Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 damning facts about American-style hunting

This is in response to an American hunter defending her own first hand deer-killing while condemning other cultures for their offenses.

First, no ifs and buts, America is the hunting capital of the world. American hunters, numbering about 15 million, kill upwards of 10 million whitetail deer every year, plus deer of other species, plus bears, moose, elk... plus millions of duck and geese and pigeons, plus, going to Africa to hunt elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards, buffalo (the "Big 5"), some even boasting of killing elephants and critically endangered rhinos with arrows, plus coming to Canada to hunt "Big Game", e.g. Grizzly bears, Big Horn sheep... (The Chinese people do NONE of this.)

Second, I commend you for speaking out as a 16 yo. When I was 16, all I wanted to do was to play soccer. And I also respect you for your love for cats and dogs. But you are inaccurate to say that Americans do not eat dogs. Two of your national heroes, Merywether Lewis and William Clark, ate dogs regularly on their expedition.

Third, About your claim that deer "reproduce 10 times faster than humans", again it is a fallacy. I am the head of the Global Anti- Hunting Coalition and invite you to go there to take a good look at what American hunting is all about. I have dealt with hunting issues since 1996, especially whitetail deer hunting in America. First, American hunters kill upwards of 10 million whitetail deer, mostly for "sport" and trophy, but always trying to justify killing for fun as killing for food, although I have never seen any hunter leaving a trophy rack behind.

Fourth, about a deer's reproductive rate, it varies with the amount of food available. When food is in short supply, the deer have no fawns or singletons at most. When food is in plentiful supply, deer have twins and triplets. So, controlling deer's population by culling simply does not work, and is no more than a public-fooling tactic to gain public acceptance and support while indulging in their cruelty. By cutting down the population of deer by 50%, you increase the food per remaining deer by 200%, thus boosting the deer's reproductive rate. Hunters know this, and use this to perpetrate their atrocity especially in urban areas, the domain of the bow-hunters. Every year, they force their way into urban areas, claim deer overpopulation, kill off 50% or more of the deer, the deer rebound (called the Compensatory Rebound Effect), and the hunters come in the next year, claiming deer overpopulation, again. This alone shows that deer population "control" by hunting only serves to increase the deer population for hunting purposes.

Fifth, as with cats and dogs, there is a well established and well tested technology called ImmunoContraception (IC) already approved by both the FDA and the EPA, which can control deer population without killing them, but of course this would displace hunting-culling as a population control mechanism. And since all American governments on all levels are run by hunters or those politicians bought by hunting lobby, of course the use of IC has been all but banned.

Sixth, since you object to cat/cat killing, first look in your own country. Bow-hunters have been clamoring for bow-hunting stray cats and dog in urban areas. See my blog: [Why cat-dog lovers should support anti-hunting] - http://​homosapienssaveyourearth.blogsp​ot.com/2012/01/​30-reasons-why-catdog-lovers-sh​ould.html

Seventh, where do you think the hunters get their 10 million extra deer to hunt every year from? Again they use the principle that the more deer food, the more deer. So they plant "food plots" of rich deer food like deer clover and rape (google) all over the country to max out the deer population - for hunting purposes - then blame the deer for causing traffic accidents. They even claim ecological damage by deer in certain urban parks (e.g. the Trexler Nature Preserve in Allentown PA - google "Anthony Marr Trexler"), and when you go into the park (which I did), what you see is acres of forest ploughed down, with rape and deer clover food-plots planted in its place. Of course innocent people like you swallow it line, hook and sinker, and not only support deer hunting, but participate in it.

Eighth, It never ceases to amaze me how people who seem to love animals so much and condemn other cultures for eating certain animals, would have no problem personally shooting an arrow into a beautiful deer in their own backyard.

Ninth, by the way, the huntersd know that by boosting the deer population by 10-20 million per year for hunting purposes, they would increase the number of human fatalities on highways due to deer-vehicle collisions. This has proven consistent year after year that an extra 100 or so human deaths would result. And, I repeat, the hunters know about this stat, but they do the food-plot thing anyway to satisfy their blood-lust. I call this pre-meditated mass murder or even terrorism. I hope you don't become one of the victims, but if you support this practice, and get hurt or killed on the highway, you have no one else to blame but yourself.

Tenth, one more thing about American hunting, and that is the very popular bow-hunting. The non-lethal wounding rate of bow-hunting is about 50%, meaning that of every 100 deer shot by arrows, 50 stagger around for days, weeks, even months, with one or more arrows stuck in non-vital parts of their bodies. (See cover pic and bottom pic showing deer with arrow stuck in heads, in the former case the eye.) And this is not horrendous cruelty?

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


TC said...

Thank you always for your never ending fight for our whitetails, the most hunted big game animal in America for doing no wrong and the horrible corruption of pro-kill government. I have learned so much about these psychopath by going into their hunting forums and youtube. As they yap their "ethical hunters" I have learned what a big FAT liars they are. Never especially from bowhunters ever seen such callous, merciless beings. How can a person with an ounce of compassion do the high fives, smack downs, yahoos as the animal is drowning in their own blood.??

We too are resposible to bring this savage "sport" out in the open. Many ARA do not do enough because they think they live a "free life" so every 4-5 months out of the year they think " let them die a horrible death" and I find that hard to belief coming from an ARA/, Yet how many die a slow suffering death especially from bowhunting (which is becoming more and more popular for these psychopath monthers and doing the "kumbaya" with then will get us no where. There are NO anti-cruelty law in the forest and these psychopath can do what ever they want with joy and laughter, leaving many wounded and crippled all in the "fun" of "sportsman" worst being the bowhunters. I learned a lot on my own, and schocked at what these monsters are capable of. I call them "demon on earth'. Of course Anthony Marr was my first teacher and the best.

TC said...

you can watch some of the horrific videos I put together on my website many so disturbing but to them this is "amusement"

Aurora of the Storm said...


Aurora of the Storm said...

Oh, and were all those deer heads REAL deer heads?