Friday, September 23, 2011

Anthony Marr vs "racest" hunter

Today, I have the (dis)pleasure of responding to a hunter who commented on a thread posted by Shannon Wright Ramion in the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition's "Like page". This particular hunter, Matt Mason by name, wrote proudly that his forebearers used to hang "(N-word)", among other offensive things. I have copied-pasted the whole conversation here verbatim to show the world what some hunters are like. I think you will be amazed by this thread, though not necessarily in a positive sense.


Shannon Wright Ramion posted to Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)
Please sign and share! Bow-hunts result in a slow, painful death and the hunters do it out of pleasure! Lets get this stopped!!

To ban BOW HUNTING, this is the only method that has any chance of getting heard. Many law makers are either hunters or are being paid by NRA and...
September 5 at 11:44am
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Matt Mason: All u anti hunting people r fuckin wierd hunting is the oldest way of life known to man quit ur fuckin wining
3 hours ago · Like · Suzanne Mason

Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC) Anthony Marr @ Matt: There is hunting and there is hunting. Subsistence hunting are for pioneers and natives, of which you are neither. Your kind of hunting: Recreational Hunting, Trophy Hunting and Canned Hunting are 20th century inventions. If you want to talk about being oldest, the other oldest profession you know what it is, and it is illegal, and so should be hunting, and we will make it so.
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Matt Mason: Hey asshole it is not a profession it is a way of life for me and my family my family has been hunting since they came to this country and my wife is native american and my kids r half you fuck up

Anthony Marr: I call you "Matt" and you call me "asshole". This puts you in a disadvantage right off the bat, and that is fine by me. About your family, a lot of family lines that used to hunt also used to own slaves. All have quit slavery, and some have quit hunting. Those who have not quit hunting are the stragglers of society. You are a drag.

Matt Mason: Hell I wouldnt mind owning a NIGGER or 2 hell I could have them clean all the animals I kill.

Anthony Marr: Wow! I was going to give you more rope to hang yourself, but you've just done it with your own rope. Fine by me.

Matt Mason: Thats funny my family use to hang NIGGERS with rope

Matt Mason: Hey whats up with that ugly lady Shannon she looks like a Jack o Lantern with fucked up hair

Anthony Marr: Okay, everyone, it is in writing and it cannot be erased except by admin: A hunter is calling all Afro-Americans "NXGGER"s. Not only that, but he says that hanging them is funny. It is on record.

Matt Mason: So call the cops

Anthony Marr: I don't need to call the cops. Other hunters will come down on you for ruining their reputation.

Anthony Marr: And you have given us antis a ton of ammunition. Believe me, you will be well quoted. Thank you.

Matt Mason: Its america I can say what I want thats part of being American dumbass so Im a little racest so what

Matt Mason: Make me famous I have made it to print and I will be heard

Matt Mason: But remember that not all hunters are Racest like me dont

Anthony Marr: Oh, I see. Being American means to be "a little racest" (sic)? You are doing great, Matt. Keep talking. BTW, "sic" means "misspelling preserved", not "sick", though in your case, it sure is.

Anthony Marr: We will make you famous alright. Infamous more like. You will be widely quoted. Don't worry.
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Matt Mason: Thanks and im not saying that its american to b a little racest im saying that i have the right to b

Anthony Marr: I don't have to say "not all hunters are racest" (sic). The hunters themselves will hammer you with that, once you have become "famous".

Matt Mason: Good luck fucker bring it on

Suzanne Mason: ‎@ Anthony Mar You have no idea who Matt is!!! He definitely is right!!! You have no clue what it is like to live in an area such as ours. So before you go getting your panties in a twist you should think....

Anthony Marr: Shannon is a beautiful lady, and all who have met her face to face say so. And what about you? How come you're trying to hide your face in your profile pic, plus, showing absolutely no substance in your site?
24 minutes ago · Like

Suzanne Mason: WOW.... some people actually 'LIKED' your comments???? That is amazing because you sound terribly unconventional yourself. Statements such as 'Those who have not quit hunting are the stragglers of society' And you say Matt is @ a disadvantage or a drag. Yes WHERE we come from we hunt, we live off the land, and we are proud. WE ARE NATIVES OF THIS LAND AND TODAY IS NATIVE AMERICAN DAY....DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS DAY????? OR ARE WE STRAGGLERS OF SOCIETY TO YOU TOO???? WHAT A PIECE OF WORK!!!!!!!!

Matt Mason: No shannon looks like a druged up wanna b biker chick on that toy she calls a Motorcycle

Matt Mason: If i met shannon I would ask her if she could eat grapes through a chainlink fence

Anthony Marr: Suzanne, May I ask if you share Matt's value in calling all black people "NXGGER"s, and further, share his laugh about hanging them? If you do, you are as sick as he is. If you don't, what are you doing defending a guy like him? Of course I don't know who he is. considering the total absence of material in his profile. And I don't really care who he is or where he lives. "Racesm" is universally condemned.

Anthony Marr: Ah, so your are Mrs. Mason. Nice to meet you. I sympathize with you for your poor choice of a husband. This reflects poorly on your judgment. BTW, earlier on this thread, I did somewhat exempt subsistence hunting, unless you are into Recreational Hunting too.

Anthony Marr: Shannon does not take drugs and she does not drink. How about you? BTW, that "toy" motorcycle can do 0-60 in 3 seconds, i.e. faster than a Ferrari. How fast can your truck go?

Matt Mason: Fast enough to to chase a deer down

Anthony Marr: If you ever met Shannon, she'd BETTER be on the other side of the fence. She wouldn't want a single drop of the blood on your hands on her.

Anthony Marr: I'm not surprised that you hunt from your truck. Some hunters are just couch potatoes - in their truck seats.

Anthony Marr: Shannon says that the worse you sound as a hunter, the better you sound to us antis. Keep going. Make my day.

Matt Mason: U antis sound like a bunch of fucked up flatdicks

Ad Nauseam.

This thread may not be over. If there is anything added worth quoting, I will include it. Please check back.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC) (AM's 3rd-book-in-the-making)


Catherine said...

Disgusting, revolting and, sadly, not unexpected for a moral compass whatsoever. This same guy called me a bitch today on a separate thread and the comments he made here make me sick....He is truly the scum of society. I feel sorry for his brainwashed wife who defends his revolting comments....But I suppose if she didn't he would probably beat her. As I told him earlier, he has no more respect for woman than he does for the animals he kills and, obviously, that hatred and disrespect extends to other races as well. This is the classic profile of a hunter...He thinks he is the "Supreme Being" when all he really is is a sad little man who has to kill animals, insult women and disrespect other races to make himself feel like a man. ~ Catherine

Liddy said...

Hunters are an ignorant bunch aren't they?