Friday, May 18, 2012

Where is your guarantee, Mr. Prime Minister?

As the Canadian Prime Minister should know, given his history of wheeling-dealing in seal furs and filthy oil, any good deal contains a guarantee. So, PM Stephen Harper, where's yours? If you can't give a guarantee that there will be no serious spills or major accidents of any kind, and REALly you canNOT, what kind of a bum deal do you have in mind to force down the throat of British Columbia which, believe it or not, unlike you, we British Columbians love?!

You have shown zero regard for your own home province Alberta, and the destruction is deliberate, so what do we expect?

Sorry, we British Columbians simply do not trust you - not your sincerity, not your integrity, and certainly not your leadership. Even if you don't deliberately try to ruin BC's ecology, remember, no one INTENDS to have an accident. But "shit happens", and that's the rule.

If you treat British Columbians in this fundamentally disrespectful manner, history will tells you that this is usually how secession and separatism movements begin. If you force this on BC, you will compromise the integrity of Canada, and that by definition is treason. Plus, "integrity" has more than one meaning.

"A quick survey of the European Maritime Accident Review finds that since 2005 there have been, in the heavily monitored and regulated waters around the European Union, no less than 2,721 major ships involved in 2,430 accidents defined as "sinkings, collisions, grounding, fires, explosions and other significant accidents." Of these, 106 accidents involved tankers running aground and 155 involved tanker collisions." - Stephen Hume, Vancouver Sun

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So, PM Harper, guarantee away.

Finally, I have a personal request. This is my beloved pristine Vancouver, British Columbia, and kindly keep your oily fingers out of it. Thank you.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

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