Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Suicidal Doll

Last Christmas, Mattel Inc. came up with the incredibly ill-conceived [Mega Rig Shark Adventure], a toy depicting a whaling vessel targeting a shark. This resulted in Mattel's name being dragged through the mud of its own making right through the period.

A smart top management would have at least set some new quidelines, if not fired the unethical designer outright, but obviously not, because now, it is the suicidal [Whale Trainer Barbie]. Don't they ever learn?

"Suicidal" refers first to [Whale Trainer Barbie] the toy, because, by its very nature, it will incite animal lovers worldwide to oppose it, and work towards removing it in protection of our children. This Barbie won't survive the test of morality, and if by some slim chance it lingers on, it will drag Mattel's name along with it into infamy. Imagine a future museum in a kinder and gentler society featuring both the [Mega Rig Shark Adventure] and the [Whale Trainer Barbie] in its Hall of Shame.

Second, "suicidal" refers to Barbie herself. Were she named Dawn Brancheau in real life, she would have been dragged by her ponytail underwater by the captive orca Tilicum, so violently that her scalp was separated, then by the arm until it was wrenched from its socket, then drowned.

Third, "suicidal" refers to Mattel's CEO, because the buck stops, or should stop, at his desk. This toy will cost Mattel thousands of customers, because we will make it so. He will or should be held responsible by the stock-holders, because we will tell them so. But this is nothing compared to what we will do if/when a whale-trainer gets killed in the future. We will inquire if he/she had been exposed to this toy. Even if this happened years after his retirement, we will hold him personally responsible.

Finally, "suicidal" refers to Mattel Inc. itself - if the above ever happens of course, but even if not, the Mattel name, if not already, will be associated with cruelty and backwardness. Backward because animal rights is on the rise and whale captivity is on the way out. Only a fool would buy a house at last year's price in a crashing market. Only a company run by fools would create a product that would alienate an entire sector of society. Only an immoral and unethical company would profit from poisoning young minds.

If we see that this [Whale Trainer Barbie] toy has been pulled from the market in short order, and we mean very short order, we will forget that it has ever existed. If not, the above will stand.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


Diane Carvello said...

GREAT, GREAT, GREAT. OH thank you, Thank YOU. This will most certainly get them. how could it not. WOW !!!
So WELL put together. No way i could have done this. Happy dance. wha whoo.

Diane Carvello said...

For the majority of my life, I was under the impression Barbie stood for everything we could be, everything we wanted to be. I loved them, my parents spent hundreds of dollars buying every latest accessory for my collection. As time went on, I grew older and saw things happening in the world that were shielded from my child eyes... things that would make men cry and women rage. Intelligent beings, life forms as clever as our own, torn apart from their families as young infants and sold into a life of endless slavery as the mindless vacationers looked on... down at the suffering soul below them and laughed at the antics a madman had forced them to defy their very nature to perform.. for the money in his hand. It made me furious. It made me vengeful to know that love and innocence me so little in the world of adulthood. So I began to fight back for these creatures whose freedom we have taken into our whim. And that is why I fight now, and refuse to stand down until Mattel takes this horrible and thoughtless toy off shelves and the concept out of the minds of the children who will grow into the adults with no animals left to save. Stop Mattel, and look at what you are doing.
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Diane Carvello said...

that last comment was made by Megan Caldwell. She is an excellent writer. She is such a good young lady. xo

Alison Banks said...

I find this most shocking and disappointing coming from Mattel!!

I will avoid buying their products and tell all my friends too also.

More thought needs to go into their development, operations and marketing. Mattel you are promoting ANIMAL ABUSE!!!

How about taking a positive stand .... Marine Biologist Barbie?? Zoologist Barbie??
Animal Rights/Activist Barbia????

Make Barbie be an advocate of positive change in our world .... NOW THAT I COULD SUPPORT AND WOULD ENCOURAGE ALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY TOO ALSO DO!!

Shame on Mattel for these products!!


Sue Mabe said...

Mattel has always been known for it's educational toys and this one is anything but. No cetacean belongs in captivty & teaching children otherwise is not acceptable. I would love to see Mattel set an example in teaching about marine mammal, environmental & conservation issues. I feel a "Captain Barbie" taking clients out on her boat to whale & dolphin watch would be an excellent place to start ! I encourage you to remove this toy from store shelves immediately ! I am boycotting all Mattel products & am encouraging others to do so as well, until such time as this toy is no longe available for purchase !

Unknown said...

Live by and teach the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Since young children naturally identify with animals, and because animals are living beings like us, we can use our interactions with animals to teach children how to behave toward other people. Teaching our kids to respect and protect even the smallest and most despised among us is one of the most important life lessons that we can pass along to them. It helps them learn to value one another — and it prevents violence.
When I was a young girl, I played with Barbie, She was a home-maker barbie, I liked it, because i wanted to grow up and be just like my great Mom. I can sit here and write you Mr. CEO on what barbies to produce, but it would be too long, but i will give you a couple of examples. I love animals, I have since i was a very little girl and I taught my Son the very same thing. NO ZOO'S, NO SeaWorld, and NO Circuses. NO to all three. Its animal abuse.
You could make a homemaker barbie. Farm pasture barbie, she can be the caretaker of all the animals. Forest Ranger barbie, with binoculars, jeep, picnic basket.A watchful eye on the forest, not only for the good of the animals, but the people camping and hiking.
Have you ever sat down Mr. Ceo and looked at the atrocities that go on in animal abuse. It is incomprehensible, barbaric, horrid and Very cruel. I have seen young teenagers abusing animals. Bashing puppies, and stringing up kittens to hang. A kinder barbie, I deeply encourage you to really give it thought. How about a Peta barbie.?? Veternaian , see the good list can go on and on. I will protest this toy, I will not purchase any barbies in the future for my children or grandchildren.
When i have worked in the Hospital and when I was in the hospital, they brought in animals. Its very therapeutic for people of all ages. Especially the very sick little boys and girls and the elderly. The elderly are very lonely people. So.. I think you get my drift. Please do not put this Orca Barbie Trainer doll on the market. Animal Rights are just not in the thousands, we are not just a handful of us around, there are millions of us in every corner of this country. Our eyes are upon you. And so are other countries outside the USA. BAN this doll. Thanks for reading.

Ellen said...

Another form of propaganda by advertising to entice young people to make the wrong decisions. More greed by the companies that promote the torture and abuse of our most precious animals for profit. Frankly this disgusts me.

Lisa Monk said...

To the marketing geniuses at Mattel:
This is a TERRIBLE idea, endorsing and profiting from cruelty and stupidity. Barbie is supposed to be an iconic representation of everything a child can be or aspire to be. This is simply ridiculous and the sort of thing that can really bite even a very big company. No more Mattel here, get it right, do positive things with the doll millions of kids play with every day. We will make sure the masses get the message.

Diane Carvello said...

My comment said unknown, its me. Diane. xoxox I dont know why it did that.

Diane Carvello said...

This is from Tony Fields in Aussi land. and he states" this is not a doll for young girls. YOU can do better Mattel. despicable. REMOVE it. we will boycott and protest it around the world. Shame on you. Mr. Tony Fields

Anonymous said...

This is a OUTRAGE that a company as large and with such a following as Mattel-would even CONCEIVE of this Whale/Dolphin trainer Barbie as being a 'good' thing.
Take off your rose colored glasses Mattel and really LOOK at the world of captivity.
How about a Barbie that rehabs & releases Whales & Dolphins BACK into the wild. I'll buy that one!

Stephanie Sullivan said...

I made up a new Barbie when my daughter was little we ran barbie over with my car and named her Tire Tread Barbie. No Barbies for my kids and this one? Pathetic! Shame!

Zac Chandler Band said...

The managers at Mattel should be scrambling to right their wrong..and I hope they do..If they were smart they would come up with an eco/animal rights super hero doll that saves the planet from evil..♥