Friday, January 20, 2012

Chinese Activists rescue 1500 dogs - with help from police!

First of all, please read the blog in this link
which depicts Chinese activists rescuing a truck load of 1500 dogs meant for the meat market in China. More encouraging still is that the police assisted them in the rescue. Following is my comment on this blog.

I’m a Chinese Canadian ARA and a vegan, and am as appalled as anyone else, and ashamed. Were I in China, I would be among those doing the rescue, especially since it happened in Guang Dong, the province of my birth, the worst province indulging in this atrocity. I want the Chinese ARAs to know that I am holding the Western fort for them, and letting the world know of their heroic deeds, and inciting people in their support.

This policeman is actually feeding a dog

About the assistance by police, my first thought was: Try rescuing a truckful of chickens or pigs here in Canada or the USA and see what the police would do. Right now, China is lawless on this issue, so it is anyone’s call on the spot, so I also commend the police for choosing to cooperate with the ARAs rather than what I might have expected – to arrest them. China is right now working on a new animal-protection legislation, but it won’t come to light till 2013. So, right now, it is like the Wild West, and the “sheriff” just happens to side with the “outlaws”.

Reported here is by no means an isolated incident. These highway rescues have been happening in various part of the country over the last few years.

Chinese demo

Not just highway rescues, but large demos. Anyone looking at China before, say, 2008 would see a very different picture. Go to [Hand in Hand with Asia's Animal Activists] and you will get an eyeful of the new Chinese activism. I ask all to join in their support, instead of the same old same old Chinese-bashing, from verbal extremes of “I HATE the Chinese!”, “All Chinese are evil!”, and “Let’s go kill a Chink!” to physical street level beating (need I post a video of a Chinese kid being beaten up by a bunch of white thugs in Chicago?). All who have made such comments (not in this thread) should be mindful that they are including the Chinese ARAs themselves in this abuse, myself included, and my family, my Chinese friends and colleagues, NONE OF WHOM has ever eaten cats or dogs, much less skinned one alive. Such widely accepted racism is currently running rampant in a movement supposedly based on anti-Speciesism (what is wrong with this picture?), and no authority in the movement has stood up (other than Dr. Best here) to address this issue. The severity of the language reminds me of what was directed at the Jews of Europe in the 1930s. By the same token, I am seriously concerned about the possibility of a Chinese holocaust in the not too distant future which could rival or even surpass the Jewish one in the 1940s.

Having lived in the Western world since 1965, I have seen numerous cruel and evil acts against animals, from factory farms to “sport” hunting to bow-hunting to the Canadian seal hunt to the Bayou alligator slaughter to Western fur farms...

... to leg-hold trapping to rodeo to animal circuses to animal experimentation and vivisection to tearing the heads of turtles off with the contestants’ bare hands in some “Snapping Turtle Fest” in homeland America (need I post a video of this so that the people of other cultures could likewise over-generalize that all Americans are cruel and evil?)… I’ve found often that the finger pointers are often “far sighted”, who can see what goes on in a back alley in China, but blind to what goes on in their own backyard.

The big difference is that these atrocities in the West are often well hidden whereas those in China are wide in the open. This cruelty-concealment is done in a big way by GOVERNMENT – witness the [Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act] which makes taking behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of factory farms and circuses and rodeos and research labs a federal crime punishable by jail time. This amounts to deception on top of cruelty, and I ask American finger-pointers to please take a look at their own culture. Their culture says, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”, “Remove the beam in your eye before worrying about the mote in others’.”, down to “Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself” by Eric Clapton.

The big Chinese crime is against cats and dogs, and I join in the condemnation, since I love cats and dogs and have served as guardian for a few of them in my own home. But many of the very same condemners eat meat and use animal products. To put things in some perspective, the number of dogs eaten in ALL OF ASIA amounts to about 16 million, cats about 4 million, with China’s share about 50%, or 8 million dogs and 2 millions cats, and that is in a population of 1300 million, whereas in the U.S.,with a population of only 300 million, the number of chickens killed per year amounts to some 870 million (not to mention the condition they have to “live” in, which is no better than that of the dogs-in-cages shown here), turkeys 240 million, pigs 113 million, cows 33 million, whitetail deer 10 million…

NOT in China

NOT in China

NOT in China

NOT in China

NOT in China

All for THIS?

Some still argue that dogs are intelligent and should not be eaten, in which case they should know that pigs are deemed more intelligent than dogs.

NOT in China (Smithfield, North Carolina)

In closing, unless one is a vegan, one has no moral authority to criticise any culture for animal abuse.

Chinese man caring for 140 rescued dogs in his home

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)



Right on Anthony! Very well said. Will share far and wide. Soooo many need educating. Have you heard of Mary Gordon, and her book Roots of Empathy and her award-winning classroom program? She is our hope for the future!

Maren said...

Excellent blog!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't care where we are from I feel your pain with animal cruelty and stand by any1 working towards a solution to the discusting torture people have got to have a more humane way of life. God Bless you and I just pray there will soon be an end to all the suffering and love will conquer. The picture of all the dogs the man had been feeding I want any1 doing those things to prosper

BunBun4life said...

I DISAGREE, you do not have to be a vegan to criticize another cultures animal abuse. That's total bullshit.

Do you think I should be a vegan to say that I think the treatment of dogs by muslims is sick? Or that the fact that 'dog rape' is endemic in Turkey is disgusting?

So I shouldn't even eat an egg, a fish, or some yogurt, or else I don't have the right to say I think beating a donkey or work horse to death is bad, or the image of a pile of dead RAPED puppies or bulldozer scooping up mounds of poisoned dogs in Turkey is some of the most heinous shit I've ever seen? BOLLOX.

You're ridiculous.

sega31098 said...

He wasn't saying that it's not wrong to criticize other people's customs. He does this all the time. He was simply saying that don't generalize and bash other cultures when your culture isn't innocent either, or in other words, "let he without sin cast the first stone".

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