Monday, September 5, 2011

[ON MY WAR PATH - 001] - Adventurous Mission

[On My War Path - 001]


"Adventure is worthwhile in itself," wrote Amelia Earhart. I venture to add that if the adventure becomes a mission, it becomes priceless.

Many have heard of my seven Compassion for Animals Road Expeditions (CARE tours), each covering 30-44 states in 4-7 months, since 2003, but how many have a real rubber-on-asphalt feel of being 7 months on the road, year after year, speaking to a new audience every day, and sleep in a different bed every night? How many have driven from Janesville, Wisconsin, to Missoula, Montana, in one go? How many have received an anonymous phone call saying, "I have your itinerary. I know where you will be on any given day. I have an arrow with your name written on it."? How many have been detained on the road-side for two hours by Louisiana police and FBI agents for taking a picture of an oil refinery near the Gulf oil spill? How many have flown over the Alberta tar sands for 2 heart-breaking hours, witnessing the massive betrayal by the Canadian Environmental Ministry? And how many have been shown so much love and caring by so many hosting activists in every city of every state from coast to coast?

The World Journal wrote, "Anthony Marr's CARE tours are always by road, or should I say, war path. If he claims to be #2 road warrior in America, no one would claim to be #1."

For those who read my writing, I can't deny that it is usually about some heavy duty stuff. I would like, for a change, to elate you with a new string of threads titled "On My War Path", in which I will post one amazing travel pic per thread, accompanied by one amazing story of adventure from the CARE tours, and from the following:

- Solo camping in Africa (1979) in which I conceived my Omniscientific Cosmology,

- 5-university lecture tour on the Omniscientific Cosmology (1987),

- Chinatown media campaign (1995), which forced out the WAPPRIITA law to ban endangered-species-containing medicines in Canada (1996), and enforcement of existing laws in the United States (1999),

- Anti-Hunting referendum campaign (1996) in which I created a team of 1,800 volunteers, and debated 30-130 hunters at a time 40 times throughout British Columbia,

- 3 work trips in and around the Bandhavgrah and Kanha's tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh, India, and performed educational outreach and undercover operations in Calcutta and New Delhi (1997-1999),

- founded Heal Our Planet Earth - HOPE (1999),

- publication of [OMNI-SCIENCE and the Human Destiny] (2003)

- 2 trips to Japan to perform undercover operations at Taiji (2004, 2005) and Shimonoseki (2005),

- publication of second book [Homo Sapiens! SAVE YOUR EARTH] (2008)

- hosted the Animal Voices talk show in Vancouver (2009)

- founded the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition - GAHC (2010)

- spoke at the Animal Rights National Conference in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011; in AR2010, honored with the Henry Spira Grassroots Activist Award,

- and other campaigns including anti-sealing, anti-whaling and, last but far from least, climate change due to global warming due in turn to human activities.

In this [On My War Path] series, all of the above will be selected from - not necessarily in chronological order. I hope you will find it worthwhile in itself, in which you may find something to smile about, something to be amazed by, something to base optimism on, something to hope for.

[On My War Path - 002] will be next. Stay tuned.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC) (AM's 3rd-book-in-the-making)

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