Sunday, December 11, 2011

"United we stand, with our heads in the sand"

"Oct. 4, 2011 - A Russian-US team has just returned from their expedition to the Siberian offshore and they confirm that methane is pouring into the atmosphere from the Arctic sea bed and that methane hydrates are being destabilized... The present catastrophic methane hydrate threat is a result of humanity hiding its head in the sand when all the signs were there in front of them and the simple solutions to these problems were already known at least 20 to 30 years ago...." - see http://​​m/2011/10/last-11000-days.html

"Humanity hiding its head in the sand" means a moment's comfort at the expense of an eternity's pain, selling out the future for the present, sacrificing our children for ourselves.

The result of the climate talk this week - no action for present, no agreement except to reconvene in 4 years' time to discussion what can be done 4 more years down the road, is more than abysmal. It is criminal and suicidal. But for those with their heads in the sand, it is comforting, whereas factual reports on the true state of the planet, and the need to take action immediately or sooner, is seen as being depressing and shunned.

This is a matter of self-delusion resulting in the denial of the comfortably numb, whose conscience becomes unencumbered for yet another round of material orgy that has driven the world to the desperate state from which one resorts to hiding his head in the sand in the first place.

This is synonymous to someone having cancer that needs immediate treatment feeling comforted by some corrupt doctor telling him/her that there is no urgency in the matter. "If you are scared of the operation, or can't afford to pay for it, we'll schedule it for the year 2020, no problem."

Now THIS is depressing.

For those who still dare to behold the truth, please see:​weather/climate/globalwarming/​story/2011-11-30/​warming-permafrost-climate-chan​ge-global-warming/51512986/1

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