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BAN SHARK FINS! - Vancouver media event, July 9, Sat.

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Vancouver should take the lead in banning shark fins in Canada and worldwide

Very rare whale shark definned

Chinese Canadian author Anthony Marr, winner of the prestigious Henry Spira Activist Award at the 2010 Animal Rights National Conference in Washington DC (, will host a media demo in Chinatown followed by a 2-block guided tour of some of Vancouver's shark-fin hots spots. TV cameras will be led into shops where shark fins are openly sold.


at or near the Chinatown Pavilion on Pender and Carrall, Vancouver

July 9, 2011, Saturday
media conference and demo - 10:30am
2-block guided tour - 10:45-11:15am


Anthony Marr performed a similar operation in 1995/1996, then focusing on the traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs) containing tiger bone, bear bile and rhino horn. This campaign went national, then international. Within 6 months, this operation forced a new federal law called WAPPRIITA, which banned the sale of any item containing endangered species ingredients (

Anthony Marr in Chinatown, with tiger bone medicines he just purchased off the counter

"It is now the turn for the sharks and sea horses," says Marr. "Due to the global Chinese demand for these 'products', the practice called 'shark finning', where fisherman cut off the fins and cast the still-alive sharks back into the water, has gone out of control, globally, involving even the Mafia. Many local shark populations have been decimated. Same can be said about the sea horses used in TCMs."

Japanese shark fin depot


"As we speak," Marr adds, "Toronto is deliberating on banning shark fins, as is California, and anti-shark-fin demos have occurred in Hong Kong and even China itself, and Yao Ming has openly condemned shark-finning as cruel and unsustainable. Vancouver is the center of the Canada's shark-fin trade. Can we Vancouverites sit by and do nothing?"

Yao Ming openly opposing shark fin use and condemning shark-finning

When asked why he is trying to "ruin the Chinese reputation", Marr answers, "On the contrary, I am trying the save the Chinese reputation, which is right now being ruined due to the use of shark fins and sea horses."

Sea horses of different species used as medicine

All Vancouver area AR/AW activists, as well as media outlets, are request to join the demonstration and tour.


And all for this?

For more information, please contact:

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC) (AM's 3rd-book-in-the-making)

A must see


Voyager said...

Thanks, Anthony, for fighting the obscenely wasteful and cruel business of "shark-finning". I watched the documentary "Sharkwater" a while back and it was so good I bought it on Blu-Ray and share it when I can.

Jeff Oakville said...

Can you please support a petition that affects a shark fin/products ban motion going to my home Council here in Oakville. I know some do not feel it is important but over 70 million sharks a year that are killed depend on the little steps that we are making. I have been quietly making a difference but a friend has asked me to help so I will come out of the closet. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Please spread the word as we (OAKVILLE) might be one of the few MUNICIPALITIES in the world to pass the ban. I want to blow everyone out of the water and I know it says 1000 signatures but I want 5000 before Monday, July 4th's vote.