earth Day, based on which I've been working for the planet 365 day a year, every year of my life since 1995.

April 23, Friday, my day to go to San Diego for a dinner speech at the Evolution restaurant organized by Kevin Marks of the San Diego Vegetarian meet-up group. Anthony D remained at Coby's to hold the fort and to organize the Sunday, 25th funeral motorcade slated for Newport Beach, with Cathy Garneau contacting media by phone and email.

By my GPS, the driving time was 2.5 hours. Since my arrival time was supposed to be 6 pm, I left at 2 pm from Coby's place in Northridge, thinking that htere would be time to spare, the GPS indicating that the ETA was about 4:30 pm. But once on I-405, I got stuck in stop-and-go traffic, which at times was stop-and-stop, with no end in sight.


As I inched along, the GPS-ETA got later and later: 5:00, then 5:30, then 6:00. By the time it showed 6:30, I was still in the LA complex, near Irvine, and I began to think about turning back, and called Anthony D to this effect. However, even if I wanted to turn back, I wouldn't have been able to, since I was simply stuck. So, finally, after I had inched past Irvine, the traffic did ease up, but by then, the ETA had moved down to 6:45. As of that point, whenever I could lead-foot it, I did, and finally arrived at the Evolution Restaurant in San Diego at 6:35.

There were about 10 people there, to whom I gave a two-part talk on hunting and Runaway Global Heating. Again, their eyebrows went up and their jaws dropped down on both counts, as is the general reaction of audiences thus far. Again, I know that within an hour, I have changed their lives forever.


While packing up to leave, a couple sitting nearby asked me what my talk was about, and I gave them a 5 minute summary of the Runaway Global Heating, and believe that I have changed another two lives.


I decided to drive back to Northridge by night to prevent the same long-parking-lot experience on I-405 by day, aiming for arrival by 11:30 pm, and this time the deadline was met. But less than half way through, while still 100 miles from LA city center, I saw the Newport Beach sign, and knew instantly that a funeral motorcade there wouldn't go where LA media were concerned. So I changed Newport Beach to Hollywood-Burbank in my mind, and informed Anthony D of it by phone, who then informed Cathy Garneau.

This morning, Cathy spent hours on the phone calling TV stations and newspapers, and produced notable results in generating media interest, including the L.A. Times, and channels 2, 4, 7 and others. Let's see how many will show up. Michelle Mars called and said that she would bring herself and maybe two more cars. She also sent me an email mentioning "engagement ring" LOL.

Tia also has finished the 2-part video "Tiger's Forever - on Anthony Marr's work in India", and I shared it in MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

As of the mid-afternoon, Marla, Cathy and Paul came for a work session. All laptops were out.


Cathy came with a stack of print-outs of hunting photos with hunters crouching beside their victims, including half a dozen elephants, several male lions, and even a highly endangered white rhino! Unbelievable, but true.


I know for a fact that there are at least six African countries in which the hunting of the "Big Five" (elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard) are still legal, where a lion hunt fetches upwards of $20,000 and an elephant hunt up to $60,000.

In the menu of Lewis Harris Safaris:

6 days, 4 animals @ $3,600
8 days, 8 animals @ $9,700
10 days, 10 animals @ $15,450
6 day Lion Male @ $20,600
6 day Lioness @ $8,200
6 day Buffalo Cull Hunt @ $8,700
6 days, springbok slam @ $5,200
6 day Rhino Greenhunt @ $8,500
6 days wingshooting @ $2,100

10 day Buffalo @ $12,500
7 day Non Export Elephant @ $9,000
12 day Elephant @ $27,000
14 day Leopard @ $19,000

7 day buffalo @ $15,000
14 day Elephant @ $40,000
10 day Hippo and Croc @ $20,000
14 day Leopard @ $18,000

7 day Buffalo @ $13,500
14 day Leopard and Buffalo @ $38,000

7 day Buffalo @ $15,000
10 day Hippo and Croc @ $26,000

10 day Buffalo @ $18,400
16 day Lion @ $47,000
14 day Leopard @ $36,000
21 day Elephant @ $60,000
14 day Buffalo, Hippo and Croc @ $39,000

7 day Buffalo @ $18,500
12 day Leopard @ $30,000
14 day Elephant @ $35,000

15 day Mountain Nyala @ $52,000

In the International Safari Group menu:

Elephant 15 kg (33 Lbs) /1.5 m $9,000
Elephant 27 kg (60 Lbs) $14,400
Elephant 32 kg (80 Lbs) $24,000
Baboon $132
Buffalo $2,280
Bushbuck $720
Bushpig $504
Caracal $180
Civet $240
Crocodile $2,040
Dik Dik $300
Duiker Abbot’s $336
Duiker Common $336
Eland $2,040
Fox $300
Genet $300
Gerenuk $3.000
Grant’s Gazelle $540
Greater Kudu $2.640
Grysbock $420
Hartebeest $780
Hippo $1.800
Hyena $660
Impala $470
Jackal $300
Klipspringer $1.440
Leopard $4,200
Lesser Kudu $3,120
Lion $5,880
Oribi $300
Oryx $3,360
Ostrich $1,440
Porcupine $180
Puku $960
Ratel (Honey Badger) $360
Reedbuck Southern $540
Reedbuck Bohor $540
Roan $3.060
Sable $3.060
Serval Cat $360
Sitatunga $2,400
Steinbuck $300
Thompson’s Gazelle $600
Topi $960
Warthog $540
Waterbuck $960
Wild Cat $300
Wildebeest $780
Zebra $1,440
Zorilla $180

And Paul came in with a professional-looking poster for the Funeral Motorcade and GAHC.


It was not all work and no play either. Coby cooked us a fantastic vegan dinner, and we had fun in the kitchen while helping coby out, and helping ourselves to the healthy and delicious fare. Whenever we get together, there are always plenty of hugs to go around. This being the 4th Saturday of the month it was Coby's regular potluck, and a few people came in, include CJ from Colorado, who exchanged local info about Kristal, Cheyenne and Anne. He said he would come and join the motorcade.


The work/play party broke up around 11 pm, and we all plan to meet tomorrow at noon at the entrance of the Runyun Canyon Park in North Hollywood.

How successful will this LA motorcade be? The next blog will tell.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC) (search for “Anthony Marr Heal Our Planet Earth”)
Touring cell 216 386 7362

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