Friday, May 21, 2010

Bow-hunters' revealing self-damning confessions

Thanks are due to Lane Ferrante for discovering this gold mine of a link.

Why a gold mine? Because the bow-hunters always try to justify their evil pleasure by arguing that they always recover their quarries and the deer never die a lingering death. And here is this site-forum in which they openly confess to the contrary. See for yourselves.


Charlie - October 03, 2008
thanks for the picks these should help me take a better, more ethical shot in the feild. I am going bow hunting for my first time this year and i am stolked.

wrinklebrow1 - October 21, 2008
this saturday is my daughters first deer hunt these photos and graph are exactly what she needs to see. Its far better than me showing her a picture of a deer and trying to explain the way it is inside.THANKS.

Terese - November 10, 2008
Is it possible to have a lung shot, high in the lung area just behind the shoulder, and track 200 yards only to find no deer? Do you think it would have died in the vicinity and we overlooked it. When air bubbles are evident in the blood, with large amounts of blood, is it possible that the deer will live?

janice P - November 14, 2008
Thanks for the awesome diagram for placements. This was sent to me by a friend to asssit me with my first deer hunt!! I am a turkey hunter, so this will help me with a larger target!! thanks

Andy K - November 21, 2008
I shot my first buck three times in the chest with 16 G. slugs. The first shot droped him, he tried getting up so i shot two more times. He lay there for ten minutes motionless then got up and ran.I tracked him about 500 yards to a lake and lost the blood trail and never found him. What happened!!!!!!


camoprincess - December 08, 2008
this will be my first time shooting a deer. its will be my 15 birthday. i am always nervous that i will miss. is there any way for me to calm down????

John B. - December 28, 2008
Just shoot a deer at 33 yards. Watched her stumble for approx. 15 minutes. She finally bounded (stumbling) away with her companion Retrieved my arrow, but no blood on the shaft. Broadhead buried in the dirt couldn't see or smell blood. Thought I missed went back to stand. Not satisfied got down went to where I shot the deer and found blood, significant blood. The blood wasn't rich dark blood but bright not watery. Attempted to trail but darkness prevented recovery. Do you think this was a fatal shot?

Tom - September 08, 2009
I have been hunting for years now. These are great pics to show my son where to shoot at for a clean kill. thanks.

George - September 14, 2009
Disappointed I could not find her. Shot, I think, slightly behind the shoulderand a little high. Arrow was clean pass thur with blood on it but absolutely NO blood trail, at all. I started looking too early and the wood was large. Shot from about a 30 degree angle plus. Also, using an Excalibur crossbow. Very fast, very powerful. Have had a couple friends mention that they have lost game before because they think the arrow goes thru too quickly. Just don't know. I look for the buzzards.

Russ Chastain - September 21, 2009
There's no way your arrow went through too quickly. That is baloney - the faster it goes through the deer, the better your chances of a pass-through shot and a good blood trail.

A high shot may mean less chance of a good blood trail, because the internal bleeding would have to fill up a large area before the blood began to spill from the wounds.

Use a good broadhead - I used a 2-blade Rage with a crossbow on my first archery deer, and she died within seconds, within sight, with an excellent blood trail. Check it out:


ben - September 23, 2009
john.b if the blood was bright then that was lung blood! and that is very fatal!! holp i helped?!?!?

BIG DADDY - September 24, 2009

BIG DADDY - September 24, 2009
ben if the blood was real red bright blood it might be muscle blood lung blood is more pink than real red and you would see air bubbles there

Tim - October 03, 2009
I am hunting for two years now with my bow and i learned in order to be more ethical i have taken away all other pins except for my twenty yard pin this enables me to know 20 yards is where my pin is so i bring it up or down depending on deer distance i wont ever go over 30 yards

Andrew - October 08, 2009
First time hunter with a bow and I cant wait to try it. thanks for the tips and pictures It will definatley help. but whats the best lungs and heart??

Brad - October 09, 2009
I just hit one at 25 yards, a monster 8 point, and he jumped the string and my spitfire 100 grain hit him high and 2/3rds back from a 14 ft, stand angle. I pan to look tomorrow for him. What are my chances?

Scotty B - October 10, 2009
Brad - sounds like a liver shot. He may go several hundred yards - but he's dead. Blood may be sparse, but don't give up and you will find him.

houa - October 11, 2009
wheres the part about helping to calm down before taking the shot

Brad - October 11, 2009
Well I looked, found my arrow, it only went in 6 inches, but I found sparse blood and jumped him 15 hours later in a really thick parcel of woods 500 yards from where I shot him. He bolted so I circled around and I think he laid down in the thick next to the high river. we plan on doing a drive where we he laid down in hopes of finding him. Since he lived 15 hours I am afraid I just hit muscle and bone, maybe grazed the liver or kidneys, what are my chances now Scotty B?

Mark - October 14, 2009
First time hunting with a bow this year. last night before sundown, saw an 8pt buck, shot and hit him, probably in the lungs because there was lots of pink. He took off, so I started following his blood trail, led right down to the lake about 200-300 yds away. By then it was dark, but with so much blood lost, about 3-4 bigger pools, i dont see how he could survive. What are the chances i find him in the water first thing in the morning? do they float for long? Is the meat still good if I do find him?
Austin - October 15, 2009

First time bow hunting thanks for the tips. Now i know what to do in the stand.

GM - October 18, 2009

mike - October 20, 2009
oh no he is dead forsure

mike - October 20, 2009
muzzelloading is the only way to go

Smitty - October 22, 2009
Great illustrations on the correct target zone!

LILL YIM - October 25, 2009

LILL YIM - October 25, 2009
sorry that would b stand and watching was up till 3 lastnight

clyde - October 26, 2009
just started bow hunting this year. absolutely hooked. Took my first deer this year about 3 weeks into the season. Thought the shot was a little high but thought i still had a lung shot. Called my friend who took almost an hour to get there before i even got out of my stand. Go to start tracking it, No Blood, found my arrow with a spot of blood and mostly guts. So we tracked basically how i saw the deer run. Found it dead 50 yards away. What happen?? My broadhead snapped off on contact and redirected back into the guts and came out on the same side the arrow initially went in. Didnt hit any vitals. Pure luck on how we found it.

Peyton. R - October 30, 2009
great pictures!!!!!!!! im so ready to hunt tomarow... if i see one im ganna drop him/her in a second!

brian s - October 30, 2009
I just shot a nice eight pointer tonight, it was broadside, about 15 yards, i was up about 12 ft. deer was standing left side to me, i put the arrow behind the front shoulder, looked like the best shot i ever had. it ran off, i saw the arrow in it, then found half the arrow about 25 yds from where i shot. solid blood on the arrow up to the fletching. so at least 8 inches of 3 blade satellite broadhead and arrow still in him. it was getting dark, could not find a blood trail, and it is now raining. i'm sad.. i cant look for it until morning. what are my chances do you think?

Chris - October 31, 2009
Samcked a doe in the shoulder at 15 yards. Tracked a long way with good bright red blood with bubbles in it but could not find her.

brian s - October 31, 2009
I looked all morning, from 8 a.m to noon. i took a break had something to eat, i went back out and found my 8 pointer around 2 in the afternoon. i worked my butt off and covered alot of swamp and balsams. it went about 500 yards. broadhead hit the inside of the right shoulder and never exited. i had no blood, just a lot of searching and a little luck.

bill e - November 01, 2009
i shot a monster saturday morning he came in following a doe when see passed he came in and gave me a broad side shot at 15 yrs i hit him, which i thought was a great shot in the heart he ran over about 20 yards and stopped than walked up a little hill still only 45-50 yards away and layed down after a few minutes he stood up and almost fell over so he layed back down and stayed there for about 20 or so minutes, i thought this is sweet. to my amazement he stood up and walked off into a thicket i waited about a hour and climbed down and sliped out in the other direction. went back with a friend after 4 1/2 hours hoping to get some great pics and put my hands on his rack. went right where i hit him had lots of blood right to where he layed down and was not able to find and more blood no where he just was not bleeding anymore we looked and looked for 2 days now. can any body tell me where or how i messed up

eric - November 01, 2009
anything but broadside or quartering away is an unethical shot. especially with a bow.

Charles Ronk - November 03, 2009
Hello Sunday Night I shot a large buck. It was a broadside shot from about 25 yards with a 60lb PSE bow. My tree stand is about 18 feet high. The arrow completely passed through. there is blood up the complete arrow shaft and on all three fletching. It looked like a good shot in the front half of the deer. The buck jumped straight up then ran about 20 yards with a slight limp and then casually bounded away. The deer bled bright red, decent at first but then after about 200 yards the bleding started to slow down after 400 yards it had all but stopped I found two more drops over the next 100 yards. Then nothing. I went back twice looking everywhere and couldn't find this buck. The broadhead is a muzzzy 125. Where could this shot have hit to cause this kind of damage. I feel just sick losing a deer like this and don't want it to happen again. The only thing I could think is that I caught only one lung. please help. thanks.

Mike Maxson - November 03, 2009
Shot a ten point at 5:15 @ 15yrds. Picture perfect I think. Right at shoulder blade, but only got 7" penetration so no doubt hit some bone. Do you think 7" hit a lung? Hoping to find him in the morning.

swright - November 04, 2009
11-4-9 hit a 6 pt in shoulder good blood trail found arrow 200 yds away blood stoped cold do you think am over looking something??

rdoenr - November 04, 2009
Shot a huge buck last night at 5:30 broadside @ 18 yds right behind the left shoulder. I found blood where the arrow passed through, but Ive found no other blood following his tracks. Any suggestions?

Rob - November 04, 2009
I shot the biggest 8 point I have ever had the oppurtunity to shoot at 17 yards. Placed the shot behing the shoulder. He broke my arrow in half while running. Tracked blood aprox /4 mile and just went from good to drops, then nothing. Im trying to figure out what went wrong. The only thing I cann think of it was to high, arent there vitals up there. but ut wasnt high enough to spine him. What do you think

bill e - November 04, 2009
On Nov 1st, I posted the story of the Monster Buck I thought was in the bag. While sitting in the stand the past 4 days I had lots of time to think abouth that day and many hunts passed. My shot was in the crease and passed straight thru. I may have been in that spot between heart and lungs with the angle of shot may not hav hit vitals. He only went 45 yds and layed down. For more than a half hour he did get up once and layed back down on his opposite side. I believe he clotted up, leaves stuck to the blood make like a bandaid leaving no blood when he got up and walked off.
It has alwasy been known that archery has low percentage rate for recovery. I have shot many doeer over the years with gun & bow, heave learned one thing, deer have an incredible will to live, especially Big Bucks. I shot one with the gun weeks after baow season ended, he had about 4 inches of arrow & broadhead between his shoulder blades. The deer looked like he was getting along fine til he got close to me. Not all deer die with what you may think is a mortal shot. It broke my heart when I could not find this buck. Is he still alive, I hope so. I do know I will be back in the stand in the morning, hoping to redeem myself. May your blood trails be short and your venison never over cooked.
Bill E.

Charles Ronk - November 05, 2009
I was wondering since all of these postings are about the same thing losing deer with what seemed like a good shot could anyone recommened a good broadhead. It seems funny to me when I hunted back in the 80's with a cheap 50# compound bow and 4 blade broadheads I never lost a deer. Now I am using a newer fast shoting PSE that I group at 3" at 30 yards with carbon arrows and muzzy 125 broadheads. In the last week I have shot two deer in the front shoulder with complete pass through shots both deer went over 600 yards then stopped bleeding and I couldn't recover either one.

Brett H. - November 05, 2009
Monday at 6:45am shot a 145 class 10 pointer- I either pulled the shot or he didn't stop like I thought he did. Arrow hit just in front of hips. Over the next 26 hours, I tracked him over 500 yards, bumped him once, backed out for 4 hours or so, watched him thru binocs for 2 hours, thought I watched him expire, came back 1 1/2 hours with my boys, bumped him a second time- left overnight and found him another 100 yards away the next morning at 8:30, still alive... but weak enough for me to finish him off with another shot. I feel so blessed to recover the largest deer I've shot at in 10 years of hunting. Granted my shot was poorly placed, but I discovered a nasty green infection in his front right shoulder upon processing the deer. He was obviously injured before I shot him. Lost the meet, but gained a trophy for my mancave!

j. johnson - November 06, 2009
just shot a huge 8pt. he was 6 yds and i shot him in the chest exactly where the red dot on the pic above is located. arrow went in about 8\" and he turned and fell on his chest and broke it off. blood everywhere!!! I\'ve given him 5hrs to die. headed to the woods now to look for him. sorry for the unethical shot. but, at 6 yds i figured i could pull it off. Wish me luck.

K Seekford - November 07, 2009
I just shot a small buck and had a clean pass. My arrow is covered in poop. He walked off slowly then laid down about 40 yards away. I plan to go try to find him in the morning. What are the chances he's dead?

Thanks, Ken...
K Seekford - November 08, 2009
I looked for 5 hours today and found only a dozen of very little drops op blood then nothing. there is a small creek but I searched along the creek and still no deer.If I hit him in the gut will he make it or not? Also where he laid down the first time there was only one drop size amount of blood nothing more. Should I continue to look or hope he makes it until next time?
If any one can help I would be very thankful. I hate the thought of loosing him. It's about 65 out now and going up to 72 today.
Thanks, ken...

dave - November 08, 2009
Shot a buck @20 yard from a 15 foot treestand.
hit high behind shoulder. he ran into a tree a few feet away, breaking arrow. found 10" fletching half with bright blood up to fletching. 10 feet away, found broadhead side with blades missing but no blood,no smell. no blood trail. I have never had this happen before. any suggestions?

Brian bart - November 08, 2009
I just hit a buck of a lifetime sat morning, I looked for him for two days and never found him. The shot was verticaly correct for a lung shot but to far back on a horizontal shoulder shot. based on you chart it lookes like I hit him in the liver or upper -back lung. What does a deer tipicaly do after being hit in the liver, will he die, lay down, how far will he go after a shot like that. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

Brian bart - November 08, 2009
Also, for whatever reason, the arrow only penetrated him about three to six inches so it never went through him. As a result there was no exit womb and very little blood trail. The blood I did find was dark purple-redish in color. What should I do, how far should I look, is it posable that this deer has not died or will survive.

brian s - November 09, 2009
Reading some of the stories here, I am reading about a lot of shoulder shots. I have bow hunted for years, and never intentionally tried to shoot the deer in the shoulder. The best shot is right behind the shoulder. The idea is not to intentionally hit bone with a broadhead. There are only two shots out of the example pictures that I would take with a bow, looking left to right it would be picture #3 and #4. Those other shots, are bad decisions.

brian s - November 09, 2009
Also some tips on tracking. After you have established the direction the wounded deer went, they usually head for water, or low swampy areas. They will try and hide, make sure you look under small clumps of evergreens, fallen logs, etc. Break the area up into small sections and walk those sections leaving no spot unlooked.

Terry Collier - November 09, 2009
I hit my first buck yesterday morning i thought he was about 25 yards shot and hit him. i seen the arrow sticking out as he ran by. i got overly excited and lost track of which direction he went, but i knew i had him so i went back to where i shot him seen where he took off and went in that direction. no blood. i tracked for about 5 hours and found not a drop of blood. what possibly could have happened.

EFREN G.-Nov.09.09 - November 09, 2009
Hello everyone wondering if anybody shooting rage broadheads and having trouble dropping deer I've lost 2 in 2 years bowhunted for over 25yrs. both good hits lost a nice buck last night most deer lost in my career.THANKS

Luke - November 09, 2009
My brother shot a 10pt from about 10yds in a ladder stand about 15ft up, think it was a shoulder shot from the way he said he saw it about 150yds away limping and his shot description. After 200yds we found good blood for about another 100yds then spotty for 75 yds, we searched for 8hrs straight and found nothing else..he was using rage broadheads which broke off in the deer with about 5" of arrow. We grid searched the deer...any advice?

EFREN G. - November 09, 2009
Luke sounds like what I went through today my shot was 3 inches over heart watched buck stand for 20+ mins.before walking into swamp... blood for 75yds.than nothing.Don't think broadhead opened.Sounds like you done what you could.Fix blades here I come.THANKS

Luke - November 10, 2009
Efren, ya I completely agree with that last statement, I think we might switch to the montec G5's

bill e - November 10, 2009
on nov 1st and 4th i posted my story well this passed week end i shot a doe great shot she ran 30 yards and piled friend came in to help me drag and i told him i have been seeing crows fling to the ground about 100 yards up in the thicket he went in and found my buck that i had shot a week early i knew i made a great hit on him to bad i lost the meat but came out with the bone. he is a 10 pt with a 2-3 inch sticker.dont give up and watch the birds they will pick every piece of meat off the bones

Chunkster - November 10, 2009
well, i keep going out...and keep blowing opportunities. the bucks aren't huge...but i still get too nervous when they come in. i keep shooting over their backs. i've only been bowhunting for a couple maybe i need to learn how to control "fever". any help would be nice.

EFREN G - November 10, 2009
Chuckster ...My son had same proplem when he started as we all have.. what I told him was once you've made up your mind that you are going to shoot.Never look at the eyes again take deep breath start by lifting your bow from under the deer go up 1/3 with correct pin and pick a hair and shoot.(remember aim small miss small) good luck I hope this helps you) LUKE thats my choice of fix broadhead.GOOD LUCK

Smitty, IN - November 10, 2009
Went out last Thursday early a.m. Shot the first deer I saw--she was trotting toward me, head down, and never saw me! I hit her @ 20 yds +/- a foot, with a G5 Montec. Total p/t with 50lbs draw. My arrow fell to her left side on the way out, so I must've only caught her just above her cleavage where it meets the forward part of the shoulder. Picked up the blood trail over 250 yrds away on a well traveled deer path in a marsh. I followed it for about 200 yrds and no more blood--the dog couldn't even pick it up.
And Sunday was just a hair better--it was 6-8 pt buck this time. And he was the second deer of the morning I saw. I hit him at less than ten yrds as he watched me raise my bow to take the shot, which caught him somewhere in the neck--I was looking at my 30 yd pin in the center of his chest, but I must've hit him a bit higher. He bled all the way into the corn, which made it easy to track (at first), but I lost track of the trail after four hours of searching with a friend and two dogs. He's either still in the corn, or he picked up a doe to clean'm up and help'm out to the woods.
This is my 1st yr out, and I don't know how to feel about these experiences. It's fun, but I'm getting pissed that my deer are growing wings after I shoot them!

bill e - November 11, 2009
smitty maybe you should stick to bowling or some other sport taking shoots like that

Matt B - November 11, 2009
Shot a buck last night, he dropped in his tracks. He started flipping then ran with his back legs only. Started raining after he ran into a swamp, haven't found him yet.

Billy T - November 12, 2009
I'm freaked out over my shot from last night. I shot a nice four pointer about 20 yards away -- heard the "whump" saw him jump and run up out of the dirt. He got about 10 more yards and stopped for a second, then with tail down, walked VERY slowly down a trail surrounded by cat-tails (I hunt near the water). Thing is he had my arrow sticking at least 2/3 out the exit side -- no blood but clearly stuck in his rib cage - I shoot a 70lb Alpine SVX and G5 Montecs. I've taken 6 deer with them previously. Anyway this was late and when I looked for him this morning I couldn't find him -- it seemed a true "kill shot" -- I looked for about 3 hours, but it's real thick and he had places to go, but figured that the way he was moving he couldn't have gone far. I'm sick to my stomach over it all. Any ideas just what I did wrong? I gave him about 45 minutes before I tried to look (not far) but again, it got dark.

Billy T - November 12, 2009
Oh it was a broadside shot too -- easy shot.

Jim - November 12, 2009
Well went out hunting tonight and shot nice wide 8 or 10pt. hit him mid way back and center. The arrow went in only 4" and and found the arrow about 100 yards away. very little blood. What is the chance I killed the deer? We are going out tonight with a dog to try to find it.

Butch N - November 13, 2009
I went out thurs. didn get in to the woods till about 10:30am. Let me tell you the rut is on here in Franklin county Mo. Got my stand rapped around the tree at about 10:40. got up about 6ft and had a doe and a tall 8 come by. they cirlced twice then dissapeared. about 10:49. Still 6 ft in the tree he came back aloneat 12yds. Drew back shot it was about an inch to far back for me. let him go for about 3 hours started tracking good trail then it just stopped .gave up about 9pm. Will be back out today and tomorrow if I dont find him this morning

Teddy C. - November 13, 2009
Hit a big buck possibley in kidney from a 20 foot elevation, high and back hit. Could follow light blood for a 125 yards. Lost blood trail continued looking for a day and a half. What are the chances of the deer dying? Fast response please

Teddy C. - November 13, 2009
To the question before i justed wanted to add that i used a bow on the kidney hit.

Billy T - November 13, 2009
Your kidney shot should be a killer for sure Ted.

Billy T - November 13, 2009
If you got his intestines, he'll die, but he could go real far if pushed. Is it real thick where you'll be looking? Did you get a pass-through?

Teddy C. - November 13, 2009
Same amount of arrow was sticking out on both ends. The area is parshaly thick and parshaly open. The shoot was high, it looked like was 6-8 inches below th top of the top hair line; around 3 quarters back on the deer. After looking at the deer antomy, it looks like that would be the kidney. How about the blood trail. It fizzled out. What should i do?

Brian B - November 14, 2009
I got a good sized 4 point on the Tuesday the tenth, I was 15' up surrounded by oak and hemlock. He came in at a 90% angle to me 25 yards out hit him a quarter inch below the back strap managed to hit a ling and liver and it came out the other side while he was running.
was using a DXT with the 2 blade rage,
problem i had was both blades cliped ribs and slowed it down so there was no blood trail and i managed to follow his tracks for aboud 50 yards, I found him out of pure luck right next to a path about 200 yards away, have yet to find the arrow.
I will say one thing for those rage broadheads they sure do make a big hole, i could almost fit my hand inside of it.
I refuse to take a shot if the head is facing in my direction and a side profile is a must. quartered shots are a little more tricky for new hunters and should be avoided, your best bet is to field dress a deer with somebody first so you know what it looks like inside and can predict what you will hit, this also helps you know more about shot placement from a stand

robert - November 14, 2009
Just shot a buck. Bow shot was straight down between the shoulder blades from 20 ft up. He took off with left leg flailing, maybe broken. Never found the arrow may be still in him. Got too dark to look. What are my chances that he's dead?

Luke - November 15, 2009
Id say depending on your shot placement and penetration theres a real good posibility..I probally woulda waited for another shot but you probally hit quiet a few nerves to make the legs flailn like that...suprised you didnt hit the spine

Luke - November 15, 2009
Teddy C. To your question, from point of last blood do circles, I tracked a doe 1500+ yrds...never did find it...dont ask me how b/c i dunno...but i lost blood a few times and found it again by doing circles...once or twice pretty far away from last blood

Mixie - November 16, 2009
Chunkster.... always bend at the waist when shooting from above...this will help with high shots

justinwp - November 16, 2009
A question has been raised about the height of a tree stand and the recovery rate when bow hunting. If you have shot a deer and been unable to recover please share your thoughts on this page about how tree stand height may have affected your chances....
Optimal Stand Height and Recovery of Deer

DK - November 18, 2009

DK - November 18, 2009
the deer in question bucked like a horse and bolted off like lightning after the shot can not find arrow

DK - November 18, 2009
dk needs response asap shot was made 3 days ago

D.J. - November 19, 2009

robbie - November 19, 2009
shot a monster 9 saturday the 14th,walked in at 7 yards and when i shot the cam on my bow hit the stand and made the arrow hit high about three fingers below the top of his back. never did find him. u think he died or is he still struttin around. no blood what so ever,broken arrow though,hes got 6 inches of arrow and a muzzy three blade in his back. can a buck die from a shot under the spine?

robbie - November 19, 2009
he kicked so hard he ran into a tree but looked for 8 1/2 hours and no sign of him anywhere. could he have circled back after running 100 yards in front of me? i hunt a small piece of property with a bean field on one side and 40 acres of timber on the other. i think i would have seen him.someone ease my mind.

trey g - November 20, 2009
i am 14 years old but i have been hunting with my bow for about 3 years now i shot a doe about 2 weeks ago but hit sholder and not much blood on the arrow so i wonded it and i am going hunting again tomarrow morning with my bow and i have been seeing 2 brother button bucks and this really bad 6 point has be gentics and i was wondering if i should shot the button bucks because the 6 point is the only buck thats been working the area should i kill them if they come out

Dennis - November 20, 2009
Trey, I wouldn't shoot the button bucks! If they are in the area with no mother they will probably make that area home and remain there into maturity. As far as the six point is concerned, if you have never shot a buck and you would like to shoot him have at it! Chances are good that he is 18 months old and I would encourage you not to make a jugement call on genetic quality until a deer is 30 months old(2 1/2) years. There are many variables that could contribute to a buck being under developed as a year and a half old. But, I would certainly tell you to harvest him if you have yet to kill a buck!! Don't ever let the pressure of other hunters pursuade you to thinking you need an excuse to shoot a buck. You should be very proud if you kill him!! There are not a lot of 15 year old young men in the woods anymore, ENJOY YOURSELF and make a quality shot. Good luck bud!

trey g - November 20, 2009
ya the 6 point for right now is about 18 mouths u r right but i dont think the gentics are good because really short g2 only about a inch and only one brow tine on the left horn with a little kicker off of it but thanks for about the button bucks

Zach - November 21, 2009
does anyones recommend a good broadhead i just the oldschool 4 blade they do good as well i just want to try other ones from what i have been reading the muzzys and rage arent so good or is that just from mechanical error on the rage or poor shot placement no offense to the ones who use them.

trey g - November 21, 2009
i use rage broadheads they r the best i have tryed shwaker they suck and muzzys arent that reat ethier try the rage 2 blade they have a huge cut they have a 2 1/2 inch cut they r the bust i have used try them

Zach - November 21, 2009
thanks i appreciate it how much do they run? i cant find nothin like that around where i live just sidewinders?

John M - November 21, 2009
Everyone needs to learn to slow down, pick a spot and follow through. Dont look to see the arrow hit the deer, dont shoot as soon as you see brown behind your pins. Draw, anchor, center your pins in the peep, put the pin on a small spot on the deers vitals and slowly squeeze the release and keep your arm straight and dont move until the deer is running. Watch the animal and wait. I have every anatomy chart ever made of the whitetail and the new deer $ deer hunting cd. I learned a few things over the last 20 years of bow hunting, and most people dont follow these simply rules. 1. practice with your broadheads only and from and elevated stand if that is how you hunt. Use only new sharp broadheads, dont rush take your time if you hit the deer in the heart and lungs it is going to die fast, anywhere else leave it over night and good luck. I have been there and done that so many times that I wont even take a shot unless it is absolutely perfect. I can now sleep at night and know that a deer that I could not shoot may be there the next time instead of having the mental anguish of making a bad shot and having to look for the deer I simply dont take a poor shot. Anyone can shoot at a deer, but only a bowhunter can shoot and kill a deer. Are you anyone or are you a bowhunter? Ps. indians killed animals with stone points if you shoot it in the right spot the type of broadhead should not matter. I use MUZZY 3 blade 100

Zach - November 21, 2009
you make a really good point john i try to be extremely careful in all those areas but sometimes life happens when it comes to hunting anything can happen the tiniest thing can screw up the hole hunt.

John M - November 21, 2009
I agree things do happen and I did not mean it to sound like I am the better bowhunter. I have spent way too many sleepless nights and days looking for deer that I rushed the shot on and i wanted to give guys examples of what they need to remember to do. There are no magical broadheads, but fixed blade do perform better than mechanicals, I have tried them all

Zach - November 21, 2009
i understand dude i wasnt inferring anything like that lol and i agree my fixed broadheads havent failed me yet and believe me i listen to more experienced hunters cuz im not goin to act like i no more than them thats how i learn all my traits is from guys like you.

Efren-11-21 - November 21, 2009
Hello everyone I like to comment on the broadhead issue that for the past 4 years of trying different mechanical broadheads I've lost more deer due to poor blood trails on good shots and I have to believe that is due to blades not opening, maybe bow to fast I don't know.But I'm going back to what I know worked for me when I started the sport 25 years ago and thats fix blades.Don't mess with simplicity of the sport.

Zach - November 22, 2009
i bought a pack of those crimson croc fixed broadheads and they shoot awesome fly great!

Efren - November 24, 2009
I'll check them out THANKS Zach.

c.j - November 30, 2009
hi i shot a big doe to day with a 12 GA shotgun she drop and rolled around
got up and walked off.
i think i got her hight and about half way
back i think. i got deer fever and made a bad shot on her
the blood trail was good at first but about
100 yards it just stoped i could not find any more it got dark but i still looked some more but no luck do you think i will
find her

Brian S - December 02, 2009
John M has some excellent points. Another type of practice that really helps, is a life size deer target, and taking shots at it from different angles. This helps establish where you have to put the pin to make quartering shots. But the best advice is patience, letting the deer settle in before shooting, and practice, practice, and more practice. And if the deer doesn't give you a shot that you are sure of, don't take it.

walter giberson - December 03, 2009
shot a deer high behind shoulder the broadhead and 2 inches of arrow broke off in the deer couldnt find any blood except what was on arrow looked 4 hours didnt find think it lived.

Ryan - December 04, 2009
I shot a big 8-point buck last weekend. After waiting 45 minutes my dad and I tracked a healthy trail of bright red blood for 700 yards. After two hours and 700 yards we lost a trail...we decided to resume our search first thing the next day. We took our black lab with us and he found the monster within 2 minutes! The best advice I can give is identify the blood trail you are following...if there is a lot of red blood, you have a deer that is going down. So give it time, dont rush it. Don't be afraid to use a dog with a good'd be amazed how much easier it is for them to track your deer!

dan - December 10, 2009
i shot amonster buck a 200 class buck with my bow i have been watching this buck for a long time on camrea with my bow had a heavy blood trail hit it good tracked it for about 200 yard then it got to dark there was bright red blood do u think i got him

Doeman - December 15, 2009
I shot 2 deer this year I couldn't find. The first I thought was perfect. I saw her go about 10yds and lay down. Then get up and walk away. There was blood from both sides for about 1/2 a mile. Then the blood stopped. No deer. Tonight I put an arrow what I thought was right behind the shoulder to find few drops for about 50 yds then none. I am here to study where to shoot a deer. I shot a doe the other day and the arrow went through the sweet spot and hit the opposite shoulder. She fell straight over and from the tree I watched her lay and spin for about 45mins until I couldn't stand it any longer. I got down and put her out of her misery. I am aiming at nothing except double lung from now on. They only go 100 yds at the most.

scott - December 18, 2009
yes i shot a 8 point this evening probable 3 1/2 yrs old at 30yds i jumped forward making my shot hit square in the side of his butt. found blood all the way to edge of wood line wasn\'t alot but enough to where you could see it good. Gonna wait till morning to go and look. whats my chances of finding with shooting him in the rear.

scott - December 18, 2009
i was shooting a 3 blade rage 100 grain also
jordan - December 19, 2009
70# hoyt, maxima arrows, 100 gr. muzzy 3 blades. I shot a small buck this afternoon broadside in the shoulder, bad shot. My arrow broke and i found two pieces on the ground, the fletching piece and another 2 inch segment. No blood at all. and no main arrow shaft. I feel terrible and would like to know if a deer will survive a double shoulder shot

BILL E - December 21, 2009

BILL E - December 21, 2009

trey g - December 24, 2009
i am with bill y would u do that.just let the shot come to u that is unethicly

Erik - December 29, 2009
It seems a lot of people on here hurry to make the shot...maybe you are too excited or too new to the sport...who knows...slow down and BREATHE. Line your pin up and be sure of your shot. Dont just take the shot and hope for the best...know your placement. I dont know why you would ever shoot a deer in the hindquarter but I think maybe you shouldnt be hunting at all.

Stephen C - January 08, 2010
I shot a 125" class 8 pointer last night and hit him high and a bit forward. My arrow got about 7" of penetration (went through the sholderblade) that he took with him. He broke off the arrow after he turned and started to run. It was 9 degrees, deer at 20 yards, with 4 inches of fresh snow on the ground. I slipped out of my stand after I watched him crest a ridgetop and figured I'd be able to get him this morning. I tracked him in the snow. Some spots of blood but nothing to be too concerned about with such a high hit. Easy to track becuase he wasn't using his front left leg and was dragging it in the snow. I found 4 different sights where he bedded down within 200 yards of the shot and you could even see that he layed his head in the snow. Creeping through the woods I saw him 60 yards in front of me with his head down. I took one more step and he lifted his head, got up and trotted off on 3 legs. I'm going to give him another 24 hrs but it isn't looking good. I'll be able to see his tracks in the snow but am not very hopeful of finding him. I took my time on the shot but feel that I may have flinched. Parker 31 ultra light, easton carbon arrows, muzzy 3 blade 100 grain. First one I've ever done this to in 15 years of hunting...

brad - January 11, 2010
hey guys you need to use the crimpson talon broadheads my friend shot a deer and the bloodtrail was unbelieveable it literally looked like someone was walking with a gallon jug of blood dumping it on the ground im def gonna use them next season!!!!

david - March 15, 2010
Stephen C...don't know if you'll come back to this site but I sure hope that you found your deer. Your high, forward hit probably broke either the leg on the impact side or the one one on the other. You did exactly right by leaving the deer overnight. Sometimes you have to make the judgement to push a deer like this and keep the wound bleeding. You can, and I have, worn down a wounded animal like this. When I jumped him the 2nd day and he took off, I probably would have stayed on him.

maeve francis - April 19, 2010

sarah - May 10, 2010
my dad shot a 9 poniter a year ago

sarah - May 10, 2010
I am a girl.And i like hunting

sarah - May 10, 2010
hi camoprincess just think about how proud your mom or dad will be.

Troy - May 18, 2010
I love to go deer hunting every saturday and it is a really fun sport to do.

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