Sunday, May 20, 2012

Canadian federal New Democratic Party (NDP) slams the tar sands

"This is a fight we've been looking for," Canadian federal New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Thomas Mulcair said in an interview on Global TV today. "We see this as a defining element of the next election campaign in Canada."

Mulcair openly, decisively and, might I add, courageously, slams the tar sands (not "oil" sands, a term used by pro-oil pundits in vain-attempt to soften the blow, because oil flows and tar does not, and the tar in the sands is so... tarry... it does not flow) and the Conservative mismanagement thereof - which is to say, as far as I'm concerned, to mine it at all.

In response, pro-oil pundits as well as Conservative ministers promptly label it "anti-West", while they methodically rape the West directly from their armchairs in Ottawa.

Here is a true voice from the West - mine - and I am tell them that not only is Mr. Mulcair's stand PRO-WEST, it is pro-Canada, pro-environment, pro-planet, pro-future and pro-children. He is talking about the ecological integrity of the West versus the dirty-oil-politics in Ottawa at the expense of the West, especially British Columbia.

Some say that Mr. Mulcair's stand will drag down the currently high-flying BC NDP. Again, they cannot be more wrong, though it depends on the courage and wisdom of the provincial leadership. The BC NDP, as well as the city of Vancouver, have both voiced their own anti-pipeline and anti-tanker sentiments and policies. The federal NDP's anti-tar-sands stand simply completes the picture, and cements the NDP's pro-environment and pro-diversity principles. It is a mutual confirmation between the federal NDP and the BC provincial NDP, which should win the NDP even firmer support from the environmentally-conscious on both levels.

To the BC NDP, Mr. Mulcair's declaration of war on the tar sands is not the curse the NDP-demonizers in Ottawa would have it, but a blessing from the Centre.

Read it on Global News: Global News | Mulcair prepares for the long battle on oilsands

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

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