Sunday, January 15, 2012

How vegan are you?

Many a time over the years have I been questioned on my veganism and activism. Here is a typical conversation:

Q: Anthony, are you vegan?

A: The V on my bike stands for "Vegan", though also for "Victory".

Q: How vegan are you?

A: How do you quantify veganism?

Q: Are you 100% vegan?

A: I try to be, but safer to say 99%, since we could never be sure what products we use contain exactly what ingredients.

Q: 99%-vegan is not vegan at all.

A: You have the right to consider me whatever you want.

Q: You say you try to be 100% vegan. How hard do you try?

A: Well, I see some 99%-vegans spending 99% of their energy making sure they get the final 1%, and other-99% vegans spending 99% of their energy in activism for the animals and the environment. I prefer the latter kind.

Q: I hear that you used to ride horses.

A: I still do, whenever I get a chance.

Q: I'm sure the horse hates being ridden.

A: He knows the sound of my car. Every time I go to the stable, he'd come gallop across the pasture to greet me, and I never ever bring apples or carrots. What I do bring is love.

Q: So you put a bridle on him and make him go where you want him to go. This violates AR principles.

A: Really? What principle is that?

Q: To not dominate another species.

A: And you don't?

Q: Of course not!

A: How often do you walk your dog?

Q: What's this got to do with anything?"

A: How often?

Q: Twice a day.

A: Do you let him run free?

Q: Of course not. I use a leash."

A: I rest my case.

Q: It is not the same.

A: Okay, tell me, how many wild animals live in your house? - Deer, bears, foxes, rats, field mice... how many?

Q: None.

A: So, how non-dominantly did you do it?

Q: Do what?

A: Evict these animals from this piece of land now occupied by your house, which used to be their home?

............. This refers to my backseat passenger, who is usually Shannon Wright.

Sorry, folks, for giving myself the last word, but, hey, this is my blog.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

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