Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Top-5 Places not to be when the SHTF ("Shit Hits the Fan")

The Top 5 Places not to be when the SHTF (shit hits the fan = $ collapse = hyperinflation): Israel, Los Angeles, England, New York City, Washington DC.

The following video is hot off the oven (Nov. 25, 2012), and is a MUST SEE.

Take it the way you want. Just bear in mind an Ayn Rand saying: "You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality." Here is reality:

As early as 1972, the Club of Rome published a book titled [The Limits to Growth] - WE CANNOT EXERT INFINITE DEMAND ON THE RESOURCES OF A FINITE PLANET!

Of course it was ignored, not only by governments and corporations, but by the people themselves. Now, we have reached the tipping point. A point of no return.

The background of this video is laid out in Anthony Marr's speech titled [The Economic/Ecological Collapse Double Jeopardy].

Also, see his blogs on the subject in

We need a new global sustainable paradigm. Now that the old unsustainable paradigm that has ruled the world is falling apart, the time is at hand. Survive this coming calamity, then, when the dust settles, lead Humanity on to a brave new path.

See, feel, think. act!


Anonymous said...

Why oh why do you quote Ayn Rand???

Anthony Marr said...

Because, regardless of her political leanings, what she says in this quote hits the nail in the head. The vast majority of the people have their heads in the sand, and they are due for a rude awakening, very soon.